The Mother Recordings label knows exactly what sort of tunes get a club going, and so here they are again serving up two more of the things. These come from Superlover, a Berlin based DJ and producer who has a number of great cuts under his belt on labels like Suara and Exploited. He comes correct with two tantalisingly fresh and infectious tech cuts.

Timeless is the opening track and is just that – a feel good, freeform, free wheeling house jam with thrilling melodies looping up the sky and back, funky guitar riffs stitched into the groove and big rubber beats driving it along. It is sunny, delightful and impossible not to love thanks to its real sense of human heart. On the flip, Dancin is another playful affair with lots of loose synths darting about like a rubber ball. It’s disco, funk, soul and house music all rolled into one sure fire floor filling party starter. It shows Superlover has a real grasp of his studio and is no way stuck to a grid. Once again then, Mother’s done good here.

Reviewed by Ian Fleming