Whatever its trials and tribulations over the last couple of decades, Detroit has never lost its knack for producing good music. The latest to confirm the strength in depth the city has is Terrence Parker, bringing spirituality and a bit of old school house to the table for what proves to be a celebration of techno music. He is greatly helped by vocalists Merachka and Coco Street, who contributes to the brilliant gospel-garage combinations of ‘Lift Yo Hands Raise Em High’. Elsewhere Parker wheels out the trusty house piano, felt to best effect in the Merachka-led bangers ‘Just Like Muzik’ and ‘Don’t Waste Another Minute’. ‘BASSment Beats’ sets the approach of the whole album in stone, with upfront vocals and direct riffing that heads straight for the dancefloor but still works as home listening. Of the instrumental tracks ‘The Sabath’ is head and shoulders above, using a brooding cello line and spacey keyboards, the textures allowed to shimmer over an imaginary kick drum. Elsewhere Parker’s rhythms have a natural bounce, elevated by the springy bass lines, and with those pianos and vocals he achieves a great blend of Detroit past, present and future. Another album to aid the city’s renaissance.
Ben Hogwood
5 out of 5