Don’t be fooled by what initially feels like a slightly low-key approach from Tom Trago, because the more you listen to ‘Bergen’ the more it reveals in layers, loops and colours. Tracks like ‘The Creation Of Lalibela’ bear this out, with a clear and detailed structure in place but attractive melodic lines that weave in and out over deep beats. There is something of a machine at work here, but the bigger space of the overall sound gives it a more natural feel. Meanwhile ‘Zeeweg’, one of the album’s standout tracks, is a closer-knit electro track that busies itself with bleeps and lighter beats, Trago again using a set of contagious melodic loops. Contrasting rather nicely with that is ‘Underwater Wings’, which sounds just like the title in its softly undulating textures, glints of dappled light and muffled keyboard backdrop, all achieved without an obvious beat. All these are finely crafted and assembled into an extremely enjoyable whole, with Trago bringing his versatility and humanity to the fore – two great qualities in techno!
Ben Hogwood
4 out of 5