Chaz Bundick doesn’t always get the credit he deserves in electronic circles, but his steady stream of albums have more often than not been really well written songs above easy and pretty catchy grooves. His ear for a hook serves him well here once again, but there are some really good lyrics too on the likes of ‘Ordinary Pleasure’, which asks, ‘does sex even sell any more? I feel like I’ve seen it all’. It has the sort of rolling groove that moves effortlessly between pool and club, which is where you’re more likely to find ‘Freelance’ and its chopped up rhythm. On the slower side ‘Baby Drive It Down’ is really cool, pressing the autotune into action to good effect, while ‘New House’ is sweetly fragile. ‘Outer Peace’ does indeed leave its listener with that overriding feeling, plus the wish to get out somewhere and have a bit of a dance. It’s easy going, quite playful, and upbeat.

Ben Hogwood
5 out of 5