The First Ever Cybotron Live Show

The First Ever Cybotron Live Show at Barbican Centre London – Friday April 12th 2019 

Electronic pioneers Cybotron, fronted by techno originator Juan Atkins, showcase an electronic, multi-sensory journey, playing seminal classics and debuting new material from the forthcoming album

“This Is Juan Atkins, Serving Notice To The World That It Is The Early 21st Century. The Winds Of Change Howl, The Industrial Age Has Crumbled… And Cybotron Is Coming.”

The First Ever Cybotron Live show in the UK to be held at Barbican Centre on Friday April 12th. Leading the way into the future at this unique evening will be electronic music pioneer Juan Atkins. This promises to be a highly innovative iconic live event, fusing visionary technology with new and original music.

Envisaged as a unique staging of the roots of the Detroit techno sound and 80s electronica, the Cybotron Live show supported by partners Carhartt, Resident Advisor, and Mixcloud and will be visiting hand-picked events in cities such as Berlin, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Paris, Dublin, Madrid, Warsaw, Stockholm, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Sydney, Melbourne, San Francisco, NYC, Chicago, Sao Paolo, and St Petersburg’s as well as major festivals between 2019 and 2021.

In 1980 Cybotron projected themselves into the future, producing a series of advanced prophetic compositions, including ‘Techno City’ ‘Clear’, ’Cosmic Cars’ and their debut album ‘Enter’, which has just been re-issued in remastered glory.

Cybotron (coined from the words ‘cyborg’ and ‘cyclotron’) was formed by visionaries Juan Atkins and Richard “3070” Davis in 1981. After self-releasing two 45’s; ‘Alleys Of Your Mind’ and ‘Cosmic Cars’ they signed to Fantasy Records and released the iconic ‘Enter’ album. ‘Enter’ is widely considered to be where Techno began. The co-creators vision was dominated by the notion that human life would become so intertwined with technology that they’d be essentially inseparable – Founded on ‘The Cybotron Principle’ – That A Computer Can Be As Good, Or A Better Musical Collaborator Than A Person’.

Fast forward forty years, and ‘Enter’ is more relevant than ever.

Cybotron’s seminal work ‘Enter’ has just been released on vinyl with a remastered audio cut at the iconic Fantasy Studios for Craft — and includes the original album version of the hit track “Clear.” Originally released in 1983, Enter is a foundational record in the evolution of electronic dance music. Often cited as one of the forbearers of modern techno, the record is commonly regarded as the only old-school electro album with major staying power, largely due to the strength of the writing (“Alleys Of Your Mind,” “Cosmic Cars,” “Clear”) and the harmonious collision of Juan Atkins’ penchant for cosmic funk production techniques and Rick Davis’ arena rock sensibilities. Most recently, The Wire cited “Clear” as a “ground-breaking…first-generation piece of pure machine music”

Juan Atkins “The Originator”
Juan Atkins is widely credited as the originator of Techno – even coining the name for the genre itself – and went on to change the course of history; laying the blueprint and foundations for what has become a worldwide movement. At the dawn of the 1980’s, Juan began recording what stands as perhaps the most Influential body of work In the field of Techno. 1982’s ‘Clear’ is considered to be the first proto-Techno track, and he has continued to make critically acclaimed music for over 35 years, releasing on labels such as Tresor, Transmat, R&S and Metroplex, amongst many others.

Tickets Available from: Resident Advisor or Barbican

The details:

Event: Cybotron Live
Date: Friday April 12th 2019
At: Barbican Centre, Silk Street, London, EC2Y 8DS
Times: 8:30pm – 10:00pm

Telephone 0207 112 9027

Barbican Centre: Telephone 020 7638 8891