The pairing of Ben ‘Hundred Strong’ Dubuisson & New York City’s Alison ‘Diva Blue’ Crockett is a marriage made in soul heaven. As soon as the needle hit’s the groove & the low slung percussive break emanates from the speakers, ‘Dream On Delay’ oozes class, working subtle keys & vintage strings around Alison Crockett’s from the gut velvet tones, resulting in a slice of modern day soul supremacy. London’s Break Reform are up first on the remix front, adding a lush warmth & drifting atmospherics, while over on the flip Bristol’s Unforscene strip it back & up the beat ante, leaving Nottingham’s Neon Heights to take it down a dirty Massive Attack inspired route. Gilles Peterson has already given ‘Dream On Delay’ Worldwide approval, & I think you will too.

5 Out Of 5