The Kindisch stories are always worth listening to, and this latest volume from Dance Spirit doesn’t disappoint. Each of the tracks has a connection to the duo, being either an original track or a remix, and the music has been arranged to form a set that ebbs and flows really well. Early on in the set some of the tracks overdo the ‘minimal’ as far as home listening is concerned, but soon the more atmospheric pieces such as the moody ‘Moving Shapes’, a collaboration with Robbie Akbal, take over the senses. Other highlights include the remix of Stavroz’ ‘Designer Eggs Im Garden’ (great title!), a real slow burner, while the ever-excellent LUM hit the sweet spot once again with ‘Respira’. A short novel of music to put the listener in contemplative mood – but without compromising the dancing feet as well. It’s a great combination!

Ben Hogwood
4 out of 5