Yes, it’s Miami time again! The conference itself may have lost importance business wise, but the place still is wonderful to go and the parties never disappoint. So it makes sense, the labels still go for their big Miami events and therefore those Miami samplers keep popping up everywhere these days. Hot Since 82’s ever reliable stable Knee Deep In Sound has done so as well with their 2017 edition of the Miami sampler. Kicking off is the snaking multi-layered hypnotism of Huxley’s ‘Harissa’, followed by Mathias Kaden’s percussive fuelled ‘Desolate’ before label-head Hot Since 82’s ‘Renegade’ veers things into melodic territories via swirling chord sequences and tension building atmospherics. 
The latter half of the release welcomes exciting new talent to the label, the first of which, Danny Serrano, delivers a loop-driven hypnotic dance floor workout, Fluente’s ‘Memorial’ follows and fuses organic rhythms with stuttering bass shots and spiralling string plucks before Miguel Lobo closes the package on a groove-driven percussive led tip.
If you like your House bouncy, this one is a sure shot! 

4.5 out of 5
Reviewed by MANNIX