A genre created and pioneered by hardcore legends Kevin Energy & Sharkey, Freeform has always offered hardcore fans a more credible alternative to the cheesier side of mainstream hardcore. AB has been a staunch champion over the years with his label Stamina Records, and this latest album manages to succesfully garner the who’s who of underground freeform alongside many respected names in hardcore (Joey Riot, Kevin Energy & Gammer to name few). With 22 original tracks on offer, the quality is high and the end result is a polished album that is most certainly going to be well received by hardcore fans worldwide. 

Highlights: Substanced – Juggernaut, Kryptalin – September Sky (Kevin Energy Remix and Lost Soul Feat. Vicious Precious – Crazy Light. 

Reviewed by Nick Coles 

Substanced – 'Juggernaut'