D-Nox and Beckers are a German pair who really know how to cook up the jams that get the floor going wild. They release on labels like Tronic, Great Stuff and Suara and roam through many different house and tech styles. Now they land on the Warung label associated with the brilliant Brazilian beach club of the same name and impress once more. 

First up is Beyond Black, a smooth and serene deep house tune with warm, radiant pads dispersing from the centre. It’s a really atmospheric cut that will zone out the floor and carry them away. The Blancah remix is more melodic, with nice chords and keys rising up and down through the scales and adding some colour to the grooves. Last of all is Surface, which has pads spiralling up through the mix and off to the horizon as the bas brings a little darkness. It’s a sci-fi house tune with lots of evocative imagery and rounds out a fine EP. 

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