Gianluca Pighi

1) Richard Wahnfried “Tonwelle”  (1981 Innovative Communication)
Klaus Shultze meets Manuel Gottshing on “Druck” and delivers an outstanding experimental leftfield groove… and they keep it going for 18 minutes!!!

2) Mateo & Matos “Idris Rises” (1999 Spiritual Life Rec.)
Where Deep House meets dark afro beats:  it still brings me back memories of when house music started to blend different genres creating new landscapes.

3) David Sylvian “Brillant Trees” (1984 Virgin UK)
If You check the musicians that played  on this record, from Mr. Sakamoto to Jon Hassell, it very clear you’re listening to something incredible.

4) Eumir Deodato “Deodato 2” (1973 CTI Records)
The very first record I ever heard in my life: my Father used to play it a lot when I was just 5! I could play (even if I’m not a trained musician) every single note just looking at the cover.  It changed definitely the way I listen to music.

5) Miroslav Vitous “Magical Shepherd” (1976 Warner Bros Rec.)
From jazz to disco funk, it’s a true inspiration. If I wanna dance “New York City” then this is the tune.

6) NewBan “Newban” (1977 Guinnes  Rec.)
A fine blend of jazz, soul and funk in an album that sounds more like Incognito than Incognito, but it’s from 1977!

7) Limousine “Limousine” (1972 GSF Records Inc.)
“Lighthouse” is worth every single penny spent on this LP. Amazing  tune – Amazing Album.

8) Walter Carlos “Walter Carlos’ Clockwork Orange” (1972 CBS)
The epic Soundtrack from Ms Carlos.

9) Laurin Rinder & W. Michael Lewis “Seven Deadly Sins” (1977 Avi Records Corp.)
It’s difficult to write something about this album. its still fresh today after more than 30 years.

10)  Gainsbourg  “Aux Armes Et Caetera” (1979 Philips)
Take a genius and leave him in Kingston for a while and you’ll get something fantastic to listen to every day.

Gianluca Pighi ‘Pigtylus / Mango Parliament’ is out now on vinyl on Mint Condition Records (Italy)