Paolo Mojo

Antonio Vivaldi – Larghetto (Concerto Op. 3 No. 9) Largo (Concerto Op. 8 No. 4)
I’m a bit of a sucker for portly statesmanlike baroque string pieces and Vivaldi’s pretty much at the top of the heap. This is a short concerto piece with one of the most beautiful resolutions I’ve ever heard.

Colin Blundstone – Say You Don’t Mind
I’ve always been a bit of a romantic and this piece really appeals to that side of my character. Love the whimsical style and lyrics. Timeless.

Air feat. Beth Hirsh – You Make It Easy
Could have picked any one of the Moon Safari album as it sound-tracked many a lost Sunday morning about ten years ago, but Beth Hirsch sounds like she’s kissing your ear in this one. Spine-tingly.

Herbie Hancock – Fat Mama
Sounds like the best club tune ever, buuut slow and funky. Actually that’s a good description for HH in general.

James Horner – A Kaleidoscope Of Mathematics
I think James Horner’s a fantastic composer. This is the heart tugging lead track from the Beautiful Mind soundtrack.

Brian Eno – Music For Airports (Album)
Brilliant join the dots in your head music.

Trio Esperanca – Nao Aguento Voce
Some of the best music really balances between pathos and euphoria – this Brazilian 60’s tinged lament for messed up love with a ridiculously catchy chorus is one of those records.

Prince – Venus De Milo
Something about this really short piece from the Parade album always touches me quite deeply. Prince was a scary talent around this time.

Paul Kalkbrenner – Sky And Sand
Something about this record really made me sit up and take notice when I first heard it a few months ago. I love it when you get a curve ball like this.

Feist – Mushaboom
I think this is just a fantastic pop song.

The Smiths – There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
Timeless life affirming feel good music.

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