Jay Cunning

01: JCat ‘Good Times – Atomic Hooligan remix’ (Menu Music)
The next single from me and the Hooligan’s label featuring classic vocals, driving beats and the Hooligans trademark rawness!

02: Aquasky + Meat Katie ‘Overneath’ (Passenger)
The first single to be lifted from Aquasky’s forthcoming 10th Anniversary album ‘Teamplayaz’, Outstanding 4/4 business and Friendly’s remix is a corker as well.

03: Klaus Heavyweight Hill ‘Glo Stix’ (Title Fight)
King of the beatz, Mr Heavyweight Hill, drops a bomb – miss out on this at your peril – a guaranteed floor slammer!

04: Jay Cunning + Smithmonger ‘Never Stop’ (Menu Music)
The next single from yours truly and it’s not a bad effort if I say so myself and it comes with a Splitloop remix.

05: SOTO “Ghetto Blaster” (Menu Music)
A quirked up triplety piece of funk from the original “Lou and Andy” of breaks.

06: Myagi “Dirty Girls” (Atomic Hooligan remix) Money Shot
One of North America’s most prolific breaks boy wonders, beefed up and twisted out by the riffing Hooligan’s

07: Stanton Warriors ‘Blue / Still Here’ (Punks)
Masterpiece. Word.

08: Cut La Roc ‘Piano Funk’ (Rocstar)
Cut Le Roc returns with a great old skool vibe on this one, this track kills it every time!

09: Matt Dopamine vs Dr Benwahh ‘Kiss My Break’ (Menu Music)
Absolutely outstanding stuff from these two Aussies with a live bassline to die for.

10: Jay Stewart ‘Disco Donkey – Menu Mule Mix’ (Functional)
A straight up, fat slab of Plumpness straight off our new mix album for Exeter based Beatz & Bobz!