DJ Vadim

Fat Freddys Drop ‘Based on a true story’ (Kartel LP)
Without doubt my very favourite LP of this year if not of the last couple of years. They are a reggae/soul based group out of New Zealand and make some of the most infectious head nodding grooves I have ever heard.

Skalpel  ‘Konfusion (ninja tune LP)
Funky jazz out of Poland with real grooves and the head nod factor.

Alice Russel ‘My favourite letters’ (Tru Thoughts LP)
Soulstress outta brighton rips it up on her 2nd LP . Way better than Joss Stone. How come quality music like this doesn’t end up on a major?

Kanye West Late Registration (Sony LP)
One of the few originators in Hip Hop. Distinct, different, soulfull, interesting and still street. great 2nd LP.

Solo Los Solo ‘Todo El Mundo Lo Sabe’ (K Industria LP)
Coming out of Barcelona with more than just tapas and cervesa. Original and not just a copy of something outta the US but better than virtually everything else out there. Laid back, but with a new school groove mixing Jay D with sangria…

Belleruche ‘The itch’ (White label 7″)
Dont know too much about this lil record except its a slice of funky soul in the vein of Amerie ‘One Thing’ except way better.

The Sophistications ‘Feets And Hip’s (magnetic field 7″)
Apparently this is a alias of Quantic, not too sure but it is hard drums, driving guiter and of course a squeeze of organ.