1. Slajh / white pockets / Traum ­
I made this with jimmy hill, its one of my collaboration projects – for these collaborations I start with my initials SL and then the person I have collaborated with. I’m really happy with the way the single turned out. Shameless plug!  
2. Dubfire & Oliver Huntemann / Diablo / Ski Tek
This is very typical of what you can expect from Dubfire, its dark edged techno, with big room noises, its kind of disturbingly dark and it goes off!
3.Transster / As You Like It / Viva Music
Coming out at the end of July, this is by Smoking Jo and Pete Gleadall and it’s a huge single for Viva! Remixes come from Tim green and Nicole Moudaber ­ it’s a great package, I’m playing it constantly and its being supported by all the heavy-weights –  Richie Hawtin, Dubfire etc.
4. Luca Bacchetti / City Souls / ???
I just love Luca’s stuff! Its very drummy and edgy, kind of new age minimal tribal and off centre which is what I like.
5. Out of Control / Stu Hirst / Viva Music
By far his best ever release, wobbly deep house with techno feel to it. My set consists of a lot of Viva Music, the reason why I do this is because I am trying to play different music to everyone, because I am playing stuff from my label before its getting promo’d ­ thus making a unique set. I see this as the way DJing is going, definitely for me anyway and that’s why I am talking about lots of Viva releases in this chart.
6. Femme Fatale / Steve Lawler / Ovum
This is out on Mr Wink’s label in August, it’s a slow nice record, with a beautiful melody, I made for a girl and I never intended to be released, it got sent to Josh by my manager and he liked it.
7.Radical High / Nicole Moudaber / The Dark Side of Summer EP / Viva Music
This one’s coming out in September; the EP showcases lots of different Viva Music artists and Nicole’s ‘Radical High’ is awesome.
8. Butch & Amir / Set it off / Great Stuff Recordings
Really drummy, wobbly, glitchy, funky. You know I’m always into my drums!
9. Audiofly / Low Pressure / Viva Music
This has a December release and it’s a real nod into the direction of Peace Division. After hearing it for the first time I asked Ant and Luca if they had been inspired by Peach Division and they said totally. This is some of their best work.
10. Audion / Billy says go / Ghostly
This is already out and its just massive for me ­ a HUGE record!
***Steve Lawler’s ‘Viva-Toronto’ compilation is out now on Renaissance