Trainspotting with Egg London residents – Kyle E, Ireen Amnes and The Willers Brothers Birthday


1. ‘Give You More’ 7XNS (Remix) – Kyle E

A great remix by a friend coming out in May on Muak Records.


2. ‘Geremeas’ Hannes Bieger Modular Edit

Really enjoying Hannes’ edit of this and the mixdown is great, as expected with one of the best.


3. ‘Solo Strike’ Two Lone Swordsman

Recently I was going through all the records I have brought from Warp Records over the years and this is another gem.


4. ‘Epsilon’ Kangding Ray [Stroboscopic Artefacts]

One of my favourite artists who has a unique sound.


5. ‘Tesselation’ Patrick Siech

So groovy!


6. ‘Denying The Antecedent’ Dubiosity

Ambient moody techno.


7. ‘ Space Age’ The Willers Brothers (WRH 01)

This is a new one from us and the first release from We_R House – a real nice floaty one for the warm up.


8. ‘Program27’ Yamen & Eda (Newfact)

Favourite track of the record and it’s been in the bag since it come out. A real groover.


9. ‘Isn’t It’ Stevn.aint.leavn (Beste Modus)

Another super Beste release and all four tracks are spot on but this is my favourite.


4. ‘Horizontal Falls’ Lee Burton (Taverna Tracks)

Lee Burton can’t do much wrong and you can see why. It’s been working nicely at peak hours.


EGG-BDAY-SAT_newEgg residents Kyle E, Ireen Amnes and The Willers Brothers play Egg London Birthday: Part II with Green Velvet, Enrico Sanguiliano, Daniel Miller (Mute Records), Tobi Neumann, Jay Shepheard, Alex Bau, Margot, Mark Moore (S’Express), The Nextmen, Zaki and more on Saturday May 6th.
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