Lisbon Kid (aka award winning producers and DJs Rui Da Silva & Danny De Matos) release ‘At The End Of The Day’, the last single and opening track from their album. The song deals with the subject of sunset as it relates to change, death and rebirth, reinforcing the idea that we are all different and yet all the same. So what does that sound like? It’s a beautiful cinematic soundtrack with an expansive palette of ; ambient piano, slide guitar, plaintive vocals, and haunting sounds alongside a measure of folly. Not happy with a truly sonic delight the release is adorned with a plethora of amazing remixes. First up is Justin Robertson’s remix, taking a break from his Deadstock 33’s moniker here we have his trade mark lysergic soul, atomic machine boogie, stripping the track down to delicate and dark nuances, with an injection of Justin’s dubbed out vibe. Next up is Alex Phountzi, another man on top of his game, as a founder member of the, Bugz In The Attic and now Namebrandsound. We see Alex focus on the vocals and infectious beats. Steve Sharples (Last Secret Garden Party Remix) cranks up the euphoria and delves a truly anthemic orchestral soundscape, taking the original into another sphere where his classical background is employed in the most unique way. To finish of this incredible package is Lenny Ibizarre, whose version is the closet thing to sitting in a floatation tank without getting wet. Lenny manages to shine the spotlight on the full beauty of the song and vocal, the mastery of his mix hits a beautiful spot between the delicate ambience and a heavenly experience. This is an absolute future classic of its genre, which is sure to be found on every quality and notable chilled-out compilation. If the sun comes back for the summer, then make this the soundtrack to your most blessed out moments.

Martin Madigan

Steve Sharples – (Last Secret Garden Party Remix) a distinguished classical composer who’s work includes many BBC documentaries and Baz Luhrmann’s iconic ‘Moulin Rouge’ in particular. Here’s a video of the track which the festival SGP are using for their campaign.

Lisbon Kid - At The End Of The Day (Last Secret Garden Party Remix)