1. ‘Igohart (Origina)’ – Roog & Dennis Quin feat Berget Lewis (Madhouse)

It may seem a bit pompous to place your own track at the No 1 spot but this list is in no particular order.  This track was released in the beginning of this year by legendary Kerri Chandler’s  Madhouse label and it contains all the elements of the style I play. It’s soulful due to the amazing vocal performance of Berget, yet the beats and bassline are funky and hard driving.

2. ‘ Black Keys’ – Todd Terry, Roog & Dennis Quin (Freeze Records)

Todd Terry is one of my main house music inspirations and I started buying his records back in the early 90’s and now own literally 100s of his tunes and remixes on vinyl. I still find it almost unbelievable that I have had the opportunity to collaborate with him on many occasions and our new track called ‘Old Skool Joint’ by Todd Terry & Roog is out next week.

3. ‘Black Man In Space’ Original mix – Dennis Ferrer

It’s impossible to put together 10 tracks without featuring this man!  – although it’s almost a crime to choose one track. I recently put this one back in my playlists. Those beats, that saxophone, pure bliss!

4. ‘Is It True’ – Riva Starr (Moon Harbour)

This is a tune I like to play as often as possible. The way Riva Starr seems to be able to create a sexy intimate groove which still rocks like a motha on the dancefloor is a mystery.

5. ‘Perpetual Groove’ – Roog & Leon Benesty (Safe Music)

Since the purpose of this chart is to get to know my music, this track with my buddy Leon has to be in here. It’s been topping the Traxsource charts for weeks this year.

6. ‘Forces’ – Kevin Saunderson (KMS)

I love the new mixes of this old ‘E-dancer’ track . Although people associate me with house music I’m totally inspired by Kevin Saunderson’s work, shifting from underground techno to his song-based Inner City project.

7. ‘Finally’ Original Mix – Kings of Tomorrow

I always refer to this track when people criticise house music for being fluffy and lacking substance. The lyrics of this song are so profound and deep, and that melody so haunting… it really doesn’t get much better than this.

8. ‘Blackwater’ Full Strings Mix – Octave One

Talking about a classic track, I love this one.  The live strings give it that timeless quality.

9. ‘Red Alert’ – Basement Jaxx

Basement Jaxx have been very inspirational to me for their ability to make songs that work on a dance floor. Production-wise it’s one of the hardest things to do, finding the right formula for all the elements that make up the track. The kick, the bass, the vocals: they all need their own little space.


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