Strafe – Set It Off 

Love listening to this tune it really brings me back to when I was a little kid breakdancing on the back yard. In my head I always wonder more about the composition and how the song was made but the haunting hook in this one still gives me goose bumps.

Strafe – Set It Off [HQ]


Underworld -Born Slippy

Yes an oldie but goodie here, something that I related to my old clubbing days when I first started getting into DJing and playing gigs in New York. Something about this is timeless to me and is why I still give it a listen now and again.

UNDERWORLD 'Born Slippy' Live in Berlin


Charlotte Gainsbourg – Deadly Valentine

One of my favorite things is hearing a song for the first time and just wondering “who the hell is this “. Well that happened one morning driving to the office when local station DJ Jason Bentley played this jam on NPR . He always plays new artist and helps break artists so the show is always full of new and unreleased tunes. You just might hear me play this at the end of one of my sets in the near future.

Charlotte Gainsbourg – Deadly Valentine (Official Music Video)


Boys Life – Small Black

Something about this tune reminds me of having a crush on an older girl when I was super young and ironically the video has similar undertones. I Really dig the vocal, the progression of this leans toward a dance tune definitely a go to Saturday afternoon song. 

Small Black – Boys Life (Official Video)


Jamiroquai – Canned Heat 

Well I danced to this tune with my wife at our wedding and the place was on fire from that point forward. I never though you could have a wedding where the entire place was dancing for 4hrs, but I did spend some time making a playlist for our big day. I felt like it was extra important to make sure the music was spot on especially when you have 8 touring artist at the wedding, and a ton of family expecting to dance…

Jamiroquai – Canned Heat


Boombox – Midnight on the Run

Really love the jazzy , funk vibe on this tune and this album. I play this one a ton when guests are over for dinner or your just looking for something fun to get you in the mood for a fun night out. The album was on repeat in Ibiza last summer.

Boombox – Midnight on the Run


A Tribe Called Quest – Verses From The Abstract

Its just smooth as silk not much more to say but I might have listened to this about 1 million times when the Album came out. I’m happy I had a chance to see them live a Lallapalooza in Philadelphia when I was 16 years old. 

A Tribe Called Quest – Verses From The Abstract 05 – HQ ( The Low End Theory )


Steel Pulse – Your House

Steel Pulse just says summer time and having a beer, smoking a joint or whatever you like to take a step away from the hustle & bustle of life. Fortunately I caught Steel Pulse and Ziggy Marley a couple of years ago at a small 10,000 person venue it was something I’ll never forget, truly amazing to listen to a 15 piece band that sound better live than out of the studio. The best part was I was attending the concert with my Dad.. it was Epic. 

Steel Pulse- Your House


Running – Abi Ocia

I was really attracted to her angelic voice and how it reminded me a bit of Sade. Looking forward to seeing how her career progresses. Dinner party at Scoobs house will have a little Abi Ocia on the playlist so don’t be surprised. 

Abi Ocia – Running


Nick Mulvey – Juramidam

I grew up on lots of classic rock, funk, jazz, and I feel like this song really encapsulates everything in one song. The rhythmic guitar work, layered vocals, and precision work really work and not to mention this Nick guys has a killer voice. 

Nick Mulvey – Juramidam


David Scuba & Dance Spirit ‘Dose’ (Superfreq)

Superfreq returns with another fantastically futuristic package, this time from label partner David Scuba with Dance Spirit, the duo of Christopher Mohn and Reagan Denius.
Revered US talent Scuba is in fine form at the moment after big releases on labels like Riff Raff, Desert Hearts and Veryverywrongindeed, as well as playing events like BPM Festival, Burning Man and the Winter Music Conference in Miami. Here he links with Dance Spirit who are known for their forward looking minimal techno and are also residents of the famous Flying Circus parties. Past releases include their inspiring and thought-provoking work on groundbreaking LP ‘The Sun Also Rises’ on Supernature, and so when added together with David Scuba this exciting collaborative outfit has a truly fresh sound.
First up is a fantastic remix of ‘Prophecy’ from No.19 co-founder Nitin, which swarms with warm solar winds. Down low, slick metallic drums roll along and create a spooky spaced out vibe that will surely hypnotise any crowd as they get taken deep into the cosmos.
David Scuba & Dance Spirit then serve up the excellent ‘Apotheosis’, which is seven superbly atmospheric minutes of meandering techno that journeys far off into the galaxy. It is spacious and eerie with circling spaceship sounds and clean, synthetic drums that all create a truly cinematic experience.
Lastly comes the original of ‘Prophecy,’ a subtle and supple number with slippery rubber drums and daubs of acid that melt your mind. It’s expertly crafted stuff that brims with originality and boasts standout production.

Out now: David Scuba & Dance Spirit ‘Dose’ (Superfreq) SFD042