Trainspotting with Angie B


London DJ & producer Angie B has been behind the decks for the last 20 plus years playing across the house spectrum. Constantly on the move Angie is also promoting her own events such as the old Skool funky house event, Traffik Jam, and her W.W.T Warrior Women Together brand. With forthcoming shows in Warsaw and Bali, Angie is one of the female headliners at Sunday September 10th’s Soul Session Closes The Summer daytime event at Ministry of Sound, and check out her current Summer Playlist here…


1) “Kali”- Da Capo 

Loving the Afro House Tech beat it…uplifts from the inside out!

2) “Pleasure” Truce Remix – Brass Tooth

Brilliant remix of an Old Skool Garage anthem and smashes up any rave all year round 

3) Formation” – Angie B Boom Sounds 

My new track with Chan Singh and with a big intro and drop..need I say more.

4) “Blackwater” – Grant Nelson

My all time favourite never fails to please…goosebumps every time and what an intro!

5) “Meremeta” – DJ IC, DJ Jim Mastershine & Idd Aziz 

Loving the vibe on this one… Afro Tech with a vocal nice 

6) “Know That You Are Loved” Maestro & DJ Supa D Remix – Cleo Sol 

Getting a lot of airplay in the Ama House scene here in London and a top remix.

7)  “Cairo” – The Akan 

Loving the deepness of this track and you can get lost in the drum beat

8) “Hard House Banton” – Colonel 

The Old skool personal Funky House track makes me jump high!

9) “Familia” – Nana

Beautiful track that’s nice and mellow yet so uplifting and definitely one of my favourite tracks right now.

10) “The Rapture Part lll”  – &Me Black Coffee 

Therapeutically deep and takes you on a journey. Totally enjoy playing this tune.


Angie B plays at Soul Session Closes The Summer Daytime Party on Sunday September 10th from 2pm until 12 Midnight at Ministry of Sound. With four rooms of sounds, check out  in the Main Room: IT’S DEEP! with Antony Ranz (Birthday Set), Kismet, Masterstepz, Mr Taffa, Petchy, DJ Pioneer, Shenola and Wigman

Bar: Strictly Old Skool with DJs Angie B, Carlos Aries, Gavin Peters, Love Precious, Mark Radford, Rob Wallace and Sy Sez

Upstairs: IT’S SOULFUL! with Chrissy Millard & James Essex, David Bailey, Lady T, MissFly, Solly Brown and Ted Lawrence

WHERE TRIBAL BEATS! With Angela Rose, Knowledge, Marcus Damon, Melo D and Morgan Black

Hosts: MC Fro, Gemini, Jah D, Onxy Stone, Snoops, Spidey G and Tippa

Percussion: Pivotal The Wizard and J W Percussion

Tickets: £16.63 – Dice