Trainspotting with Gold Lemonade

French-born LA duo Gold Lemonade are enjoying their best year to date with their “Bag” and “No Hollywood” tracks still smashing the dance floor as they release their new single “Sexy”. Their blend of hip hop and electronic sounds are making sparks fly especially on the Live shows, which they’ve racked up over 200 of in the last 18 months including the Discopussy festival and the Latin American Awards in Las Vegas. “No Hollywood”, a house banger amassed a total of over 500K streams and more than 650K views on TikTok in less than two months, and alongside all the music production and Live shows, the duo are official ambassadors for the clothing brand Fashion Nova + NovaMen (25 Million on Instagram).


1. “No Hollywood” – Gold Lemonade – We released this song in March 2022 and it’s our biggest success so far ! We love to play it in our sets ‘cos it’s such a club banger. Jvgg raps the verses so it’s always a really lit and dynamic moment in our show.

2. “Clear Your Mind” ParlantO

 We discovered this French artist a few months ago online and he is really amazing, a real hidden gem. His song “Clear Your Mind” is one of our favourite club bangers of 2022.

3. “The Calling” – Marten Horger, Tchami 

Definitely our song of the summer. Marten Horger & Tchami are both in the Top 10 of our  favourite artists and this collab is just amazing ! Perfect to set up a happy vibe on the dance floor. 

4. “Move” – Habstrakt, Badjokes, SQWAD

We were impatiently waiting for this collaboration between these 4 Bass House legends and we were not disappointed! An absolute banger that we rinse in our sets !

5. “See In Color” –  Wax Motif, 220 KID 

We really love this new release from Wax Motif & 220 Kid. A real vibe !

6. “Bag” – Gold Lemonade 

“Bag” is one of our latest releases and goes off live. It’s structured it to make people go crazy in the club and it works ! By far, our song with the most support from major DJs ( Don Diablo, R3WIRE, Antoine Delvig and many more…).

7. “Mi Corazon” – Noizu 

It is our favourite 2022 release from Noizu, very groovy and captivating. Perfect to start a set with a great vibe!

8.”Nightbird” – DJ Snake 

Really great release from Dj Snake. The synth in the drop is so fierce and powerful, it makes people go crazy !

9. “Do It To It” Dustycloud Remix  – Acraze 

It’s the best remix of the famous “Do It To It” From Acraze & Cherish. We love the dark and powerful vibe that Dustycloud brought to this club smasher!

10.” Gypsy Woman” Owen Norton Remix – Crystal Waters

Big fans of the original song since years, we really really love this remix from Owen Norton. He brought this Tech House/Bass House vibe to it and it sounds amazing in the club!


“Sexxey” is the new dance floor heater from Gold Lemonade on Lady of The House Records.


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