Trainspotting with Kokiri

It’s been a while since we interviewed Liverpool house talent, Kokiri so we thought it was about time we got him in for a Trainspotting. He’s been a busy lad of late with his excellent Opia disco mixtapes and dropping a load of tunes via Armada and Perfect Havoc, a label that has dominated the UK charts for the past 2 years with its commercial dance offerings. What we’re loving about Kokiri’s selection here is his love of disco, jazz and of course, house. And he’s even included a Christmas track alongside his latest single ‘Better Than This’. Kokiri ‘The Selector’ is one we’re fully on board with.

Give the man a radio show. Enjoy.


Eko – Ndolo Emba Mulema

So, let’s kick things off with what was my most played track of 2021 according to Spotify, absolute vibes!

Eko - Ndolo Embe Mulema

Lord Leopard – Love So Deep 
The bassline in this reminds me of the funky house that was being released in the early 2000’s. It’s so good, makes you wanna get up and dance!

Lord Leopard - Love So Deep (Original Mix) [Edible]

Jungle – All of The Time (DJ Streaks Remix)

This is one pick but I’m posting two links. I heard the remix of the track first through a promo I was sent, and I was instantly like, this is boss! I loved the vocal sample in it. I just assumed it was a sample, so I had a nose on YouTube to hear it in context of the original. I listened to the original for the first time and was like, whoa, this is boss as well! The original is nice and uplifting and the remix is a bit of a moodier number, the best of both worlds.



Zac Samuel Ft. Hayley May – Wasting Time

When this song was first released back in 2015, me and one of my mates were absolutely obsessed with it. Any sets I played, I always dropped it; the vocal is infectious. Then it got a re-release a little while back. I was so happy as I felt when this song first came out, it didn’t get the recognition it deserved.

Zac Samuel Ft. Hayley May - Wasting Time


Ann Nesby – Lovin’ Is Really My GamePeople may recognise this as the sample for Floorplan – Tell You No Lie. Ann Nesby has an incredible voice, and this is one of those songs that doesn’t get boring. In doing this list, the song finished, so I’ve restarted it and I’m currently on my second play through!

Ann Nesby - Lovin' Is Really My Game (Album Version)

The Horace Silver Quintet – The Cape Verdean Blues
I’ve been listening to so much jazz recently that I felt like I couldn’t make this list and not add a jazz piece in it. Again, this came third in my most played tracks on Spotify this year, you’ll see why!

The Cape Verdean Blues

Kokrii ft. Emida – Better Than This
I feel like it’s compulsory that I add one of my own tracks to the list, so this is my new one. I’d been playing with this idea for over a year and every time I tried a vocal with it, nothing seemed to work until I was sent Emida’s vocal. The flow of her voice just seemed to fit the track perfectly.

Kokiri ft. Emida - Better Than This

Youself & Camelphat – April
The bassline in this song along with those percussive hits SO BIG! Then that breakdown. No words really, just listen to it and I guarantee you’ll be nodding your head.


Milky Chance – Colorado (Icarus Remix)
Now, I would’ve preferred the Instrumental of this, but it doesn’t seem to exist on YouTube. I’ve been a huge fan of Icarus for years and everything they seem to release is massive, this being no exception. I love this track as from a production perspective too, it’s just so well produced.

Milky Chance - Colorado (Icarus Remix)

Ryuichi Sakamoto – Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence
As Christmas is upon us I felt I’d have to end the list with a Christmas song. People may argue with me that this isn’t really a Christmas song. Well, it has Christmas in the title so that’s enough for me. All the best!

Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence

Kokiri ‘Better Than This (Feat. Emida)’ is out now on Perfect Havoc 

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