Trainspotting with Michele Chiavarini

Michele Chiavarini’s music career spans over 30 years, working with the world’s musical elite including Robbie Williams, Kylie Minogue, Diana Ross, Donna Summer, Moby, Gloria Gaynor and more. In house music, Michele is best known for his work with the likes of Seamus Haji, DJ Spen, David Morales, Dave Lee, Mark Knight to Melba Moore, Byron Stingily and Diane Charlemagne, among others. In 2019 Michele launched his brand new record label with Fernanda Reis, SPRY Records. As he releases his latest Disco remix stunner for Minneapolis’ Skydoll, featuring Timotha Lanae, DMCWorld checks out his hot new favourite tunes..


1 Electric Love (Michele Chiavarini Remix) – Skydoll Featuring Timotha Lanae – Skydoll Records

Love this track, especially the chorus. The song and the vocals have elements of Donna Summer and Blondie. Paul Ryan and Timotha Lanae are really creative and super nice people. I can’t wait to hear this tune on the dance floor!

2 Samba Soul – Michele Chiavarini Featuring Leme Nolan & Carmichael Musiclover – Spry Records

My partner Fernanda suggested that we cover this classic Brazilian record. It’s an amazing song originally recorded in Portuguese by two very powerful performers, Lady Zu and Toto’ Mugabe. It’s musically super rich and it carries a powerful message of social integration. I hope we did it justice. We are really happy with the result.

3 Jive (Saison Remix) – Natural Rhythm – No Fuss Records

I really like what Leigh and Matt do. It is musically and structurally very immediate, groovy as hell and sonically impeccable. Plus it has a certain underground edge and that is why it appeals to a wide range of DJs.

4 Won’t Go Back (Kerri Kaoz 6 23 Chandler Remix ) – Harley & Muscle, Robert Owens  – Soulstar Records

Talking of underground edge, it is hard to beat Kerri Chandler and Robert Owens. I worked with Robert many times and I love his hypnotic delivery and always interesting lyrics. I think that one of his best songs ever could be coming to Spry Records very soon.

5 This Thing – Jimpster, Rich Medina – Foliage

This is another track which everybody loves and for me, it is obvious to see. The groove is perfection and totally mesmerising. It takes a very smart producer to achieve this simplicity and distilling lots of elements into 1 bar of pure magic. Rich Medina is also incredibly smart with his lyrics and matches Jimpster with a flawless performance you are hooked on until the very end.

6 Be The Change (Michele Chiavarini Remix) – Jarrod Lawson – Dome Records

I was already a huge fan of Jarrod’s exceptional talent as a musician, composer and singer. So, I was truly chuffed when Dome approached me to remix the album’s title track. The record also features the legendary percussion player Sammy Figueroa (Chic, Miles Davis, George Benson, etc.). I had a blast and there is more coming up…

7 Listen Love (Dave Lee Jazz Funk Renaissance Remix) – The Sunburst Band  – Z Records

This is a great remake of Jon Lucien’s 90’s stunner. I feel that Lucien has been slightly underestimated as an artist, mostly because of his association with smooth jazz since the 70s. However, he was an exceptional talent. Dave Lee pays a beautiful tribute to this great artist and Wayne Hernandez sings the song impeccably.

8 Midnight Memories – Miguel Migs  Soulfuric Deep

Miguel Migs is one of the undisputed masters of Deep House. I admire how he can create great sounding, chilled out musical vibes, whilst keeping it DJ friendly and crucially, as he says, “soul based”. Not an easy feat. When you put any of his records on, the atmosphere is set and it’s guaranteed that everybody will have a good time.

9 Do You Want The Real Thing (Opolopo Remix) – D.C. Larue Only Good Vibes Music

Opolopo does a sterling job at making this dance floor friendly and funkier than the more laid-back original. Excellent choice of song to revamp. I do remember the movie “Thank God It’s Friday” with Debra Winger, Jeff Goldblum and Donna Summer. Terrible movie, great soundtrack!

10 Celestial Flight – Luka And Sio The Bliss Beyond

Very interesting sounding production by Luka and lovely vocals by Sio, who is always delivering entrancing vocals with clever lyrics. The atmosphere on this record is very enticing and it is different from the rest.


Skydoll ft Timotha Lanae ‘Electric Love’ (Incl. Michele Chiavarini Remix) is out June 25th 2021 on Skydoll Records.