1. ‘Move Your Body’ – Reinier Zonneveld

Probably my favourite techno tune at the moment. This Dutch DJ got it right with a  sharp and hypnotic vocals.


2. ‘Open Your Eyes’ – Melody’s Enemy

Stellar debut at the Phobiq label. Modern techno at it’s finest and again great vocals to match.


3. ‘New York to Amsterdam’ – Layton Giordani

One of the currently hottest names on the techno scene does not disappoint with this track. Love the way it breaks and progresses.


4. ‘Specific Flavour’ – Umek

This Slovenian techno legend brings it with every track. His newest release is no different, the buildup and beat in this are awesome!


5. ‘Wonder’ – Victor Ruiz & Thomas Schumacher

What a duo, mix Brazilian and German flavour to come out with a top track.


6. ‘Rotary’ – Blackrachas (Kompakt)

This Compact Extra track is so much fun and the crowd is going wild every time I play it so definitely on my list!


7. ‘Techno (Not Techno)’ Solardo Remix

I love what Solardo did to the track and although it’s not a new release I love to play it during my set as it’s always bringing a super good vibe.


8. ‘Danzer’ Techno Tool Version – Darius Syrossian

Darius always plays with genres and this is no different. Modern techno with a touch of House created an addictive tune.


9. ‘Space Raiders’ Charlotte De Witte Remix – Eats Everything

This track is super hot at the moment and could not be missing on my list!


10. ‘Teach Me’ Amelie Lens Main Mix – Adam Beyer

Could not be missing this tune, this Belgian icon brought the Adam Beyer track to the next level. I totally adore it.



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