1 To Live Or Die – Caiiro ft Black Motion

This is a very melodic track that sounds very appetizing to me.

2 Marikana –  Master Fale, DJ Qwai, K9

You can create a very good feeling on the dance floor with this song, it has a deeply captivating vocal tone. 

3 Goldie – Lizwi

There’s lots of energy in this, pure afro vibes with emotive vocals. 

4 My Heart Speaks  – Annie Black 

This is a very strong Afro song with a very melancholic mood.

5  House of gods – Mr Luu

This is just such a great track that really lights up the dance floor.

6 Ibutho –  Eltonnick

This has lots of energy. It’s very powerful and it just goes…

7 Kiqi –  Toshi & Timmy Regisford

This is simply a head banger taken from my new collaborative ‘Life Music’ album with South Africa’s vocal star, Toshi.

8 Mntwana – Lizwi M

This track drives hard and has very strong vocals from Lizwi.

9 Self Lovers – Toshi & Timmy Regisford

A very mellow and atmospheric song from our new album with infectious beats and great vocals from my partner in crime, Toshi.

10 Eggin = Trinidad Deep

This is a superb track with wonderful keys that really move you. 

11 Yiza – Toshi & Timmy Regisford

This is pure Deep Afro House vibes with such an enchanting song.

Toshi & Timmy Regisford ‘Life Music’ album is out now on Quantize Recordings.