SFV Acid – Cheddar Mercedes

Four years ago, I discovered this artist, since then he has been one of my favorites. This time I choose “Cheddar Mercedes”. I like the way this song makes me feel, the perfect and at the same time chaotic “707” gives the proper energy to the track, together with the warm bass and melodies make this song perfect to enjoy a cloudy day at home.

SFV Acid - Cheddar Mercedes

Dopplereffekt – Infophysix

This track makes me imagine a grateful future, giving me a pleasant sensation. The resonant bass and the distant melodies all take you to unimaginable places without a doubt.

Dopplereffekt - Infophysix

Legowelt – Driving Through an Amiga Forest

This is another favorite producer of mine. He has too much alias and too many incredible music that It was unquestionably a tough task to choose only one song. “Driving Through an Amiga Forest” was one of the first song I listened, and it is certainly one of the most emblematic. 

Legowelt - Driving Through an Amiga Forest

Stone – Girl I Like The Way That You Move

Anything about West End Records is definitely high quality. This track is not the exception.

STONE - Girl I Like The Way That You Move (1982)

Art Of Noise – Moments In Love

This track is probably one of my favorites in my hall life, it is pretty much wistful and meaningful to me. I love the slow rhythm and the perfect rate in conjunction with the strong bass, harmonious choruses and contagious melody. One of the most beautiful songs to me.

Art Of Noise - Moments In Love (Original 12" Version) - 1984

AAAA – Jazz D

Mentor and great influence. Gabo Barranco give us this brooding and at the same time enjoyable track, perfect to spend some time meditating at home.

David Bowie – This is not America

In my opinion this is one of best tracks of David. It is, soft, simple and brief. Simply stunning. 

David Bowie/Pat Metheny - This Is Not America (Promo Clip)

Bob James – Westchester Lady

Bob is one of my dad’s favorites keyboard players. This particular song brings me old memories with my dad, we saw Bobs concerts on DVD. In my view, everyone should listen the arrangements of this track.

Bob James - Westchester Lady

Squarepusher – My Red Hot Car

Certainly a masterpiece by Squarepusher. A total trip with an amazing drum programming, an amazing bass and incredible futuristic vocals.

Squarepusher - My Red Hot Car「HQ」

Black Spuma – Black Spuma

One of the most recent on this list. Lauer and Fabrizio Mammarella give us this track with a vast potential for the dance floor, but certainly also to spend a pleasant time at home.

Black Spuma - Black Spuma

Undefined Pattern – El Desespere (inc. Damon Jee & Jenia Tarsol remixes)

Mexico’s Duro label are set to release the first EP from local talent Undefined Pattern, backed with remixes from Damon Jee and Jenia Tarsol. ‘El Desespere’ comes after Undefined Pattern’s debut on the Disque Discos DISCORROR IX compilation and is inspired by the stress and paranoia of living in Mexico. It features three intensely atmospheric tracks with remixes by Damon Jee and Jenia Tarsol. The fantastic title track gets things under way on a rugged bassline and illuminating synths that speak of a busy urban metropolis. It’s a rumbling disco ride that really takes you somewhere. The dark and heavy disco vibes continue on ‘Estrex Humano’, with its crisp hits and urgent bassline. Edgy synth loops bring the tension and add plenty of drama before ‘Intenxa Salida’ offers a sparser and eerier track, with dystopian, searching synths and melodic details off in the distance that suggest human life amongst a late-night urban landscape. Frenchman, MORE associate and 90s veteran Damon Jee flips ‘Estrex Humano’ into a slow burning and steamy disco stomper with libidinous female vocals, courtesy of Ravintsara and broad synth sweeps. Lastly, ‘El Desespere’ as remixed by Blue Shadow Records boss Jenia Tarsol is a chugger with big rock licks and a filthy bassline. This is a compelling EP from the fast rising Undefined Pattern and another great package from contemporary disco tastemakers Duro.

Undefined Pattern – El Desespere (inc. Damon Jee & Jenia Tarsol remixes)(Duro) Release: 13th December 2019 Cat No: DURO027)