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1. ESG – Dance

My manager introduced this track to me while on tour recently in the states, he soon had me hooked. I believe the group of grandmas from Manhattan are still touring and have been since 1981, so funky.

2. Doppel – Melt (Retza’s Diving Mix)

Retza’s an old friend of mine and one of the most talented producers I know, one of those musicians who writes music purely for the love of it. He gave me some of my first ever pointers in music production the better part of a decade ago. I wouldn’t be here without you mate! Thank you.

Doppel - Melt (Retza's Diving Mix) [OPNDG046]

3. Booka Shade – Love Inc

Booka Shade have always been a favourite for Melbournians, growing up here, their influence on local dance music culture was huge. The hype leading into their shows was always enormous. This is definitely my favourite work of theirs, the euphoric horn section gets me every time. Truly a song for any occasion.

Booka Shade - Love Inc.

4. Huxley – Let It Go

This track was a big influence on the sound of my early productions, I was absolutely hooked from day dot. A simple looped vocal hook, with a nice warm bass line melody, bliss.

Huxley - Let It Go (Original Mix)

5. Escape – Just Escape (Justin Martin Remix)

One of my favourite pieces of production from Justin, the textures to this production are incredible. Being a fan of Justin’s production is only inflated by what a great guy he is when you meet him in person. So down to earth and humble. Through my appreciation of his work I actually decided to sample his voice in an upcoming release of mine, to which he was only too happy to give his blessing. What a legend.

6. Joris Voorn – Ringo

I’ve lost track the number of times I’ve listened to this, a truly beautiful piece of music. I wish I knew more about it and it’s history. Looking forward to catching one of his shows one day soon.

Joris Voorn - Ringo (Original Mix)

7. Flight Facilities – Apollo

Love the flight facilities guys, and this is definitely my favorite piece of work they’ve created. The soaring strings and vocal get me every time. I was recently in the studio with them in LA, assisting on some production for some of their upcoming music. Very excited to hear their next album.

Flight Facilities - Apollo

8. Super flu & Andhim – Reeve

Such a feel good sunrise tune, which is coincidentally where I heard this tune for the first time. I was on a rooftop with friends in Barcelona a few years back… that was a hangover and a half.

Andhim & Super Flu - Reeves

9. Icarus – Hiding

I’m noticing a trend for Melancholy music here. Im in love with this tune by the Icarus brothers, I first met them through the Aston Shuffle when they were in Melbourne touring, great dudes. One day I hope to get my hands on this acapella, what a weapon!

10. Tourist – Apollo (Edit)

I heard this friends party a few months back, I believe it’s some of Tourists most recent work. The sound design is so spot on, the heavily distorted bassline and complex percussion make it a really unique sound.

Tourist - Apollo (Official Audio)