Chris P Cuts

Remember the name. A future superstar…

What are the earliest songs you can remember growing up to?

“Public Enemy, Rage and The Prodigy were coming from my brother’s room. ‘Don’t Believe The Hype’ always stands out. Joe Jackson was in my dad’s car, Tina Turner in my mum’s. I was collecting CD singles from Woolworths. Great times!”

You had a lucky break getting into DJing, what’s the story?

“My brother’s friend wanted me to get into DJing as he saw how much I was getting into music. He saved up for a pair of Technics and gave me his old SoundLab’s for a tenner. I offered him everything I had and that was it! He ended dropping an old mixer and headphones round too. I had a full set up from like 11 years old.”

Your a big fan of sneakers. What is your favourite pair?

“Too many to name but I’ve always thought the first colourway of the Huarache light or the pink tech challenges IV’s were my faves.”

What are your favourite hip hop tunes?

“Troy is the one! There’s loads of Pete & CL on the list. I can’t stop listening to Beastie Boys at the minute. Get It Together with Tip! WOW. But, seriously, the list is endless…”

What would be your Back To Mine tunes you’d spin us after a club – back at yours…?

“I’d stick on dub or Talk Radio! You need to relax after the madness of the club. Well that’s the plan but that never usually happens. The party has just started!”

What one piece of vinyl would you never sell?

“I never really sell any vinyl. Just hoard loads and loads ‘till its unmanageable! Even all the rubbish I find hard to part with!!”

Best Turntablist of all time?

“Qbert was always seen as the best growing up. I was really into what the Scratch Perverts were doing and when Craze started spinning Drum & Bass. I like the club friendly turntablists.”

You’ve DJ’d for Dizzee Rascal. Tell us more…

“I got the call and that was it! On the plane to Switzerland and straight on stage. Big up DJ MK for the hook up and Dizzee and the whole team. Best gig of my life.”

Best Hip Hop film of all time?

’Belly’! Haha, joking. WildStyle. No script but it didn’t need one! The Grand Wizard Theodore track is so epic…”

What is your guilty pleasures tune?

“Carly Simon – ‘Why’.”

Nice answer. Beats my ‘On The Beach’. So, who is the coolest person on your mobile phone?

“My mum’s.”

What one song can’t you get out of your head at the moment?

“I keep humming Fast Lane, the Royce and Em tune all day long so I guess it’s that.”

What do you think of the current state of UK Hip Hop? Some new kids on the block coming through…

“The UK’s always been killing it. Jay & Kanye taking that Flux Pavilion tune was crazy. We’ve had UK MCs spitting over those beats for years. The scene over is here is looked at and imitated for sure. Some of the people that make it through are questionable of course but that shows the size of the market in the UK right now. I’m looking forward to Skillit’s LP and the Quaranteam project. Rewd Adams and the Last Skeptik have a project coming along nicely. Buggsy LP’s ‘Big’ and the New Roots Manuva LP is stupid! New Dizzee records sounding crazy too. Great beats coming out from Bobby Tank, Jon Phonics & Beat Butcha’s been smashing it. Good times!”

Tell us about your radio show ‘The Funhouse’.

“‘The Funhouse’ is an online radio streaming live three days a week. We have the best DJ’s and guests and people chatting and tuning in from around the world. We have been undergoing site maintenance but will be back on air very shortly. Check the DMC site for the new link.”

Not a lot of people know this about me, but I’m really good at…

“Juggling – and I’m not talking beats! I’m still good at that too though! Haha. A good friend of mine was a professional clown and taught me to juggle when I was young. He also taught me to drive! Wow! Rest in peace Martin. He was a legend man.”

Who is your best friend in the world?

“I can’t tell you that. I would be busted! This is about music anyway right?”

The new DMC Online World Mixing Championships are ripping it up. What did you think when you first heard about it?

“I heard about it through the world famous Sally DMC! I thought it was a great idea. It seams to be moving DMC in a new direction and you have to adapt to succeed. I’ve heard a refreshing amount of people talking about the online comp…”

What is the best club you have ever played at?

“Fabric. It sets the bar for me. I’m not fussy though, sometimes the shit clubs are the best to play! I’m hungry to play to crowds all over.”

Who is your celebrity crush?

“Too many. Stacy Slater was always up there! Then Megan Fox was the upgrade! Haha.”

Tell is about The Social – what goes on down there?

Subsoul is at The Social every Saturday. It’s a great night where me, Jazzie B from Soul II Soul and Spin Doctor from The Doctor’s Orders play great music to the best crowd in central London. Get at me for list! Here’s the facebook link:

And East Village…?

“I’m going to be at East Village on the 2nd Friday of the month from October. More details to follow on that one including my birthday party!! Keep an eye on my website for details on all the other shows.

For all of the aspiring turntablists out there, give them some advice on how to do the perfect set…

“Get the right booking in the first place! Sometimes everything seems to fall into place but remember to be relaxed, take in the people around you and have a good time. You’re getting paid to DJ!”

What have you planned for 2012?

“I’m just trying to DJ in front of a lot of people all the time. Once you’ve seen me spin you’ll be convinced too! I’ll be in a town near you real soon.

And finally Dan, big up DMC for shining the light. Been checking the DMC’s since I was real young and going to the events from when I was old enough to get in. It’s a pleasure to be in your mag!”

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