The DMC 2011 DJ World Finals – the climax!

The final night at the 2011 World Finals…

The Indigo2 once again hosted the DMC’s World DJ Championships, a perfect venue for what witnesses are saying was the highest standard ever attained by competitors.
The midday Elimination saw an exit from DJ Monk (China), A-Kut (Switzerland), DJ on Q (South Africa), DJ ? (Taiwan), The Defiant Lou Demo (Puerto Rico) and DJ Jooce (Canada).

The 12 DJs left standing began the evening in order of lowest points earned in the afternoon session and an amazing menu of international skills lifted the audience from one level to another.

DJ Mikey had the opening pressure and did himself and Hong Kong proud with a commanding and confident performance. Then came Slimcutz from Portugal followed by DJ Five (whose name was devised from the fact that “I’m the fifth DJ in my home town of Brno in the Czech Republic”).  Right behind him came Italy’s Mandrayq and then Erick Jay who, like the Brazillian team the day before, demonstrated that his nation is really coming alive to the DJ art. DJ Cross was the first Belgium to make the evening session and sixth on stage came Graded from Denmark – the land of DJ Noize.

The Championships entered the Top 5 and although they didn’t know it, the audience of stalwart DMC fans were in for their biggest treat for years.
First, France, the nation who had won the Supremacy Battle yesterday with Nelson, now brought on DJ Skillz with a delivery that would have placed him better any other year but unfortunately for him, what was to come next blew everyone away!

Izoh, one of two DJs from Japan who’d made the top 4 in the afternoon session, looked all over to lose to his colleague Co-Ma who was looking very strong having placed second for the live audience performances.  
Izoh’s set was simply out of this world and has to be seen to be fully appreciated. As he basked in the audience’s applause, it looked that he would undoubtedly lift the Rane Golden Mixer – but then the UK’s hottest favourite for years JFB put in his six minutes and lifted the Indig02 roof with an audience who themselves were only just coming to terms with the fact they were witnessing extraordinary DJs at work. At that moment everyone could have been forgiven for believing it looked like a two man race for the DMC title but two more quite stunning performances were still to come.

Japan’s Co-Ma, runner up for four years, was invited to defend as LigOne had decided not to defend.

This was Co-Ma’s big chance to finally go all the way and what became very obvious was that his colleague Izoh (who Co-Ma had beaten into ahigher position in the afternoon), was looking to spoil his party.  Two magic Japanese performances had looked to take everyone’s ground…but an amazing high pressure performance was about to skittle them all.

America was in the house!

Certainly no one had ever seen anything quite like the six minute set that the USA’s DJ VAJRA delivered. When interviewed after winning the 2011 title Vajra said he’d been “doing the set in his sleep for months”.  He also explained he had promised his young son he would not return home without GOLD!

Rane Gold MixerThe beautiful gold plated RANE MIXER trophy which had been on display centre stage throughout is now on a plane back to where it was made, a trophy valued in excess of £5000!

The final results and points allotted by the 17 high calibre judges, will eventually be seen on the report but suffice to say it was almost a unanimous vote (including the audience) for the incredibly talented new DMC legend, Vajra who’s name now enters the DMC hall of fame for eternity.

The name Vajra will now feature alongside the other American legends who have helped to shape turntablism over 28 years; Cheese, Cash Money, Roc Raida, Q-Bert, Mixmaster Mike, Apollo, Craze, ie.Merg and Shiftee.

Certainly the most disappointed DJ would have been Japan’s Izoh who looked for six minutes like no one on earth could beat him but he’ll be back and no doubt a DMC title is his destiny.


1st VAJRA (USA).
4th JFB (UK)

DMC World Finals WinnersApart from the evening’s main focus, DMC brought a really entertaining show together with 2010 World Champion LigOne showcasing, Switch performing an audio version of his Royal Albert Hall ‘Concerto for Turntable and Orchestra’ and a very special live set from Nathan ‘Flutebox’ Lee + The Clinic (see their interview in DMCWORLD Magazine).  Completing the evening, the 2003 Supreme Champion TigerStyle from the UK showed how he has adapted brilliantly to turntablism/technology.

The audience were introduced to unKut – winner of the very first DMC ONLINE DJ CHAMPIONSHIP who was there to enjoy the Finals and after party. Germany’s latest champion accepted his DMC cheque for $3000.  It was then explained to unKut and the audience that no one will ever be allowed to win the Online DMC Championship more than once as the event is there to create new names and give new talent their chance to shine.

Throughout proceedings the X-Ecutioners (Rob Swift, Total Eclipse and Precision) who had performed a magic set the previous day, looked on as judges together with yesterday’s five time Team Champions Kireek and the new Supreme Battle Champion, France’s Nelson.  The DVD film of these magical forty eight hours will come off the production line in a few weeks time.

From next Tuesday 10th October, the public become judges themselves as DMC invites the supporters from every nation to decide who gave the WORLD’S GREATEST DJ PERFORMANCE EVER ( which will lead up to the 2012 ONLINE DJ CHAMPIONSHIP in February/March.

Photo 01: DJ Vajra.
Photo 02: DJ Vajra and the beautiful gold plated RANE MIXER.
Photo 03: Kireek, Nelson and DJ Vajra.
Photo 04: Sally McLintock, Kireek, Ton Prince, Nelson and DJ Vajra.