Danny Whittle

Danny Whittle

DMCWORLD speaks to Pacha’s main man Danny Whittle about another unbelievable season at the world’s premier club and LIO – the new dining palace described in the world’s press as “the best restaurant in the world.”

Danny WhittleDanny. Ibiza has somehow upped it’s game yet again. Ushuaia came in over Christmas spending an obscene amount, Space has come in spending six figure sums on DJs and artists, Privilege have yet again thrown their cheque book at artists and Manumission have come up with the genius idea of turning Pikes into the rock n’ roll hang out. And then we have Pacha, our favourite club DMC have ever partied at. And what a line up this year – Swedish House Mafia, Defected, Pete Tong, David Guetta, David Morales, Luciano, Eric Morillo – is every night full to capacity?

“Yes pretty much, we could do with a bigger club.”

The tale of how Eric Morillo took a week’s holiday and asked the Swedish boys to step in is now legendary – it was the busiest Wednesday night you’ve ever had and now they ramming Mondays. Why do you think this incredible trio have been taken to the clubbers at Pacha so quickly?
“They are brilliant at whatever they do. Good DJs and total entertainers. It’s infectious and everyone in the room goes crazy. There is no escaping it – it also crosses over to the VIP area and that has also become a dancefloor. Our VIPs pay good money for their seats, but this year they have asked us to take them away so then can have a dance. Now that I like.”
It must have great to get your old mate Tongy back where he deserves to be…
“Yes fantastic. He is perfect for Fridays at Pacha and is very comfortable in the club. I’m already excited about what we will programme together next year for his night.”
What have been the best nights’ at Pacha this Summer?
“Wow, that’s a tough question. To be honest it’s too tough.There is the more celebrity based night from David Guetta, then there’s the Swede’s big sound through to Erick and Pete. Defected old Saturdays very well and then the uber cool underground sounds of Cadenza and Luciano. I feel we cover all bases and I have had a ball at all of the nights.”

You own Pacha clubs all around the world – which clubs are really doing it this year?
“Pacha New York is firing on all cylinders. It’s line up is as powerful as Pacha Ibiza and Eddie Dean the owner and boss is a genius. Five years in and it’s bigger than ever, that’s tough in a city like New York.”

Biggest tune at Pacha Ibiza this Summer?
“Azari & III remix of ‘Hungry For The Power’ is big. So is Morillo’s ‘Stronger’ – and to be honest, anything the Swede’s and David plays.”

Danny. Your rise to fame from a fireman to head honcho at Pacha is stuff of dreams. Has there been a moment on the white isle when you really had to pinch yourself and thought, ‘I really am the luckiest man alive!’?
“All the time, although I have to say it is very hard work. Luckily, it’s the work I love, so it’s more of a way of life.”

Where on the island are the best places to chill out?
“Well, firstly my house – sea views and swimming pool where I chill with my wife Sally and little boy Daniel. Besides that, I love to go to Formentera on anywhere on a boat…”
Who in your mind, is the best native Ibizaan resident?
“Andy Baxter or Tuccillo.”
What nights outside of Pacha are smashing it this year?
“Car Cox’s night down at Space is going through the roof. And I hear We Love down there is also doing well. I went down the other week and it was fab. I also dropped in at Kehakuma at Space to check out Maya Jane Coles and that was great, Jamie Jones followed her so a double treat.”

What’s winter time in Ibiza like, is there a real community where you all get together, Sunday lunches, mad little Saturday nights etc.?
“Yes for sure. Winter is awesome, it’s our prize for working the summer so hard. Sunday roasts at Cicale on the San Juan road and Saturdays at La Cava in Ibiza Town before heading off to Pacha for the log fire. Ahhh bliss!”

Who is the best DJ to have ever played at Pacha in your time?
“Again, a tough one. I have had amazing times with them all. At the moment I’m loving where Luciano is coming from musica

Rumours circulated the world last year about your new restaurant LIO – tell us how this incredible place came about in the first place…
“Well, the old El Divino venue became available and Ricardo thought it was the perfect place to set up a nice, high end restaurant nestled in between the mega yachts.”

Who are the head people at LIO?

“Well, Ricardo is the main man as he is the owner. The boss of the restaurant is Juanan and Francisco runs the entertainment side of things.”

Describe what happens in the restaurant at 10pm…
“The restaurant opens at 9pm but it is also a cabaret club, so from around 10pm all the shows start. Now, this can be a singer to performance art such as trapeze artists and flamenco dancers. There are many little shows like a couple may be having an argument at a table and then jump up and do a tango or they may be pretending to make love in one of the cubicles in the toilet and when you walk out they are leaning on the door laughing. It’s all very integral to the night and the whole experience is very involved and immersive for the clients. Really good fun.”
What celebrities have you had through the doors enjoying your food and overlooking Dalt Villa?
“We did Pete Tong’s 20th Anniversary on Radio 1 in May so that was just about the whole of the electronic music world. Also people like Shakira, Seal, Usher, Snoop and many more.”

What is the restuarant’s signature dish?
“The food in general is amazing, but the Robata grill is awesome as is the Black Cod and Vietnamese Ribs.”

Which performer has been the best this year?
“Seal was just incredible, the perfect voice for the perfect setting and the back drop of Ibiza Town.”

And finally – is there anything we should be looking out for with Pacha in 2012?

“Still working on 2011! But I am sure there will be a few surprises in 2012. Keep your eyes open for the International Music Summit – one of my other projects – it’s going from strength to strength.”