Big new tune out via his own Fuzzball label, DMCWORLD checks in with the London producer as he gets ‘Rollin’…

Hey Jeff, thanks so much for chatting to us here at DMC. Where in the world are you today?

Thanks for having me, I’m currently locked down in, sometimes sunny, North London U.K. Grateful to be born and live in a city that always inspires and oozes its own unique energy especially within the music scene. 

For any readers who don’t know who you are, can you explain a bit more about yourself and how you got where you are?

Sure, I’m Jeff Nang, producer/DJ, musician and talk boxer. Growing up my household consisted of disco, r’n’b and soul music, copious amounts of MJ and Earth Wind and Fire. I picked up the keyboard when I was around 6. At some point I heard Missy Elliot and Timberland and was in awe with the sonics that were melting my ears. I was a little late when it came to dance music, although having been brought up with a lot of funk and groove, the moment I heard Daftpunk’s “Homework” album the world stopped, from then on I was hooked.

I’ve been producing music for quite a few years now. I started the Jeff Nang project a while back and have beEN releasing music independently over the last 2 years. In between I’ve been fortunate enough to work with music publishers, incredible singer songwriters across the globe, produced music for TV and media and of course DJ’d across town. As a self-employed musician, gotta keep all the income streams open!

How would you describe your music? Is there anyone one the scene you feel you can relate to soundwise?

If I were to say imagine funk, tech house, disco and EDM married: birthed a child and recorded it’s laughter, that sound of blissful happiness best describes my music (or is the music I try to create?)

I really admire people who put their own spin on their records, legends such as Daftpunk, Justice, Mark Ronson, Duke dumont, Diplo, Tchami to name a few.

Would you like to collaborate with any of them?

Heaven YEAH! All of the above, now it’s out in the ether it’s bound to happen.

The world is a crazy place at the moment. What have you been doing to keep your creativity up, whilst creating music?

This Covid-19 chapter has been extremely testing for us all and definitely an eye opener for us to examine our habits and actions as humans. But I also see this period as a blessing, especially for creatives to realign and really reconnect with their love for creating music or any art form. It gives us the opportunity to take some time to open up projects we’ve always wanted to finish.

I’ve been through a transition in my life and it has really been inspiring. Working on a number of projects for myself, planning out the lockdown aftermath and taking part in a few live stream gigs have kept my creative juices flowing. Along with yoga with my fiancé and loads of veggies keeps creativity super potent.

Your new EP is out now, what can you tell us about this…

Rollin’ is a 2track EP, the type of tracks you’d vibe to when the BBQ ends and the drinks start pouring.

I mainly focused on feel good groove patterns and baselines which keep your head bouncing. I chose a retro funk baseline, keeping a constant groove, adding some seventh synth chords in there and a tech house feel to keep the energy up. 

I produced a whole load of tracks and these were the first out of the bunch to see the light. Rollin’ will be on UFO Network via Youtube and on all your main digital outlets.

It’s being released on your own label, what are your label plans over the next year?

To be honest my label was created for me, just so I can put out music to my liking as I feel my sound blurs boundaries and can’t be placed in one box. I really want to promote individual and expressive music with no pressure for public likes, what’s trending and so on. Just high energy good music that translates well. 

Finally, what is next for Jeff Nang?

More music, more collaborations, more records written, more exploring and definitely more meditating!