The storming UK producer from the west country is back firing on all cylinders with a string of big productions fresh for 2017. DMCWORLD checks in…


Interview by Dan Prince


Lisa a huge welcome back to DMWORLD and congratulations on a storming start to 2017. You must be overjoyed at how the year has begun?

I am super excited; I am back producing and DJing after having a bit of a break and working on some great projects.

What was the first piece of music you heard this morning/afternoon when you crawled out of bed?

Hmmm….I had to fly out of the door early this morning, so, I tuned into Radio 1 and they were playing Lukas Graham, I love that tune. ‘Once I was 7 years old…’

So let’s get into it. Hot on the heels of you firin’ ‘My House EP’ which was supported by so many superstar DJs comes ‘Let Me Love You Tonight’ feat Laura Bayston is Flying high both in the upfront and pop charts at the moment, the reaction has been amazing. Talk us through the history and sound of the track…

I have wanted to do this track for a while, a good few years in fact, but never got round to doing it. The original is a classic track and I was a bit nervous about doing it just in case it didn’t quite pan out right, but luckily the reactions have been astounding. I wanted to put a new vocal on the track rather than use the old vocals and that’s where Laura comes into this. It is a typical house track and there are a selection of mixes on there, one from Jochen Simms and myself, another from Danny Foster, one from Angel Farringdon and another Drum n Bass mix from Dick Butcher.

Tell us about the hook up with Laura, you two are great friends right?

We are good friends, Laura lives in Cheltenham like me. I met Laura at my kettle bell class a couple of years ago, (by the way it’s a hard class) and we got talking over a Christmas meal. She told me she is a singer/songwriter and so I just asked her if she wanted to sing on this track I was doing. Obviously I wanted to hear her voice first so we went through some of her tracks and then I got her in the studio to record the vocals on the track.

Word on the street hits me you are involved in a compilation with the most excellent 131 crew in Cheltenham? What can you tell us, I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!!

The album is for Superdry who are bringing out a compilation CD. One of my good friends Dick Butcher who is resident DJ at Crazy 8’s (131) is mixing and producing the compilation album for them, the track I did with Laura is one of the featured tracks. It has got some interesting tracks on the compilation, a good selection of quality music, which follows the Superdry journey.

You had a break from hitting the studio and it’s great that you are back. Whilst you were away and had a chance to monitor the progress dance music was heading musically, what were your thoughts? Do you think the industry is in a healthy position, are there people still pushing enough boundaries?

The music industry has changed in the last 5 years, it changes every so often but change is good. There are some good music producers out there, I don’t think enough people are pushing boundaries, it needs that edge being brought back into it. I think people need to look at the positive, promoters are still booking DJs and good quality music is being bought. OK, its slimmed down a bit, which means you have to be at your best.

What are the big 5 tunes in your box this weekend…

Jochen Simms Remix of JDS – NINE WAYS RE FIX – You’ll recognize the vocal in this one.
Eats Everything – Big Discs – Big tune for a while now.
Frankie Rizardo – Same Man (original mix) – Defected – Love the re-work.
Peverall Brothers – I Love it (Robbie Rivera remix) – Jango Music – Soulful Vocal Track with techy flavours.
Funkwerkstatt – Windrose (Format B remix) – Superfancy Recordings – Driving, proggy techy, Format B is one of my favs.


Okay up front and personal time with Lisa Unique…

The best piece of advice you have ever been given…

Never give up, keep on trying.

The last time you cried watching a film or listening to music…

I’ll cry over a good movie more, the last one I watched where I cried was Braveheart a few weeks ago I watched on Sony movies, but tbh I’ll cry over the news if it’s on, which isn’t that often.

What hit you the hardest. The passing of Prince, Bowie or George Michael…

This is a hard one as all 3 of them meant a lot to me, I was upset over all of them but for me I was more upset over Bowie, I cried a lot when he died.

A celebrity crush…

Tom Hardy or Idris Elba  I can’t choose.

A bucket list adventure you want to do in your lifetime…

Climb Kilimanjaro.

It’s your birthday. 3 DJs you invite to play and why? The last time we spoke you were still drooling over Sasha and Tenaglia…

I still love Sasha and Tenaglia, but it has shifted a bit for me. I would invite Ritchie Hawtin, I love his music. I think I would be sent into a musical trance from listening to him play. Carl Cox, because of his experience and you could probably have a good conversation with him as well. And lastly Solomon. Again, he takes you on this musical journey that you just get completely lost in, it’s a nice place to be.

What is coming out next from you studio wise?

I’m working on a few things, my next release is on Deevu Records with Laura Bayston – Love you for Tonight, goto my twitter as I will be revealing my next few releases on there over the coming months @djlisaunique

A DJ gig you cannot wait for this year?

Rovin Fest, it’s a festival local to me in Cheltenham, they have booked some big acts this year, last year was fun.
We come back to yours after the club, you spin us some Back To Mine tunes to mellow the vibe. What kind of artists would you play us?

Some music by Orbital (Fluffy Clouds love that track) and Groove Armada.

The last time you woke up with no memory of the night before whatsoever?

Summer time last year, I remember most of it, but there are some bits I don’t remember, that doesn’t happen very often any more.

And finally, I have been meaning to ask for a while now. Have you signed up yet for the Chepstow 5km Bounce Run in June?! That I have to see…

I have signed up, there is a big group of us going from my gym, looks like a lot of fun, are you coming Dan…?