Max Styler signed with Steve Aoki’s famed Dim Mak record label when he was only 18 years old, making him one of the youngest producers to be signed on such an esteemed record label at the time. The San Luis Obispo, California native has exploded onto the scene with his first EP ‘Aftershock’. Now fresh for 2017 he returns with an immense remix of Breathe Carolina and IZZI’s ‘Echo (Let Go) and his new slab on Dim Mak…


Interview by Dan Prince


Max a very big welcome to DMCWORLD…what was the first piece of music you heard this morning after crawling out of bed? 

Bag Raiders – Shooting Stars because it’s taking over the meme world!

You hail from San Luis Obispo in California  – a small city known for being the residence of producer Wolfgang Gartner, porn star Jenaveve Jolie and drag queen Miss Fame. Do you bump into any of these guys when getting your groceries on a Monday morning? 

It’s also the home of MakJ and we run into each other often. We also have a big collaboration called “Knock Me Down” coming out March 3rd on Dim Mak. Oprah also called SLO the “Happiest town in North  America”.

When you were a kid one of your most exciting dreams was to be in a rock group and tour the world playing sold out stadiums. What happened? What changed your mind from a guitar to a USB stick?

My guitar was just one instrument and as a producer I have every instrument and sound at my fingertips to create music with. My USB stick has been taking around the world and I’m thankful for that dream coming true.

It’s a gag that has been played out a million times, but when you turned 18 years old Dim Mak head honcho Steve Aoki didn’t throw a cake at you, he handed you a record contract. What has being part of one of the most important record labels on the planet taught you?

You’re right he didn’t hit me with a cake then, but eventually he caked me when I was on the Neon Future bus tour with him. Honestly, being apart of Dim Mak has thought me more about family than anything.

True or false? You realised you were heading in the right direction career wise when you stopped looking at the price tags in IKEA?!?!

True…but I still can’t figure out how to put any of it together!

So a new year, a new single after last year’s success with ‘Heartache’. This time round it’s a double whammy to digest…let’s kick off with your Remix of Breathe Carolina and IZII’s ‘Echo (Let Go)’. How did you approach and treat this tune which many called “the one that got away”…?

The original was a slower vibey track so I wanted to keep the remix in the same vein with big future bass drops. I’m really happy how it came out.

The tune is peppered with video game sound effects. You a big gamer?

I play a lot FIFA, COD and Mortal Combat. I love gaming!

The Remix is obviously going to be a major player on the festival circuit over the coming months. Tell me 3 things you always take to a festival when you know it’s going to be a crazy one.

My girlfriend – so I don’t get into trouble. My manager. And my photographer to document the madness.

As you mentioned, your next release is out now via Dim Mak, tell us about it.

This song was created a year ago and I’m excited that it finally is coming out.  “Knock Me Down” features standout vocals by Elayna Boynton; you may recognize her impressive pipes from her hit “Freedom” on the Django Unchained soundtrack., which has amassed over 20 million plays on YouTube to date. Boynton’s voice is unique, powerful and soul-shaking; it serves as the emotional element to Makj & Max Styler’s intense basslines, filled with stabbing beats and machine-like drops.  The result is a track that feels energizing and inspiring–”Knock Me Down” is the perfect tune to play at the gym, before a competition, or anytime your psyche is in seriously need of a confidence boost.


What are the 5 big tunes in your box this weekend…

  1. Flume – Enough (feat. Pusha T)
  2. Porter Robinson & Madeon – Shelter
  3. Keys & Krates & Krane – Right Here
  4. Josh Pan & X&G – Nowhere
  5. Sumthin Sumthin – Bloom

A famous quote from you…“If you put your end goal in front of your fears, you can push through challenging obstacles.” What has been the biggest life obstacle you have had to overcome?

Well as of recent it was asking out my dream girl Maddie, sometimes you just have to go for it and now she’s my girlfriend. I lucked out.

What is coming out later in the year from you musically.

So many big tracks on the horizon! I can’t wait to share.

You are mature way behind your years, that’s for sure. Do you come from a close family?

I have a great family who supports me and my music 100%. I couldn’t have made it this far without them.

The last GREAT…

Album you checked out

The Weeknd – Starboy.

Book you read

I’ve never read a book.

Live artist you rocked to


Girl you fancied

Maddie my girlfriend.

Okay here is your soapbox for a moment. Give a shout out to and what we all need to do to help the planet.

Don’t even get me started. The best thing we can do for the planet for starters is impeach our pumpkin face idiot of a president Trump. It’s only up from there.

And finally gotta ask. You list ‘penguins’ as a major influence on your Facebook page. Are we talking the snowy kind here or Batman’s Danny DeVito?

The short fat chunky cute snowy ones.