Marco V

One of the biggest trance DJs in the world checks in

You used to have alove of hip hop and started DJing at the age of 14. What made you want to become a DJ in the first place?

“Music has always been my passion so the step to becoming a DJ was a small one. I loved the idea of making people dance to the music that I love.”

What did your parents think of this quite radical choice of career back then?

“My parents have always been very supportive of my career choices, but I started out as a painter and a maintenance man, DJing at local clubs and basically holding down two jobs. Once i started producing, playing music and releasing records gradually took over my day job.” 

Can you remember the first club you played and did you get paid?

“Phhew that is a tough one. I was mainly just playing in local bars but the first steady paid gig I had was a residency in De Danssalon in Eindhoven.”

Do you think that the clubland has become too commercial, too professional – do you think the edge has gone?

“No it has not in my opinion. There of course is a degree of commercialisation but there are still plenty of clubs and parties for the true music heads and house aficionado’s. It nowadays also depends which part of the world you play at. I love the fact that things have gotten more professional, people are more dependable, more serious and thus the events have gotten better, bigger and more fun too.”

Good answer. So which club has been your favourite in 2011?

“I have a few favourite clubs around the world, but Zouk always stands out. I had an ace gig at Privilege in Argentina this year too, there are many, many venues I really like at the moment.”

Is there one club around the world that you plat at regularly that has the best sound system, that maybe you save a track you have made to try out at that club? If not, what club does have the best sound system?

“I’d say Zouk in Singapore again. I try to make all my productions sound as phat as possible so that it does not matter where I play them. I just always want them to stand out sonically so I will always test my tracks out on the floor before release, but it doesn’t matter which floor.” 

Your new  single out now ‘Rokker’, what can you tell us about the track…

“It is another release on my new imprint TAO recordings. This label is all about my latest productions and I am chuffed that the tracks are picked up by a wide range of DJs across the board. All the tracks on TAO have a big room feel to it and work really well on  the floor. With ‘Rokker’ I am looking for a nice topline and have it cross over to radio maybe.”

What are the plans for your T.A.O. parties/label in 2012, how has 2011 been?

“Well the TAO concept has travelled around the world and we are gearing up for a new run, anyone looking for a great night get in touch.”

What are the big 10 tunes you are currently spinning…

1 Morgan Page, Sultan & Ned Shepard feat. Angela – Key In Air (Hardrock Sofa remix)

2 Marco V – Rokker

3 Bt & Adam K – Tomahawk

4 The Killers – Mr. Brightside – (Marco V Treatment)

5 Sounds Fresh – Let’s Get It On (Sebastien Drums & Rob Adams remix)

6 D-Wayne – Kampala (Asino Di Medico Remix)

7 Alex Guesta, Lili Rose – Thank You (Outwork Remix)

8 Marco V & Damian William – Essence

9 Orkidea – Liberation

10 Fatboy Slim – Ya Mama (Push The Tempo) (Moguai Remix)

Back in 2010 you once said that “David Guetta will definitely be huge in the next two years but this will slow down and a new generation will come through. The public will find a new hero.” Has that hero emerged yet?

“I think Avicii is doing well wouldn’t you say? Afrojack is doing well too, I can’t really say that Mr Guetta is slowing down though!” 

Which DJs do you really enjoy spinning with?

“I love to play wiith Funkagenda and Moguai.” 

You have always been behind the young Nicky Romero, what are his best qualities that are going to take him all the way to the top?

“This young man has an exceptional productional talent, I can see him going far if he keeps at it.”

Not a lot of people know this, but Marco V is very good at?

“Painting – houses and interiors and stuff, not pictures!” 

How does playing in America differ from playing in Europe these days?

“The market in America is really fresh and in some cases the crowd is way more up for it than the people in Europe. I don’t play any different there but the market in the US is wide open.”

How relevant is the DJ Top 100 to a DJ?

“This question I get asked a lot. There are many answers to this but here are my thoughts on this:

Loads of people (big brands etc.) tend to look at the DJ Mag Top100 as some sort of bible and instruction manual who to book to put together a successful event. There is loads of talent about at the moment that do not necessarily have an entry in the list and I feel, to be brutally honest, that people give this election way too much weight and it  does not reflect the balance in the scene at all. I never really understood why there has to be an election like this in the first place, you don’t have one for the best guitar player or singer etc.”

Good point Marco. What do you think makes you one of the best DJs in the world?

“Well I don’t feel comfortable saying that about myself but thank you for the compliment. I always try to play for the crowd, if I get the ladies dancing it is usually a great indication for a good night!”

What is your guilty pleasure song?

“To be honest that differs every day. I don’t really have one, I have many!”

What has been the proudest moment of your career to date?

“I guess headlining ‘Sensation’.” 

What is the biggest crowd you have ever played to?

“I think the biggest indoor gig I have done is ‘Sensation’ in Amsterdam, I believe that has the biggest capacity of all the Sensations put on around the globe.”

And finally, out of all the releases you have produced, what has been your finest?

“There isn’t one finest to be honest. I see all my tracks as my children so they are almost all fine to me.”