The One And Only Mr Epic

If ever a DJ and producer had the world at his feet it’s Quintino. Some people are just meant to spend their life in music and like so many of his Dutch counterparts, this young man started early. Behind the decks whilst still at school and spotted by none other than Laidback Luke at the age of 18. A massive breakthrough came when he remixed Cidinho & Doca’s ‘Rap Das Armas’ in 2009 which became a massive worldwide club anthem and reaching over 10 milion You Tube views. Big dancefloor hand raisers with the likes of Afrojack and Tiesto, Quintino has just reached the summit of the world famous DMC Buzz Chart with his ‘The Epic’ monster. Dan Prince speaks to someone who is thankfully, going to be around for a very long time… 

You were born in the northern naval city of Den Helder in the Netherlands. What was the early music you were listening to that pointed you in the direction of dance music?

“The funny thing is I listened to all styles of music from reggea to techno from pop to rock. That’s because I really love to see how every style makes them own hits and gives their own feelin’ in their music. Music is all about feeling.”

How old were you when you started to DJ and can remember where the first club was you played at? And did you get paid?

Yeah I was 15 and I started at a local club in The Netherlands at a place called Den Helder. At my first gig I was only allowed to play when the resident DJ had to go to the toilet and I could then spin a few tracks. I spent all evening waiting for the moment he had to go and all night I was giving him drink after drink. And no, I didn’t get paid ha ha.”

What did your parents think of your career choice

“I was very lucky. My parents always told me to do something I enjoyed doing, first it was soccer and after that it was all about my music. I really love them, I know at some point when I had just started that they hoped I would have a good job, but I know they just wanted me to be happy.”

You hail from the same city as trance star De Jong – did your paths ever cross in your early days?

“Actually no. When I was growing up in my home town all the other people were really into hardstyle and hardcore. I was the only house head amongst all of the ravers hahahaha.”

What are the big 10 tunes you smashing the dancefloors with right now?

Lately i’m playing a lot of own stuff. Here are some party starters…

Sandro Silva & Quintino – Epic

Black Raw – Eargasm (Daddy’s Groove Re-Edit)

Quintino ft. Calvin Harris – The One and Only Flashback .(Q Accapella Mashup)

Bingo Players – Rattle (Original Mix)

Zedd – Shave It (Original mix)

Afrojack & Quintino – Selecta

Autoerotique – Apollo

David Guetta ft. Sia – Titanium (Nicky Romero Remix)

Diplo & Oliver Twizt – GO (PeaceTreaty Remix)

Quintino – We Gonna Rock

You are just back from a tour of the US – what were the highlights?

“Because I’m doing so many gigs in Europe it was so great to be there in America, from New York to Miami and LA to Vegas. All of the parties were really awesome, the crowd loved my music and I must say I didn’t wanna stop playing even when my gig was over.”

Your work rate as a producer and DJ is incredible. Hit records are coming out of your studio it seems on a weekly basis and your DJing rate never slows down. This weekend for instance you have 5 sets in The Netherlands, all of your sets are 1 hr slots to enable you to get in and get off to the next club. Are you happy with this, are the clubbers happy with this – wouldn’t you prefer to do longer sets?

Yeah it is a different thing in Holland. I have made it to Number 1 in the official Netherlands charts and because so many tracks are being released I’m doing so many awesome gigs. But I really dig the 2 hour gigs because I can really tell my story of the night and bring them to another level just the way I like it. In Holland the 1 hour sets are doing really well and are always good to play, but I do prefer the 2 hours!”

Tell us about the incredible Queensday event in Amsterdam this year – have you ever played to more people?

“The crazy thing is that this is the third year in a row I have played it. I played infront of over 350.000 people on one stage which is just ridiculous. And everyone was dressed up in orange – that’s what is imprinted in my mind. I always remember my first time there, I was really nervous coming up on to the stage, but when I started the gig all the nerves disappeared and I had the best time of my life playing my music. Goosebumps are the best drugs in the world.”

You have worked a lot with the mighty Afrojack, most notably conjuring up ‘Selecta’ which has ripped up dancefloors all around the world. What is it about his work you admire, why do you work so well together…?

“We have known each other for a long time now, we played together a lot of times in Holland and that’s why we often end up playing b2b and rippin’ up the dancefloors. That’s why we also started making music in the studio and it has all turned out well. We made ‘Selecta’ and we are currently working on some new tunes so you can expect a lot more. Also watch out for some new tracks of mine on his label WALL.”

Two of your tracks ‘Heaven’ and ‘You Can’t Deny’ featured the sultry soul vocals of Mitch Crown – Fedde, Lucien and Nicky Romero are two of the artists who have also used his talents – why is he so in demand right now?

“I worked with him a while ago because he is a great musician and he always delivers. A great guy and a perfect vocalist also for my gigs…maybe we will work out a new track in the future!”

Who do you take around the world with you on your travels?

“I have a close friend who is also my tour manager. We are always together on the road, it is really important to have someone you trust. He always takes care of anything for me and gives me more time in the studio and sleep.”

Which country outside of your home country, gives you the best reception crowd wise?

“Well that would be America for sure. My last tour in was booming! I can’t wait to be back there, check me out in Miami on December 1st.”

Have you seen any unknown / up and coming DJs or producers that we should watch out for in 2012?

“It’s really hard nowadays to see the new talent, they have to be an all rounder as a good producer doesn’t necessarily make a good DJ. I see so many people making good music and I hope they all reach the top if they give 100%.”

What has been your best night in a club in 2011?

“XS Las Vegas was a club with such an amazing vibe. I walked in and felt the buzz instantly.”

Your huge ‘EPIC’ tune hit the top of DMC’s world famous Buzz Chart – a track that followed the likes of ‘Fire’, ‘Drop The Beat’ and ‘Sustain’ – what though has been your most satisfying release to date – which track has blown the most rooves off ?!?

“Out of all my tracks, ‘EPIC’ is doin’ so well. I never thought it was do so well, every time I drop it people go bananas. I can’t wait to let everybody hear all my new tunes though.” 

What is the best piece of advice anyone has given you?

“Always believe in yourself.”

Other than music, what do you collect?

“A lot of air miles.”

Not many people know this, but Quintino is very good at…

“Soccer. I played it a long time, I’ll take on Christiano Ronaldo!”

What is the finest tune you have ever played to a dancefloor?

“Temper Trap – ‘Sweet Disposition’ (Axwell & Dirty South Remix)

What do you think sets you apart from other producers – what makes a great Quintino production?

My energy in my sets. When I’m playing I really enjoy my time up there.”

It’s your birthday – what 3 DJs do you ask to play?

“DJ Q-Bert – he is the best technical scratch DJ! Laidback Luke – he helped me from day one in my DJ career. Tiesto – when I met him for the first time he was great and helped my out with all kinda stuff and is still on top of the game. Great people.” 

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

“Getting more sleep (now everybody knows that!).”

So we head back to your after a club, what are 10 Back To Mine non house tunes you spin us to chill/carry on the party?

I love a good hip hop/urban mix. Just to be able to listen to some other music and get the drinks going on…”

What one type of music do you hate?

Metal! I just don’t understand it.” 

Who is the coolest person on your mobile?

“My mom for sure. She knows even more about me then myself.”

What has been your summer anthem?

“Without doubt Avicci ‘Levels’. Damn that is such a great tune.” 

What is your guilty pleasure song?

“Usher – ‘Nice and Slow’.”

What club or festival do you really want to play at that hasn’t seen the Quintino touch yet?

“Electric Zoo and Ultra…I really wanna’ do those festivals.”

What have you up your sleeve for us all in 2012 from the studio?

“Well a lot is coming up. I signed a new track to Musical Freedom – Quintino ‘We Gonna Rock’, two new tracks to watch out for are Quintino ‘The One And Only’ and Quintino & Moti ‘Shadows’. I’m also doing remixes for Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, will.I.am and Mick Jagger plus a new collaboration with Afrojack. Much more as well, but I have to finish these projects first.”

“Thanks for having me! For my music check out my soundcloud…”  


If ever a DJ and producer had the world at his feet it’s Quintino. Some people are just meant to spend their life in music and like so many of his Dutch counterparts, this young man started early. Behind the decks when just out of shorts and spotted by none other than Laidback Luke at 18. A massive breakthrough came when he remixed Cidinho & Doca’s ‘Rap Das Armas’ in 2009 which became a massive worldwide club anthem and reaching over 10 milion Youtube views.