Shiftee’s Picks

Boom! Two times DMC World Champion brings us his essential weekend tunes

What did I do last weekend?

I spent a marathon weekend in Boston.  First I did workshops for Dubspot on Traktor + Maschine on Thursday and Friday for the Together Festival  Then on Friday, I did another set for the Together Fest uStream.  THEN on Saturday, I played at the Boston Anime Convention rave.  Yes, you read that right.  Boston Anime Convention rave.  There were people dressed as Domo going buckwild to dubstep.  I even saw a Daft Punk costume, wild party!  Finally on Sunday, I played one of my favorite parties: The Drop.  The new tradition there is pulling up Bone Crusher – Never Scared.  I’ve done it twice already.

The Picks…

Baauer – DumDum
Baauer has been on fire.  TNGHT (Hudson Mohawke + Lunice) dropped this tune DumDum at their SXSW debut, and then Rustie played 2 Baauer tracks on his recent BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix.  And that’s only the beginning of the list of artists supporting this guy’s tracks.  All for very good reason.  Baauer makes tunes that are both fun & gangster, fusing the palette of dirty south with the latest in electronic styles and his own swing.  I’ve been playing his tracks every set recently.  Plus he loves the letter “a,” which is a top 20 letter if I’ve ever seen it.  

Cashmere Cat – Mirror Maru [Pelican Fly]
Another tune on Rustie’s BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix (incorrectly labeled as Mirror Maru – Swag5) from another homie.  This Norweigen wunderkind is a favorite of Shiftee’s Picks.  In Mirror Maru, he opens with Rent The Musical-like emotive chords and moves into a sentimental melodic line.  Great shuffle on this track too.  Fantastic music to listen to while looking into a mirror if your name is Maru.  

Danny Brown – Grown Up (prod. Party Supplies) [Scion A/V]
Hip hop, son!  Danny Brown is the truth.  This whole track reminds me of golden era 90s hip hop, fitting for a song reminiscing about the past in light of present-day success.  I actually did the scratches on it too!

Evian Christ – MYD [Tri_angle]
Is this song advising we get into the forgery game?  “Make yo dollars, make yo dollars,…”  Hypnotic tune here from Evian Christ.  I’m a sucker for repeating rap vocals.  

Plastician – Hard.Kore [Terrorrhythm]
Grime!  Plastician hits us with a gangster 8-bar tune, which I’ve found to be fantastic for extended blends.  The 4×4 switch up, gheeezus!

Psymbionic – Ride With Me (Starkey Remix) [Mallabel]
Fresh arrangement on this one from Starkey.  Build after build, the full on beat doesn’t play for more than 8 bars consecutively, making this tune incredibly engaging.  Another awesome mixing tool here as well.

Royal-T – Cool Down [Rinse]
Royal-T’s new Rinse EP is vibes.  I wish I knew how to dance, so I could dance to this tune.  Be sure to check out Royal-T’s new Mishka Keep Watch mix for an onslaught of undeniable heaviness like a sumo wrestler coming at you driving a pick up truck.  

Rusko – Pressure [Mad Decent]
This song makes me smile, even though the main lyric doesn’t make sense to me: “we getting ready to pressure.”  Is this the anthem for overbearing parents who force their kids to do unnecessary extracurricular activities so their college applications look better?

Salva & Grenier – Wake The Dead [Frite Nite]
Fresh off the Soundcloud upload, and what a tune it is, so well done!  (Please note: Shiftee’s Picks does not endorse the practicing of waking the dead.)

Swindle – Do The Jazz
Swindle, man.  Swindle.  The intro is, yes, epic and the whole tune is just crazy original and fun.  Swindle, man.  Swindle.  

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