Shiftee’s Picks – Week 4

Boom! Two times DMC World Champion brings us his essential weekend tunes…

“What did I do last weekend?
I played a delightful event in Pittsburgh called How Strange 3 with Q-Bert, Dieselboy, Bare, Smash Gordon, and more.  The highlight for me was actually jamming a bit with Q-Bert on stage.  Technically we were billed as “Q-Bert vs. Shiftee,” but thankfully it wasn’t a real battle.  Here’s a little footage I found from that mysterious yet magical place called the internet:

Crime Mob – Knuck If You Buck (Clicks & Whistles Bootleg)
Clicks & Whistles don’t miss.  They’re like the Pleasentville basketball team before they discover sex.  Their next level year 2030 tracks often contain dirty south influences, and here the juxtaposition is front and center.  I for one always knuck when I buck.    

Curl Up – Driplo
Definitely going to listen to this song the next time I’m spelunking.  Love the minimal, water-infused drop (no pun intended hahahahahaha).  This guy is definitely curl up and curl coming. 

DJ Mehdi – I Am Somebody ft. Chromeo

Rest in peace to a true inspiration and talent.  I didn’t know Mehdi personally, but you can tell he was brimming with energy, vision, and charisma.  Peep this incredible video where he shows off some dance moves and his infectious smile.  RIP DJ Mehdi.

Dismantle – Computation
Thought I’d never like another song with car alarm noises, but this diddy is hype williams!  The halftime snare really does it for me.  Music to listen to when using a calculator, as I often do.  (personal note: the TI-89 is the most gangsterist calculator of all time)

Floating Points – Vacuum Boogie
Not a new song, but screw you.  What am I?  The Daily News?  And anyway this track is awesome.  It’s like getting swallowed in warm chocolate goo.  It’s like laying your head on your boo’s bosom under the covers on a cold day.  If you walk down the street listening to this song, you’ll swear you’re wearing a Snuggie.  So warm, so inviting, so intoxicating.

The Living Islands – Empires (Sam Tiba Remix)
Damn, this track is some hard body Blade Runner type ish!  String stabs always bring out my inner Suge Knight.  Infectious groove on the A section + tea time cinematic halftime B section.  “Slap someone in the face then invite them over for supper” music. 

Mele – Lego
Mele’s Starlight EP is killlllling it.  I’m on board with every track from this wunderkind.  Would love to hear a rapper on this beat.  Does someone have Lil Wayne’s phone number?

Mosca – Done Me Wrong
Vibes!  I seriously need to step my one word descriptive exclamation game up.  The vocal sample manipulation is infectious like West Nile, the opening pad is sick like SARS, and the main bassline is dirty like diarrhea.

Rude Kid – UFO Mode (Spooky Refix)
Grime jefe Spooky gives us an off kilter, shake your tush refix of Rude Kid’s UFO Mode.  Tush is a very underrated synonym for butt.  So is rump.  I kind of want to set retro dancing videos a la American Bandstand to this music and see what happens.  Tush/rump shaking abound! 


Soloman – Predator & Prey
Yo watch out for Soloman!  This dude has only been producing for 7 months, and he’s already making some of my favorite dubstep of the past few months.  It’s like his production abilities advance in dog years, not human.  Predator & Prey captures both these animals, as Soloman unleashes the beast.”