Shiftee’s Picks – Week 7

Boom! Two times DMC World Champion brings us his essential weekend tunes…

What did I do last weekend?

1) I took a break from the road and taught the future DJs of the world at Dubspot DJ/Production School in NYC. That’s Dubspot, folks. Dubspot.
2) I saw the movie Moneyball. My biggest complaint was that it didn’t have enough math.  Show me more formulas, Brad Pitt!

The picks…

Bro Safari & UFO! – Laff Track
Moombahton is undeniable, and Bro Safari & UFO! are doing it as well as anyone in the world right now.  I’m currently shaking my rump on the couch just thinking about this song!  It’s not a pretty sight, but this is a pretty song. The Bro Safari & UFO! – Future Primitive EP is out October 7 on El Cuco Recordings.

Flufftronix –  Bassface (Kanji Kinetic Remix)
Fine tuning an impactful bassface is a subtle and underrated art.  With too little force, you might look like you’re merely passing a fart.  Too much force and you might injure yourself and shame your family.  This banger clearly requires facial exertion, so practice your bassfaces before listening!  Out now on Play Me 2.

Gesaffelstein – OPR
I like to imagine a rad dog with sunglasses and an FX kit singing the intro.  This song is gangster, just like the aforementioned canine.  Dark and driving, OPR suggests a cinematic intensity.  Listen to this track the next time you do your laundry, and you’ll feel like Neo fighting Agent Smith in The Matrix. 

J:Kenzo – Therapy
J:Kenzo takes on Sigmund Freud with this hypnotic, deep cut.  The question is who provides better therapy?  Kenzo or Freud?  I give the edge to J:Kenzo because dubstep is way more appealing than the Oedipus complex.  

Modeselektor – Berlin ft. Miss Platnum
This song brings out my patented awkward shoulder shake + snap move.  If you see me do this at a party, I promise I’m enjoying myself and not suffering from a serious medical condition.  I’m definitely feeling the new Modeselektor album Monkeytown.  The Thom Yorke joints are delightful and one of my favorite rappers Busdriver gets a feature.  That being said, shoulder shake + snap move FTW. 

Rx – Orbit
This song fills adults with childlike wonderment and children with just plain ol’ wonderment.  Love the simplicity, off-kilter drum programming, and melodic ideas.  Any astronaut will tell you, this is exactly what it sounds like in Space.  Cop this track on the EP (cough cough) Rx & Shiftee – Space Ace, out October 17 on Rad Summer.

Spoek Mathambo – Put Some Red On It (Shabazz Palaces Remix)
Clearly this song was not written by people in the dry cleaning business.  Don’t you know sometimes red stains don’t come out!?  The original is fresh, but Shabazz Palaces kill it with their varied and vivid reinterpretation.  Very cool switch up into the verse, which is heavy to say the least.  

Starkey – Eris
Even Eli Porter has to agree at this point, Starkey da best man.  Most of my favorite musical devices on this track from Adult Swim’s Unclassified compilation: video game noises, grime style drops, high pitched vocal chops, syncopated grooves, and swelling dirty midrange bass.  By the way, so random but awesome that Adult Swim released a bass compilation.  What’s next?  A Tech House compilation from Comedy Central?  Gabber from the QVC?  Didgeridoo Anthems 2011 from The Weather Channel?      

Switch & Andrea Martin – I Still Love You
I can’t wait until my girlfriend and I get in a big fight, so I can send her this song.  I’m predicting immediate forgiveness.  Switch, please make more songs like this for different relationship scenarios.  Future classics like: “I Forgot You Birthday,” “I Didn’t Put Down The Toilet Seat,” “Are You Going To Eat That?” and “I’m Sorry I Discussed Our Relationship In My DMC Article, I Was Only Joking.”  My baby making music pick of the week, but only with someone you truly care about.  

Wheez-ie – Barefoot Billy (DJ Assault Remix)
Why does not having shoes on in the club sound so damn romantic?  The vocal sounds like a motown singer telling his baby he loves her.  Apparently In 2011, no shoes = true love.  “Look, I’m really putting myself out there.  I don’t even have shoes on in the club.  And that’s dangerous and gross.  My feet are wet and sticky.  My socks are ruined.  But it’s all for you, baby!”  Watch out for the forthcoming Wheez-ie EP on Embassy, it’s cray!