Following on from the their recent success Breakbeat Kaos with Lassitude Ft DJ Fresh and their highly acclaimed The Stand Tall EP, Sigma return with a brand new EP on their own LIFE RECORDINGS imprint, titled, the NIGHT AND DAY ep.

Hot the heels of part one, the second half of the EP keeps the quality and energy high with two more killer tracks. Kicking things off with DO YOU LOVE (THIS FEELING), this is a seriously musical piece of drum and bass to blow your mind and move your body. Combining euphoric looping vocals and some amazing chord work, Do You Love is soulful production with a dancefloor edge done at its best. And as if that wasn’t enough, the boys have commissioned 2 huge dubstep remixes from DUB POLICE’S SUBSCAPE and new kid on the block INFUZE. Watch your bass boxes people.

sigmaTell us about the new Sigma ‘Night and Day EP pt. 2’ out on your own Life Recordings label?

It’s a real mix of D n’B and Dubstep styles. You should go check it out, it will make you far cooler than you already are!


What’s The Best Night Out You’ve ever Had?

Millennium night when my mate turned into a reptile… it’s true!


What’s Your Favourite Club?

Formally The End 


What’s Your Favourite Record Of All-time?

Right said Fred – ‘I’m too sexy’  


What Record Can’t You Stand?

Anything by My Chemical Romance 


What Record Did You Lose Your Virginity Too?

Right said Fred – ‘I’m too sexy’  


What Was The Last Record You Bought?

‘I want you in my soul’ – The lovebirds 


Name Three Of Your Biggest Influences…..

Dave, God and George Bush 


Who Would Play You In ‘Sigma’ The Movie’

Owen Wilson and Val Kilmer 


What’s Your Dream?

To one day be really fat and grow a huge beard and walk around in a massive leather trench coat 


How Do You Escape?

Retreat to Ireland, West coast baby.


What Is Your Favourite Possession?

Mini helicopter


sigmaWhat Is Your Life Philosophy?

Eat, drink sleep and wear new pants daily.  


What’s In Your Pockets?

Two massive testicles.  


If You Were An Animal, What Animal and Why?

Cam – seahorse 
Joe – Labrador  

You Are Having A Party, Whom Dead Or Alive Is On The Guest List?

Karl Pilkinton, Jesus, IC3, Megan Fox, Stuart the dancing dog, Ricky Gervais, Gandalf the Gay, Dr Spok, Dr P, our lovely girlfriends of course, Bin Laden, Rik Waller, The tree man, the chicken man from the X Factor.


When Was The Last Time You Embarrassed Yourself?

Probably today at some point. 


Tell Us Something That We Don’t Know About ‘Sigma’

Sigma is Amgis back to front.  


What’s does 2012 hold for Sigma and Life Recordings?

New beats, new Pod casts and hopefully an album. 


Sigma & Life Recordings Present
‘Night and Day EP pt. 2’
Buy release here:
Listen to release here
Link to UKF Subscape rmx


FREE SIGMA TRACK: Sigma & T Phonic ‘Do You Love’ (Influze RMX) :




Sigma – Night & Day
Sigma – Loving Me
Sigma – Special Dedication
Sigma – Forever
Sigma & T Phonic – Do You Love
Sigma & T Phonic – Do You Love (Subscape)
Sigma & T Phonic – Do You Love (Infuze Rmx)
infuze – Black Out
Stanton Warriors – Shoot Me Down (Sigma Rmx)
Eric Prydz – Niton (Sigma rmx)
Shy Fx – Feelings
Sigma – Stronger
TC – Tap Ho
Sigma – The Jungle (Sub Zero Rmx)
Wickaman – Nah We a fool
Sigma – Missing you
Sigma ft jenna g – Baltimore