We Love Space!

The best night in Ibiza bids farewell to 2011 in style!

On the 25th September, marking the end of the We Love…2011 season, the doors open yet again to one of the most inventive and influential figures in contemporary electronic music Aphex Twin. Last year was a landmark event in the history of clubbing when for the first time in his 20-year music-making career, the all-conquering mastermind of electronic music Richard D James, aka Aphex Twin, played his Ibiza debut at We Love…Space. As anticipated the event held an air of something revolutionary. It feels like everyone’s been waiting the whole year for him to return, to experience the magic all over again and confirm that it wasn’t a dream.

The booking of Aphex Twin is exactly what defines We Love…as a club night that isn´t afraid to do something a bit different and for me that´s what makes the night so special. The melting pot of the musically eclectic and the dancefloor destroyers. Variety is the spice of life” admits James Zabiela.

Putting out his first record ‘Analogue Bubblebath’ in 1991, Aphex has been making music, building his own synthesisers and writing his own computer programmes in his bedroom from the age of 14 which brought about the title of his debut album, ‘Selected Ambient Works 85-92’. For many people, this was the first exposure into the mind and music of this celebrated musical maverick. Today, his music, released either on the celebrated Warp label or on his own Rephlex imprint is used widely in films, TV adverts and has influenced the likes of Radiohead as well as probably nearly every electronic DJ and producer out there. Aphex’s label coined their own genre Braindance to describe his sound, which applies to forward-thinking electronic music that can appeal to the mind as well as the desire to dance and party.

Joining him in the Discoteca will be We Love’s…offspring James Zabiela who’s continued to fly the flag for the institution having recently celebrated 10 years of his residency; Adding further support are Technasia, DJ Rephlex, and new boy jozif who’s set every set of his alight this year as he’s comfortably settled into his own residency.

Heading up the Terrace will be Fatboy Slim aka Norman Cook who last played for We Love…back in 2006 so this marks something of a return for Brighton’s boy wonder. This year he has ticked a lot off his list playing on the Great Wall of China, on a beach in Japan, in Detroit and at Glastonbury. Regularly playing to crowds of 200,000 in Rio, Brazil he’s at home in Space’s sprawling enormity and his visible dynamism and charisma is contagious amongst his adoring masses.  2manydjs and Joris Voorn join him with Rob Da Bank headlining the Sunset Terrace for Rock Nights.

Sunday September 25th – The Closing Party

Terrace Fatboy Slim, 2manydjs, Joris Voorn, Jem Haynes, Jason Bye & Ian C

Discoteca Aphex Twin, James Zabiela, Technasia, DJ Rephlex, jozif

Sunset Terrace – Rock Nights Rob Da Bank, Colin Peters, Andy Carroll

After Dark presents Soundcrash DJ Cheeba AV set, Soundcrash Djs, Mr Doris

Redbox – The Burlington Project Clive Henry, Alex Arnout, Ryan O Gorman, Coley, Scott Martin

El Salon Tirk Records Jamie Bull, Ben Terry, Matty J

Premier Etage – Alfredo, Jamie ‘Fatneck’ Low, Ian Blevins, Jon Howell