Zzub Chart 07-07-2016

(01) (--) Night Beats – Sunday Mourning – Jono Ma (Jagwar Ma) Remix

Night Beats have unveiled a Jono Ma, of Australia’s Jagwar Ma, remix of Sunday Mourning, a track from their much acclaimed third album, Who Sold My Generation, which was released on Heavenly Recordings earlier this year. The remix perfectly fuses Jagwar Ma’s electro-flecked psych with the desert-fried R&B of Night Beats, a band steeped in the grand tradition of Texan psych.

Night Beats - Sunday Mourning


(02) (--) Makola – This is London (Sub37)

Mix up musical roots nourished in Ghana and Finland with life in East London, cross afro-funk and highlife with grimey raps, party vibes with a low key, but ever present political thread… and you get new duo Makola. Alongside rolling, percussive B Side ‘All My People’, now it’s on way out into the wider world, threatening to gatecrash the UK’s fast growing future-urban party with a bottle of Cava in one hand, and a quickly scrawled political programme in the other. With similarly vibrant follow up singles ready to go, and a dynamic live act taking shape, a busy summer/ autumn looms for an eclectic, dance friendly musical force in the making; looking further forward, 2017’s debut album could hit a cross cultural sweet spot, looking to unify in turbulent times.

Makola - This Is London


(03) (--) Aphex Twin – CIRKLON3 [Колхозная mix]

CIRKLON3 [Колхозная mix] is classic Aphex, a snarky and beautiful electronic meditation built from vintage sounds. It’s buoyant, bubbly, and fluid, with repetitions that recall arcade games, side-scrolling, and all the fun of being young somehow. It isn’t always apparent when listening to Aphex Twin, but deep inside the postmodern ennui and irony of his music, there is an eternally youthful feeling, or at least one that is naughty and childish.

Aphex Twin - CIRKLON3 [ Колхозная mix ]


(04) (01) Mius – Strobe & Noise feat Kasia Kowalczyk (inc. The Black 80s remix) (Sonar Kollektiv)

After the great reception to Mïus’s album Eigengrau back in April, Sonar Kollektiv is releasing a lead single from it complete with a fantastic remix by The Black 80s. This is a truly captivating single with spine tingling synths, a gentle thunder of claps in the background and emotive piano keys adding real majesty to proceedings. When you add in the chilly vocals of Kasia Kowalczyk, which soar with some heavenly chords, you have a really standout production. The Black 80s aka Canadian duo Hollis P Monroe & Overnite have released some choice house cuts on Air London and Freerange in the last couple years. Here they magically reimagine the track as a pinging house cut with taught drums, woodpecker hits and brooding bass. The vocals now take on a real sense of menace and it doesn’t take much to see this one sending clubs onto overdrive. 


(05) (--) Mega Jawns – Blink Of An Eye (Finest Wear Remix) (BBE)

The final single taken from debut album ‘Ten Letters From Home’, Blink Of An Eye is a sultry electronic gem created by Sumsuch & Will Brock aka Mega Jawns. Reminiscent of King Britt’s spacey and soulful ‘Scuba’ productions, ‘Blink Of An Eye’ features typically smooth and understated production from Sumsuch, showcasing Brock’s vocal and keyboard abilities to perfection. A mainstay on Sumsuch’s ‘Colour and Pitch’ label, London producer Finest Wear provides a truly vintage Deep House reworking. A wonderful set-starter, his remix expertly builds up from the softest chord pad into a wonderfully satisfying New York-style House groove which just keeps on rolling. A significant figure in London’s vibrant dance music scene for almost 4 decades, Booker T’s afro-tinged Soulful House remix of ‘Joy’ became the soundtrack to the summer of 2015 on Mi Soul radio, as well as moving dance-floors the world over. A sure sign that summer is on the way once again, this sun- drenched version breathes new life into the song that originally introduced Mega Jawns to the world. Closing out the package, Finest Wear provides a quite remarkable ‘Reprise’ version of his remix, removing the drums altogether to reveal the beauty of the song, making it ideal for a Balearic sunset as well as a very useful DJ tool.

Mega Jawns - Blink Of An Eye (Studio Session)


(06) (02) Wild Beasts – Get My Bang (Domino)
Wild Beasts - Get My Bang (Official Video)


(07) (--) Various – Jay Strongman Present Heartbreak Popcorn (BBE)

For teenagers listening to their radios in the back seats of their fathers’ cars or slow dancing at High School hops or block parties, this was a golden age of angst-driven songs and the blossoming of what would later become soul music. There were R&B/pop crossovers that sounded like pop and country/gospel fusions that sounded like soul. There were latin-tinged songs with Doo-Wop vocals and pop songs that featured raw R&B vocals but one thing these songs all shared was their subject matter. It didn’t matter the colour of the singer’s skin or if the instrumentation featured twangy guitar, wailing sax or Broadway-show-style strings, all these songs were about heartbreak, soul-searching and lost love. The mainly mid-tempo pacing on these songs also made them perfect for slow jive dancing and a whole scene grew up in Belgium where these obscure tunes from the early 60’s were spun as an antidote to the mainstream dance tunes played in most European clubs in the 1970s. Called “Popcorn” after the James Brown song of the same name, this movement was similar to Britain’s Northern Soul phenomenon with DJ’s seeking out rare obscurities to keep their dancers entertained. Taking the Popcorn scene’s love of the era this compilation concentrates on the more R&B influenced songs of the time, making it perfect for late night dance floor moves and soulful listening at home…


(08) (--) D.D Dumbo – Satan (4AD)

(09) (--) M.Craft – Chemical Trails (BTWS Re-Animation)

The reanimation by BTWS (aka Erol Alkan and Richard Norris) pulls off the impressive feat of managing to maintain all the otherworldly beauty of the original whilst adding subtle grooves and a whole realm of string-laden drama to create something truly awe-inspriring.

M Craft - Chemical Trails [Official Video]


(10) (--) Crooked Man – Happiness (dna 1) (MEET THE CROOKED MAN)

The early, self-released Crooked Man EPs blend wonky electronic rhythms, heavy bass and razor sharp, politically aware lyrics (for proof, check out the banker‐baiting “Scum (Always Rises The Top)”, or the anti‐consumerist disco strut of “Take It All Away”. The Crooked Man may be world weary, but he’s still brimming with rage.

Crooked Man "Happiness" (dna 1) [Official Audio]


(11) (03) Machete Savane – Manticore (Not an Animal)

Not An Animal keeps up the pace and pressure with yet another high quality distinctive release, further cementing the labels specific sound and revealing more of the scope of its musical mission. Machete Savane are compromised of label co owner Andy Bainbridge and producer/composer Saul Richards. Manticore continues with their instantly recognisable hi octane yet organic discofied sound, remix wise, there’s a very much ‘night and day’ choice to be had here, with Johnny Nash (Land Of LIght) providing his trademark blissed-out ambience to a beatless rendition and Ian Blevins taking the original even further into dancefloor territory, upping the tempos and evoking the drive of Paperclip People.

(12) (--) Bicep – Blaze – Lovelee Dae (Bicep Remix) (Feel My Bicep)

A reimagining of Blaze’s seminal recording ‘Lovelee Dae’ – originally released on Classic back in 1997. The remix was originally designed to be included in their Essential Mix in 2014, but a lack of space has meant that its pressing on FMB is the first time it sees the light of day. Using Ralph Lawson and Carl Finlow’s classic aforementioned acapella version as the basis of their work, the Bicep lads ensnare an air of swooning euphoria in their remix that stays true to both their original productions and their DJ sets.


(13) (11) Various Artists – Amuse Bouche Vol. 2 – Sampler (Night Noise Music)

‘Athens 91 (Are Killing Me)’ by newcomer Rude Audio, a journey into dark disco with its squelchy b-line and blackly cosmic melodies. The ever reliable Tel Aviv producer MiddleSkyBoom steps up next in conjuction with Eliezer, dropping the blissfull ‘Move in Place’, a cut that marries laidback bass, subtle percussion and some wonderfully evocative French language vocals courtesy of Noemie Dahan. The second half gets going with IPG v Hot Toddy’s ‘Slow Motion Cowboy’, a thrilling and infectious disco workout that is pure floorfiller, dripping as it is with funk laden bass, tinkling keys and spoken word vocals. The penultimate offering sees Night Noise and Skint Records act Gemini Brothers drop the entrancing ‘Kathamah’. This is seven minutes plus of genre defying electronic music that sits somewhere between slo-mo techno and modern dark disco. Finally we add another new name to the pack as Raymod delivers his truly unique sounding ‘Pain’, a record that pulls in choral vocal stabs, spoken words, dark guitar licks, off kilter drums & acid into something indescribably excellent.


(14) (04) Rodion – Days Like This (inc. Markus Gibb and Hugosan Remixes) (Roccodisco)

The excellently all-analogue title track opens things up with skewed synths, apocalyptic bass rumbles and sharp stabs. It is a dark bit of electro disco funk with real menace in its forceful and metallic grooves. Squelchy textures add to the sense of foreboding, but frazzled melodic chords add a little ray of light to the darkness. Lyon’s Markus Gibb is someone who has fans including Ewan Pearson and Andrew Weatherall, and who releases on labels like Blindetonation and Magic Feet, so that should give you an idea about his macho disco sound. His remix here is no different, with heavy, slapping hits and snaking, warped bass making for a masterfully mangled and dark disco chugger.  The other great original is ‘Nebula,’ which is a gurgling cut laced up with bass grumbles, thick and taught synth lines and molten chords that get cut up by crisp percussion and cosmic, twinkling melodies. Paranoid and frenzied, unsettling and atmospheric, it is the sort of track to really consume whole dance floors.  Remixing this one is Roccodisco associate and Rodion’s partner in the Alien Alien project, DJ Hugosan. He has a bizarre and singular style that is full of shock and awe and as such, his spangled remix is prickly and corrugated, bass heavy and playful as well as being truly freaky. 


(15) (--) Spooky J – Spooky J (Blip Discs)

Spooky-J, the mask before a man of rhythm; an internationally experienced Jazz percussionist and composer based in Leeds, whose originality and experimentation has spearheaded Blip Discs darkest, most outlandish and hands- on dispatch to date. No samples, only original recordings and found-sounds, and Spooky-J’s fascinating approach to Doepfer synth, tam-tam, field recorded Avignonese cows and burgled suburbs in Leeds, kalimba, brush snare… totally originally recorded tracks seamlessly synthesised and orchestrated. Dancefloor gelignite. Limbo Yam – A kalimba-cum-stalactite-drip cavernous reverb drenched hypnosis-deep brush-snare sound vortice. Think Mala, if him and Cosmas Magaya had slogged their kit to the depths of Krubera and were jamming early-dubstep. Pfer – What do you prefer? 808’s? DnB? Freaky-deaky alien soundscapes against down-tempo jungle beats? Soichi Terada if the apes had successfully eloped and dragged you to their sacrificial alter – which you are happily taken to, as the soundscape of tam-tam and blipped out synth from Spooky-J completes your musical journey for this release.


(16) (05) Stee Downes – The Bigger Picture (LP) (Sonar Kollektiv)

The album launches with ‘Big Mistake,’ a delightfully carefree, slow motion house groove with Downes in uptempo mode and delivering with real pop appeal. The deeper, more purposeful ‘Never Good Enough’ is heavier and more vulnerable, and Downes’ pained vocals only add to that feeling.  Elsewhere there are summery and codeine paced sing alongs like ‘Lock & Load’ that will sound perfect at outdoor festival stages, more upbeat and club focused numbers like ‘Always on My Mind’ and delightfully heartfelt, clean and joyous numbers like ‘Holdin’ with its colourful arps, lithe vocals and bold drums. Proving he can do just about any style, the second half of the album has big synth smears and subtle funk gold in the form of ‘Life’ and peak time gems like ‘All Over The World,’ which is a fresh and modern house anthem that reminds us that dance music can still have proper lyrics and real messages. The delicious but darker ‘Dignity’ is a real hip swinging jam with melodies raining down its face, ‘Dont Give Up On Hope’ is tender and vulnerable and ‘I’m Getting On’ is a prime candidate to cross over into the mainstream with its sunshine vocals, old school chords and foot stomping drums. Ending on the echoing, downbeat menace of ’Lost Sight of Love,’ Downes completes his album with a very real sense of tension.  Few in dance music have the breadth and depth to their voice of Downes, and when paired with his interesting writing and broad production palette, it all adds up to an essential second full length offering.

Stee Downes - All over the world


(17) (06) Paris Angels – All On You (Perfume) (ISLAND)

Paris Angels - Perfume (All On You)


(18) (09) Chris Simmonds – Groove From The Heart EP (Sampled Detroit)

London’s Chris Simmonds has been releasing his soul-infused house music under his own name and various guises such as House Proud People and many more since the early nineties. Across the ‘Groove From The Heart’ EP Chris Simmonds delivers a cross section of authentic house styles and the title track sets the tone perfectly right from the start. ‘Groove From The Heart’ lays down a bumpy rhythmic swing alongside sweeping horn sounds and filtered bass tones to create a smooth and dynamic house cut. Up next is the ‘Shuffle Soho Mix’ of ‘Lonely Disco Dancer’ which filtered funk guitar licks, organic percussion and psychedelic guitar slaps into a seven minute heady workout. ‘Rush N Soul’ follows and fuses an amalgamation of sampled chops ranging from double bass hits, retro synth licks, raw percussive rolls and horn stabs to create an intricately processed heavily swung house number. The original mix of ‘Lonely Disco Dancer’ then closes the package, offering up a more disco influenced take this time round via frenzied electric piano hooks, bumpy bass tones, resonant synths and a general organic, musical feel.


(19) (--) Pedestrian – Pick Your Shots Clean / Airs & Graces (Dama Dama)

‘Pick Your Shots Clean’ is a track inspired by this spring’s European Dama Dama Label Launch Tour, which saw founding members Pedestrian & Maribou State take to the road, curating bespoke parties with back to back all night DJ sets. As ever, the music itself is hard to categorise, but we would say that it sits somewhere between a rugged 90’s Chemical Brothers track and a 70’s Arabian psych-rock Record. The flipside – ‘Airs & Graces’ – serves as a counter-balance (a kind of yang to the ying of the a-side), that picks up where Circadian Rhythms left off, taking the listener off on a melodic 5-minute trip.


(20) (--) Trevino Casino (Aus Music)

Trevino aka Marcus Intalex joins recent Aus signings Recloose and Cassy with his ‘Casino’ EP. Marcus Intalex is widely known for making ground breaking drum and bass. In 2011 he started the Trevino alias to feed his desire to get back to his roots and rekindle his 4 to the floor spirit. This new phase of his career propelled him to move to Berlin where he’s continued to develop a hugely impressive discography that’s included releases on Ben Klock’s Klockworks and Martyn’s 3024. ‘Casino’ brings together three deftly structured and dance floor focused tracks that blur the boundary between house and techno in true Trevino fashion.


(21) (07) Glass Animals – Life It Self

Glass Animals - Life Itself (Official Video)


(22) (08) Primal Scream – Big Belly Nothing 100% DubMastered1644

‘100% Or Nothing’ has been remixed by Anton Newcombe of The Brian Jonestown Massacre. “Anton’s mix brings out all the slow motion, claustrophobic, endlessly crushing, paranoid dread of “living together, alone, apart” …we love it, thank you Anton.” Says Bobby Gillespie and he should know.

Primal Scream - 100% Or Nothing (Anton Newcombe Remix)


(23) (12) Sasse – Ani (inc. Lehar remix) (My Favorite Robot Records)

‘Ani,’ almost ten minutes of brooding and heady house music that has rolling drums setting the tone below as expansive synths smear and skew about in the wide open spaces above. There are shades of Vangelis and a subtle dose of prog in the overall vibe, but circling synth patterns add a sense of hypnosis that make it pure dancing music. Serene and spaced out, it is a masterclass in suspense. As well as a more driven and tense dub version, Lehar provides the stellar remix here. The Italian producer is a restless spirit who has released his melodically rich music on labels like Moodmusic, 2DIY4 and Diynamic before now. Here he layers in more of his trademark chord progressions and rippling keys and has you arching your neck to the suggested skies above as you wallow in his cavernous groove.


(24) (10) Kenny Glasgow – Circus Tales (LP) (No.19 Music)

Electronic music heavyweight Kenny Glasgow is back with his much anticpated new solo album entitled ‘Circus Tales’. Right from the off, Glasgow’s dehumanised style is on full display. Robot vocals and rugged grooves are embellished with creepy melodies and unhinged synths. After that arresting opener, ‘Come On’ keeps up the pressure with prying bass and slick drums, and ‘Response From Mars’ gets dark and freaky with wonky chords, minimal drum programming and metallic textures that are industrial and inviting. Trying something fresh with each new track, the album switches up the moods and grooves with ease and style, and ‘floor slaying cuts like ‘Pro-to-Type’ and the melodically expansive ‘Everything is Breath’ prove that with aplomb. ‘Communication Meltdown’ proves Glasgow can play truly musical chords as well as programme drums to make dancers go wild, and the final trio of tracks get truly heady and hypnotic for the most discerning back rooms out there. This is a complete sound world from Glasgow that features a coherent and cohesive set of dance floor tracks. The whole thing is a masterful piece of forward facing work that will surely set the world alight this summer.


(25) (14) Reboot – aLIVE (LP) (Get Physical)

Over the last decade, Reboot has proved he is an artist who always evolves and adapts to new ideas with each new release. aLIVE takes inspiration from “the beauty of all aspects of life” and “the magical connection between everything in existence” according to the artist. It was written over the course of two years and inspired by a multitude of ideas and sketches. The final work was then finished in the last few months along with a brand new live show, and every track features bits of organic sound, found sound recordings, modular synth work and tools like the Eventide Ultra-Harmonizer. Right from the off there is a palpable organic vibe and airy atmosphere. ‘All Live Is Good’ is a symphony of soft and lush sound with gentle rhythms underpinning beautiful chords. A deep, moody and supple sense of groove permeates the rest of the album through woozy and intoxicating cuts like ‘Timelive,’ whilst ‘Just Hang On’ is a crisp and rolling house track full of open space. Always filled with exquisite sound design, subtle details and little textures that make it feel that bit more real and authentic, ‘Foxfidelity’ proves this producer can do jazzy percussion masterfully, ‘Pollo Al Sillao’ is a classic Reboot cut with its strong lines, undulating drum patterns and squelchy sounds and ‘12PM’ is a playful and jostling number that brims with life. Closing out through the angelic harmonics and bell sounds of ‘For A Shadow to Dance With,’ the spine tingling electronic delicacies of ‘Whilst The Others Dream’ and the abstract melody and sombre notes of ‘Piece of Cake’, this ambitious and absorbing album proves it is about so much more than the dance floor. 

Reboot aLIVE teaser


(26) (--) Hidden Spheres – Well Well (Rhythm Section)

Rhythm Section International’s 12th release comes from another Mancunian called Tom, this time going by the name of Hidden Spheres. This FEEL-GOOD HIT OF THE SUMMER alert for the title track, ‘Well, Well’, – a certified, yet sophisticated banger, ready to send that festival crowd one step closer to transcendence. A versatile EP spanning over 5 tracks, Well Well is a house-tinged, jazzy affair – rich in soulful vocals, summery chords and live percussion. Hidden Spheres is a seasoned DJ and producer, having released on the likes of Moods & Grooves alongside Theo Parrish, Andrés, MR. G and Moodymann as well as producing the inaugural release for Lobster Theremin imprint Distant Hawaii.


(27) Textasy – Wave Racer (from Various Artists Album SECRET RAVE 02) (art­-aud)

G­-23 label art­-aud makes its return with a new output, the long awaited follow up in the secret rave series. While the 01 saw him as the protagonist of the tracks under the secret rave alias, this new chapter contains 4 tracks coming from different bad boys. Anybody Anytime, a new comer from Milan­ Italy at his first release, a collab from G­-23 and his swedish friend Rivet, which already appeared as a remixer on the previous one, a track from Dallas Acid aka Textasy, a crazy guy with texan origins and now Berlin based, and one from the Dublin boss Myler. The records (first run of 300 transparent orange copies) coming with poster insert with a photo from Molly Macindoe, which already worked for the series, integrated to an illustration of the italian and talented Joo


(28) (13) DJ Shadow – Bergschrund feat. Nils Frahm (Mass Appeal Records)

DJ Shadow’s new single, “Bergschrund,” is a pulsating, icy collaboration with Berlin-based musician, composer and producer Nils Frahm. “Nils Frahm is an insanely smart composer, he created a sinewy, gated vintage synth line which DJ Shadow then expanded upon, with complimentary effect. The track is called ‘Bergschrund,’ an obscure German word for a particular type of crevasse, or ice cliff, usually found on mountains at very high elevations. ‘The Mountain Will Fall’ is DJ Shadow’s first full-length release since 2011 and finds the groundbreaking artist shifting further toward original composition, experimentation, and live instrumentation.


(29) (17) Tim Green – For a Memory (Get Weird)

The stirring opener ‘For A Memory’ is eleven minutes of wordless and intoxicating female vocals, slick rubbery drums and plunging bass. The overall effect is hypnotic, rolling and perfectly groovy, and it will no doubt have whole dancefloors locked under its spell. Some little melodic explosions, sweeping filters and luscious pads all help add a real air of grace to proceedings that mark it out as another classic from Green. ‘For A Distant Memory’ is a subtle but noteworthy reworking of the same cut. In this one, the drums are less direct and more stripped back, there is a focus on the angelic, glowing pads and on spine tingling slices of synth that are reflective and emotive as they drop in and out.


(30) (--) Various Artists – Jockey Jams (Toy Tonics)

“The Toy Tonics label have started this irregular series of VARIOUS ARTIST EPs. The first issue includes a space electronica jam by MORITZ BUTSCHEK who is working at Toy Tonics office and is starting to put out his own great tracks now. Then you get a high energetic funk house track by PIXEL82 vs JAD & THE LADYBOY. A heavy hypnotic vocal line from a young kid from Portugal reworked by Australian surfer and Toy Tonics resident Jad & The Ladyboy. The vocals will get your dancefloor hotter then the sun in Australian desert. Also on the EP you find a old school funk jam by New York kid DOUG GOMEZ. This one recalls the funky tracks by people like Ashley Beedle or even Masters At Work when they were doing their NuYorican Soul stuff back in the mid 9oies. It’s full on New York. It’s dirty. It’s hypnotic as hell. And fits well with BLACK LOOPS bonus track that once again is based on a Rhodes Piano riff that creates that certain jazz vibe that Toy Tonics is know for these days” – Toy Tonics


(31) (--) M83 – Do It, Try It,

M83, aka Anthony Gonzalez, announces the highly anticipated details of his full-length album, JUNK, out now on Naive. Following the critically acclaimed silver album Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming, featuring Grammy nominated single “Midnight City,” and two triumphant years of world touring, Gonzalez – who serves as M83’s musical architect, songwriter, front man and primary vocalist – returns with an artistic evolution. Feeling a renewed kinship with Gonzalez’s early musical inspirations like Tangerine Dream, Aphex Twin, and genre-expanding visionaries like Brian Wilson and Kevin Shields, Gonzalez both returns to his roots with this album, yet makes a logical leap forward. “Do It, Try It,” which features a fractured and catchy mélange of old school house music, pianos, synthesized vocals, prog excess and pop art bubblegum hooks.

M83 - Do It, Try It (Audio)


(32) (15) Strapontin – Pedigree (inc. Golden Bug remix) (La Belle)

The EP opens with the wonky, slo-mo strains of ‘Offbeat’, a spacious and hypnotic chugger that sees sweeping synths and an incessant morse code like stab pattern provide the base for some ghostly and discordant vocals. The tempo lifts for ‘It’s a Trap’ as Strapontin journeys into techier and housier territory on this floorfilling affair. Vocal contributions from Josell add to the tracks heady intensity as the record slowly builds though its six and a half minute duration, quality stuff. Title track ‘Pedigree’ is a short but memorable exploration into the outer realms of pulsing machine made electronica. Brooding vocals, metallic hits and churning bass all combine to bring this cut to life with a real sense of menace. Penultimate offering, ‘Les Yeux de la Tete’ is a nine minute plus workout of crunchy drums, bleeps, squeaks and percussive hits peppered with obscure melodic refrains and spoken vocals. Finally we have the Golden Bug remix of opener ‘Offbeat’ which see the French remixer bring his own ethereal and melodic take on things. Live bass, heavy tape delay and swirling FX all seal the deal as this mix works its way under your skin.


(33) (16) Holy Fuck – Xed Eyes (Innovative Leisure)


(34) (18) Kerb Staller – Doorwork (Incl. Shaun J. Wright & Alinka Remix) (Leftroom)

New from Leftroom is ‘Doorwork’, the original mix kick starts the package, as is the approach with Kerb Staller material Tolfrey and jozif deliver a raw and hypnotic number led by chugging bass stabs, clicky stripped back rhythms and infectious vocals. Closing is a remix from Crosstown Rebels act Shaun J. Wright & Alinka who reshape the original with an acid tinged electro twist via spiralling arpeggios, murky square wave bass hits and a baroquely evolving dynamic.


(35) (21) Kon & The Gang – Timeless (BBE)

Opening track ‘Timeless’ could hardly be more aptly named. Sublime, smokey piano touches on the intro give way to an uplifting, languid disco track, jammed full of sunshine. Catchy vocal snippets, rock solid bass and guitar licks build up the groove beautifully alongside Kon’s trademark staccato, squelchy synth chord stabs. On the flip-side Truccy (better known as Compost’s Rainer Trüby and Corrado Bucci) present ‘Closer’, another sun-drenched groove with definite Balearic touches. Jazzy chords and touching vocals (performed by the duo themselves with assistance from Nicolas “Michael Ellis” Rogoll) lend the track a distinctly ‘live’ feel. Boston producer and mix engineer Caserta closes out proceedings with his remix of friend and musical collaborator Kon’s ‘Timeless’. Highlighting piano loops and synth stabs from the original version, his rework moves the track seamlessly into Deep House territory, with smoothly rolling percussion and a hypnotic arrangement. A delicious taste of what’s to come from ‘Kon & Gang’, this limited 12″ is surely going to be essential listening this summer.


(36) (19) Om Unit – Friend Of Day (Idle Hands)

This new release for Idle Hands has a trio of secret weapons sat waiting for the opportune moment to step out into the world. With the warmer months upon us, it feels like the perfect time to let a track like “Friend Of Day” roll out in a heavy-lidded haze of sun-kissed, ivory-tinkled finery. This being Om Unit, of course there are different shades on offer here as well. “Basement Superman” plumbs aqueous depths with its appropriation of dub techno tropes in a slow-stepping, meditative framework. “What It Is” too revels in introspection, a laconic bassline loping jauntily against the feathery beat in a succinct encapsulation of Bristolian laissez-faire.


(37) (20) Dantiez & KPD feat. LaRae Starr – Bad Decisions (Incl. Washerman Remix) (Madhouse)

First is the original mix of ‘Bad Decisions’ from the trio setting the tone with an bright piano stab-led lead line, bumpy shuffled rhythms, a wandering sub bass groove and sporadic horn swells meandering through the record while Starr’s emotive vocal stylings further fuel the infectious house heavy groove. An ‘Instrumental Mix’ is offered up next, as the name would suggest offering a more refined interpretation focused on raw melody and weighty drums. Rounding off the package though is Drumpoet Community’s Washerman, stamping his unique style on the original via choppy square wave bass stabs, soaring string sequences and intricate processing of the original parts, resulting in another weighty house workout to complete the package.


(38) (22) Kiki & Alessio Pagliaroli – We Turn Into Animals EP (My Favorite Robot Records)

The stirring opener ‘3000’ is seven minutes of restrained tech excellence, with jangling, spine tingling hi hats and gloopy bass teasing you to the point of climax. Serene synth chords add the sort of artistry we expect from this label, then ‘3001’ gets weird, with unsettling glassy synths squiggling about above a firmly rooted drum line. It is freaky music filled with a masterful sense of end-of-the-world doom.
The brilliantly upright ‘We Turn Into Animals’ is then rippled with lush melody and rolling rubber beats. It’s a real soul soother with whispered vocals adding intimacy as you zone out to the blissful sounds. Lastly, ‘Walk Outside’ showcases more stylish synth work, glossy arps and futuristic metropolitan vibes that are musical and magical in equal measure.


(39) (23) Theatre of Delays feat. AMA – Madness (Night Noise Music)

The original single is first and is a beautiful cut with lots of thrilling strings and synths adding flesh to the slo mo drums. It is luxurious and spacious in feel and really invites you deep inside it where cooing female vocals by Amanda Cazelet soothe your soul. As well as an extended and even more tantalising mix, Copycat reimagines the track as a much more frazzled and up beat house track. With a great sense of energy, Dualesque then makes it a much more prickly affair with tough machine gun synths shooting through the middle of the vocals, which now sound more tortured as tough beats punch below. The masterful Electrosexual remix then flips the script again, slowing things to a chugging tempo where psyched out synths and rugged arps shoot out of the middle and fire your every synapse. Last but not least, Hotlane gets cute and curious with a remix that is rooted in disco. Fat synths, playful keys and jangling perc all make it as fun as can be.


(40) (24) Autarkic – Rotation! Rotation! (Turbo Recordings)

Autarkic seems legitimately to be of another place and time, the sound is never pastiche, even as it recalls the character and mood of familiar classics, perhaps because it’s filtered, inevitably, through the fractured prism of middle eastern culture.  It’s a stunning record, with substance, character, and style. The arrangements are especially strong, each song building in a way that feels exceedingly rare in dance music, in every case the second half elements come together in just the right way to surprise you, even make you fall in love. The somber vocals and unadorned production are just rough enough to make the unexpectedly beautiful twists and emotive flourishes call your attention and keep you hooked. For those that still need convincing, there’s also a slamming Red Axes remix, as if those guys need any introduction.


(41) (25) OC & Verde – Maasai EP (Knee Deep In Sound)

OC & Verde are welcomed back to the Knee Deep In Sound imprint with their two track ‘Maasai’ EP.UK producers OC & Verde have been on an upwards trajectory since their single ‘That’s Right’ received support from Steve Lawler, Miguel Campbell and Christoph – here though we see their new release on Hot Since 82’s renowned label Knee Deep In Sound as a welcome addition to the impressive catalogue. With the internet awash with clips of Daley playing both these records the time has come for a commercial release. The UK duo open with ‘Maasai’ – a shadowy, hypnotic number featuring a weighty bass line and subtle, undulating percussion – then rounding off the EP is ‘Iboga’, powerfully combining a blend of soulful vocal licks and echoing bass murmurs.


(42) (27) Francesca Lombardo – Remembrance EP (Echoe)

The title track ‘Remembrance’ has a spirited melody at its core, which is mirrored by the bass line. It’s all propelled along by sturdy, stomping drums and topped off with a layer of wistful pads. Francesca keeps it simple and hypnotic with this little beauty, a treat for anyone who likes it deep. On the flipside, we’re submerged even deeper with the sombre ‘Never Too Far’. A solemn atmosphere is present from the very start, with ominous tension building throughout the intro. As the track is unleashed, Francesca’s voice is utilised, punctuating the initial breakdown…an assortment of eerie effects work in tandem with the trundling beats to create a captivating slice of moody technoid funk. Wait for the extended breakdown, too, absolute killer.’


(43) (28) Dansor – Hunger Of The Steel (Remixes) (Comport Records)

Up first on the package, Katermukke artist Edouard! remolds Dansor’s ‘Hunger Of The Steel’ into a low-slung house track geared for the dancefloor featuring sultry synths and soaring atmospherics. Known for releasing on Popof’s FORM imprint, Animal & Me’s remix is then more stripped back in comparison, combining melancholic violins with subtle nuances before erupting into a metallic hook. Inyan Music’s Mario Neha adds a sci-fi element to his rendition as dystopian bleeps and whirrs operate on top of the original’s chopped and looped bassline before Sean McCaff concludes the package with a production implementing echoing effects and samples.

https://soundcloud.com/comport-records/sets/com-028-dansor-feat-jeffrey- snijder-hunger-of-the-steel-remixes


(44) (32) The Avalanches – Frankie Sinatra (EMI)

Frankie Sinatra, the lead single of Wildflower, premiered on Australian national broadcaster Triple J on Thursday: a sprawling, sample-heavy calypso that marries Danny Brown, MF Doom and a riff from The Sound of Music in a menacingly playful tapestry.

The Avalanches - Frankie Sinatra (Official Video)


(45) >(29) Keita Sano – Miles EP (Spring Theory)

Spring Theory alumni Keita Sano returns to deliver the latest EP on the San Francisco/Paris-based label. Titled Miles, it’s an adventurous sample collage of a three-track EP that showcases the rising Japanese producer’s knack for crafting unusual yet effective cuts for left field dancefloors. The EP begins on a jazzy tip with the sample heavy drive of the titular “Miles.” Deep and percolating, it features a jigsaw puzzle of piano riffs, vocal blips and symphonic murmurings that build into one neatly designed sonic sculpture. Never one to be satisfied with the ordinary, Sano breaks it all down with a trumpet-led interlude that evokes the muted coolness of the track’s namesake. “Blue” constructs a similarly jazz-indebted sonic tapestry. Its chugging, almost tribal drums provide a trance-inducing rhythmic base for a moody mix of saxophone wails and lush keyboard runs. And while jazz may seem like an overarching theme, Sano finishes the record with a blur of digitally chopped ritual chanting on “Varna.” Complete with jittering voices, droning gongs and weaving calls to prayer, it’s the kind of weirdo psychedelic track that’d perfectly soundtrack the shift from a late-night to an early morning.


(46) (30) Veerus & Maxie Devine – Nightmare EP (Kittball)

Hailing from Venice, the duo first started working together in 2007 when Steve Angello discovered them. They’ve been on an upward trajectory ever since, appearing on Kittball, Suara and OFF, signing remixes for the likes of Fatboy Slim, Purple Disco Machine, Noir, Todd Terry and Wally Lopez, not to mention receiving a nod from Sasha who nominated them as Best Producers in 2008. In their next release on Tube & Berger’s renowned imprint the two Italians begin by crafting an uplifting and melodic number titled ‘Freak Out’ that delivers shuffling hats and crunchy snares in between hypnotizing breakdowns. ‘Nightmare’ is then a more subdued production with its ebbing pads and enchanting effects.


(47) (26) Various – DJ Spinner Presents Wonder of Stevie (BBE)

Vincent Williams aka DJ Spinna personal musical hero is Stevie Wonder. As with most artists of a soulful persuasion, Stevie’s music influenced Spinna from the outset, dictating everything from his approach to writing to his use of Fender Rhodes and Moog bass-lines on his productions. Featuring stunning cover versions you may well have never heard before alongside songs many of us had no idea he’d written, Spinna’s vast knowledge of and boundless enthusiasm for Stevie’s music shines with every selection.


(48) (33) Los Pastores – Like Our Home EP (Oblack)

Catalog Number: OBLACKDS008
‘Like Our Home’ boasts heady toms and a fuzzy hook before Javier Carballo reimagines it into a low-slung rhythmic groover. ‘Which One’ then delivers a wobbling bassline and shuffling hats until Javi Bora strips the original back to generate a mesmerising aesthetic. Concluding the package, ‘Good Lucky’ is geared for the peaktime thanks to a throbbing low-end and distorted samples, followed by a deep and trippy remix from Andre Butano & Pablo Inzunza.


(49) (31) Various Artists – Permanent Vacation (Permanent Vacation)

Permanent Vacation returns with the fourth instalment of, well, Permanent Vacation. The longest on going compilation series of the label (the first volume also marked the very first release of pv) is dedicated to the more beachy side of the dancefloor. But no need to stress the B word, the C word or even the big D. Blissed out vintage modernism from around the universe. 12 exclusive tracks by old heroes and new stars for eternity. Presented in a lusty deluxe cover edition.


(50) (34) Gavin Froome – Don’t Come Home EP (Nordic Trax)

One of Vancouver’s best-known electronic music producers, Gavin Froome storms back after a 10 year hiatus with this diverse ep, including a pair of remixes from fellow Nordic Trax alumnus The Revenge. Froome collaborates with a couple of rising Vancouver talents on the EP: joining forces with synth-pop duo Golden Ears on the title track for a late night/early morning anthem you’ll be hearing all summer, and closing out the release with singer-songwriter Ché Aimee Dorval on the haunting, vocal-led ‘Erupt The Quietus’. Graeme Clark aka The Revenge first appeared on Nordic Trax in 2004 with fellow Glaswegian DJ Harri (Subclub) on ‘Slackjaw’ from the Many Shades of House EP (NT038). After a series of stellar releases he rose to prominence in 2010 with a string of knowledgeable productions, remixes and reworks, including the critically acclaimed long player ‘Reekin’structions’ (Z Records).


(51) (40) Marcus Marr – Rocketship (DFA Records)

Marcus Marr is a London-based artist, producer and DJ. Marcus was introduced to dance music via all night parties under Brixton’s St Matthews Church. A regular at Berlin’s famed nightclub Berghain/Panorama Bar, the lifelong music obsessive augmented his already robust vinyl collection of rock and soul with acid house records. He then saw DJ Harvey play one of his legendary extended sets, and knew that dance music was his calling.

Marcus Marr "Rocketship" (Official Audio) - DFA RECORDS


(52) (36) A&N – Nubian Knights (inc. Fred Berthet, DJ Oil and Andrew Claristidge remixes) (La Dame Noir Records)

The brilliant ‘Nubian Village’ opens things is lush and organic slo-mo house style, with 100bpm kicks and whispered vocals making for horizontal grooves of the most inviting order. ‘Infection’ picks up the pace and is a more direct, but still deep and steamy, dark disco track to get floors marching. Disco synths add some vital colour and ‘Alcalin Blue’ is another disco sprinkled house track with shooting arps and proud chords bringing the charm. The sensational last original is ’76 Skyline Bld’, a go-slow groove with frazzled bass and busy synth patterns, gorgeous chords and effortless vocal coos all soundtracking a sizzling outdoor session. Experienced and eclectic Frenchman Fred Berthet remixes ‘Nubian Village’ into a long legged, spangled and modern disco groove brimming with cosmic melody. Dj Oil —a BBE associate—remixes the same cut and keeps things low slung, playfully suspenseful and expertly slow. It’s a spacious track full of twinkles and lastly Acid Washed’s Andrew Claristidge excels with a take on ‘Acalin Blue’ that is expansive, rumbling with bass and crisp in its percussion. A sumptuous selection of slow disco grooves to warm through any crowd, any time, any place.


(53) (35) Various Artists – biza 2016 Sampler (Knee Deep In Sound)

Across the package we’re treated to a broad range of dance floor focused cuts from Lewis Boardman’s dark and brooding ‘Lose Control’ and Adrian Hour’s loop-driven hypnotic workout ‘That’s It’ through to brighter house cuts like Dee Montero’s airy ‘Vedra’ and the percussive fuelled Red Tide ft. Illyus & Barrientos courtesy of Spencer K. Further contributions come in the shape of Landmark’s smooth and melodic ‘Lost In The Club’ and Rafio Barros’ bass heavy, piano laden ‘Uhlop’, all in all resulting in a package covering the sonic spectrum of the white isle perfectly.


(54) (37) TRU. – Knick & Skalar (inc. Rafael Cerato remix) (Loot Recordings)

‘Knick’ is up first and is six essential minutes of underground house music embellished with writhing synths that spray about with real menace. The drums are warm and fulsome, the percussion is feathery light and the mood overall is tense and dramatic thanks to that brooding and sweeping Minimoog line. ‘Skalar’ is then powerful, beautiful and unforgettable in every sense. An arrangement of thick, analog bass lines and synth leads are layered with melodic piano stabs that create a melody that’s hard to forget. The real magic is the breakdown of cascading riffs that oscillate and wobble in perfect harmony, leaving us all wondering what’s next. The best is left to last, and remixing is Rafael Cerato, a man with numerous top releases on labels like Systematic, Diynamic, Suara and many others. Here he works his magic by delivering an energetic powerhouse that incorporates the Minimoog lead, but turns it up a notch with a blistering arrangement of melodies in a rain storm of multiple octaves that create a modern day symphony with a touch of madness and pandemonium.


(55) (39) Benny Grauer – Falling EP (Moodmusic)

Benny Grauer is known for his Deep Circus imprint, and the German also has a fine reputation for crafting classy house and techno on labels like Blue Fin and Poker Flat Recordings. The fantastic ‘Falling’ opens things up with six minutes of slick and atmospheric deep house. Powered by upright kicks and filled out with some spacious, widescreen synths, it is a subtle cut that has a rousing and frazzled set of chords growing in stature from the mid point. Hands will surely be in the air come the arresting second half. The other fine original from Grauer is ‘Other End,’ a patient and slow burning cut that bubbles up and over thanks to some more fine synth work. The beats are rolling, rugged and rich and invite you to lose yourself in them as your head latches onto the spooky synths. Highgrade and Act Natural veteran Markus Homm then steps up to tackle ‘Falling’ with real skill. He does so with a more dubby style, layering in wobbling bass and smooth hits as well as big, dramatic bass strokes that really elevate the groove. Last but not least, label regular Affect! again draws on his classical instrumental background to cook up a stirring remix of ‘Other End.’ His slick version is filled with a subtle sense of menace, brooding bass and late night mischief.


(56) (38) Various – Mushroom House Vol. 2 (Toy Tonics)

Toy Tonics going Afro House. The MUSHROOM HOUSE compilation series part brings 4 unreleased tracks. Including two of the most relevant names of the growing scene: AUNTIE FLO from UK and mysterious producer HYENAH. Hyenah is a favourite of the scene’s main man Black Coffee and DJ’s like Dixon and the Innervisions circle are heavy fans. Also on this EP a new track by Toy Tonics very own ZHUT & KAPOTE. Kids from Berlin with a good buzz right now. Inside their track Afro Rico an Senegalese child choir meets some Zappaesque Marimbas going crazy… And as a bonus track you find Munk’s Nigerian Jam: A Nigerian Funk band rolling over an heavy disco beat. Very deep, but very effective.


(57) (43) BingBong – Super Furry Animals (Strangetown Records)

Super Furry Animals - Bing Bong (Official HD Video)


(58) (42) Various Artists – Just This (Broken Promises)

Just This’ first Various Artists aims to the research of a mix of sounds by producers from different countries, to a journey into a variegated world. Melancholic vibes, deep ambient atmospheres. The EP is composed by three tracks. The first one, Perù, is a fine production born from the collaboration between Tom Trago and Pisetzky, a blowing wind from overseas, a shiny path into a flashing jungle, a merge of their different styles that combine in a magic theme. Mondo8 by Eduardo De La Calle is a constant beat that hits straight to the point with an hypnotic melody and raw vibe. To wrap things up Kelpe expressed his own unique unclassified genre with Dry Riser, it grabs you into an unspringy flow bringing the listener to a vintage ambient atmospheres.


(59) (00) PBR Streetgang – In The Turret (Ship To Shore)

PBR Streetgang delivery a great EP of wayward hedonistic-house. ‘In The Turret’ has been causing somewhat of a commotion, of late, on discerning dance-floors. On the flip Craig offers up a drawn out electro break-beat take on ‘In The Turret’ which is equally as beguiling. The EP also features the deep disco leanings of ‘Affordable Excellence’ and the psychedelic ‘Apocalypse Tool’. Ship To Shore is a new record label from record collector and gentleman of the night Craig Richards. The first release is by PBR Streetgang made specifically with Craig in mind, the release also includes a remix by Craig himself.


(60) (44) James Curd & Diz – It’s So Much Fun (inc. Lee Foss Remix & Felix Da Housecat Thee FFF MTL Remix) (Repopulate Mars)

James Curd & Diz team up for a feel good house single with Felix Da Housecat and label boss Lee Foss on remix duties – a release stacked with Chicago born artists. The lead single on their album due out this Autumn, ‘It’s So Much Fun’ sees James Curd & Diz serve up a bouncy production complete with various pops and whirrs as infectious vocals operate throughout. Felix Da Housecat then teams up with Montreal producers Pfreud and Lebaron under the FFF moniker to rework the original with a shadowy aesthetic whilst adding reverb to the vocals and emphasizing the low-end. Finally Lee Foss, who’s currently working on an album, rendition incorporates a trembling bassline and heady melodies.


(61) (45) Wasserfall – Lil’ Bird E.P (Greta Cottage Workshop)

Charlie, the opener is an oddball, jazzed out, abstract houser with a strange Charlie Parker homage. Stoned mumbles murk around ideally tuned rimshots and double bass flecks that ‘cheekily’ plod about sounding like a stumbling one man band. Solid and bumping, Semidaler is gloriously defined by dense mysticism. Sumptuous sample work clocked by a deliciously repetitious and evolved sub pulse. The similarly veined Tardigrades yields tearduct affecting allure. Intimately expansive, on the rest-assuring tip! Sobering Voluspaa’s funk eclipses it’s melancholy vibe of solitary plight with a back room smoke up. Enlisting a heads down arm rubs, a delicate transcendance and A GROOVE. Conglomorate delivers another vibe to hug the downstairs wall by. Its ability to hold a moment makes 7 minutes feel like 5 seconds. Tackle indeed for the basement bound.


(62) (46) John Grant – Voodoo Doll (Bella Union)

“Voodoo Doll” gets a quintet of brilliant remixes putting their own distinctive slant on the track. Moshi Moshi recording artist Anna Meredith delivers the most idiosyncratic and individual take while Black Devil Disco ramp up the funk and keep the track firmly on the dancefloor. Wrangler bring a more techy, ‘Voodoo Ray’-style element to proceedings whilst Satellites groove things up with rhythmic guitars, and slap bass. Lastly, Welsh electro-pop Goddess Gwenno delivers a (predictably brilliant) spacey, synth-heavy remix alongside partner-in-crime Peski Kid.

John Grant - Voodoo Doll (Official Music Video)


(63) (47) Nils Noa – Makeover Man (Troll Records)

Norway’s electronic music talent Nils Noa is back with a new single on his own label that comes in the form of three terrific versions of ‘Makeover Man’. The first piece of the perfect puzzle is the Villa Mix, a deep and dubbed out cut that rolls deep in a warm and fulsome house groove. It is detailed with effortless synth lines and gently persuasive kicks and hi hats and is another effective weapon from Noa. Then it’s the excellent Acid Dub of ‘Makeover Man,’ which is a retro mid tempo roller with FM bass stabs taking you back to New York in the 90s. And then things really kick off, with wild, freeform and gritty acid lines snaking and spraying about to bring some really electronic funk to proceedings. Finally, The Balearic Mix is just as brilliant for different reasons – this one brims with soft late night chords, they glow neon like a firefly at night and are heartwarming, lush and dreamy. A subtle taste of acid remains in the air to keep things nice and fresh and this one really will make an impact as a result.


(64) (48) WxT (Woz & Troy Gunner) – DWN / Want It (Zoo Music)

Since 2012 – BBC 1Xtra’s Monki has utlised her Zoo Music imprint to bring some of the UK’s most propitious young producers to the fore. With previous releases on Black Butter and Mindset as well as their collaborative ‘Convo’ EP on Mak & Pasteman’s Materials imprint – the Bristol pals link up again for an ironclad 2-tracker that melds their respective skills nicely. Rich analogue bass and deft, technical drum sequencing marry up with capacious atmospherics that sit the tracks comfortably in big room spaces.


(65) (49) Roommates – Roommates EP (Word Up Records)

Roommates are Spirit and Da Saül, a pair of mysterious entities who are elusive and worldly wise, and together make music full of organic drums and soulful melodies. This is their first EP together but is an interesting and inventive testament to their studio skills and dance music vision. The sumptuous ‘Sativa’ opens things up in elastic, playful style with big, swaggering rubber drums and colourful synths dripping like acid rain. It’s a big hearted disco tune with warmth at its core. Once the eastern vocals begin to wail, it’s not hard to imagine this one really going off. The more direct ‘Bangala’ is rippled with abstract, muttered afro vocals by Spirit as big drums pound below. It’s a fat track with frazzled bass, quirky samples and real groove in its mid tempo bones. Last up is the faster ‘RAAW,’ six minutes of lush Moroder synthscapes and slick house beats all working to carry you off into the cosmos. Roommates’ arps and golden percussive patterns are expertly catchy and finish off the track in style.


(66) (51) Clayton Steele – Forget (FAWN Recordings)

Clayton Steele’s brand new FAWN Recordings label is a place for him to offer up his own exciting and adventurous musical wares. Founded on true artistic expression with no limitations, the first EP is a fine statement of intent from the boss himself. Kicking things off with style is ‘Forget’, seven minutes of dark, Depeche Mode styled house with shadowy drones, slick beats and spoken word vocals that are filled with sadness. It’s an emotive cut that will cast a spell on any crowd. Then it’s the masterfully moody ‘Come Down’ with its mournful vocals repeating the title’s refrain. After a deep and atmospheric start, punchy drums begin to drive the cut along and suck you into a warm house groove which is embellished with circling synths full of soul.  The excellent ‘Love Left Behind’ again pairs aloof, tender vocal mutterings with a churchy set of chords. Underpinned by gently persuasive kicks and subtle hits, it’s a hypnotic cut for the more intimate moments on the dancefloor. The last fine track is ‘Sunset’ which is possibly the most club friendly of the lot, with jangling chords and dubby grooves performing acrobatics as the elastic beats bounce and bobble along. It’s cautiously colourful and optimistic and rounds out a well conceived and perfectly executed EP. 


(67) (50) Evolution ⁵ Technology – Dark Entries

In 1987, Series-A recorded the single “Evolution ⁵ Technology” at Spectrum Sounds Studio in St. Clair Shores, Michigan. Their set up was a vocoder, E-mu Emulator III, Roland 909 drum machine, and an Otari 24-Track recorder. They landed a record deal with Satellite Records in Burbank, California, which had been founded by Pete Moore of The Miracles. After pressing 50 promotional copies, the label ran into financial problems, and the record never reached a full release. Taking cues Kraftwerk, Grand Master DST, Grandmaster Flash & Jam Master Jay, Series-A created dark electro beats in an era when sampling appeared to be the future of music. Lyrically the song addresses our species’ entry into the technological age. For this EP reissue, the 7” Mix and Dub Mix are included on the A-side. On the flip is a new remix by prolific Ann Arbor producer JTC, an alias of Tadd Mullinix (aka Dabrye, SK-1, & Charles Manier). JTC speeds up and expands the song to seven minutes. Drawing on influences from Ron Hardy to Jeff Mills, he drives around suburban techno landscapes while simultaneously launching the listener into deep space.


(68) (52) Dan Wainwright – Kabila Ngoma (Hungarian Hot Wax)

Hungarian Hot Wax welcome UK based producer Dan Wainwright to the family with the wicked Kabila Ngoma! On the flip we have the legend and gentleman that is Felix Dickinson on remix duties. Perfect to add a bit of spice to your summer sets.


(69) (53) Keith Worthy – Abstract Frequencies (incl. Hieroglyphic Being & Steven Tang Remixes) (Aesthetic Audio)

Ghostly synths inaugurate Keith Worthy’s ‘Rarified Air’ originals before a spoken vocal beckons echoing atmospherics and tantalising nuances. Hieroglyphic Being’s ‘Experience 43 Mix’ then warps the original into a cacophony of rugged percussion and enchanted melodies, before Steven Tang concludes the package with his deep and mesmerising ‘Dense Air Mix’.


(70) (54) Tantsui – Around the River EP (The Soundgarden)

This first release from Nick Warren’s new The Soundgarden label, sees the Soundgarden brand further growing and evolving from it’s well established club nights, bi-monthly radio show and compilation series, in to a forward thinking label at the forefront of cutting edge electronic music. Moscow based trio Tantsui provide the perfect release to launch the label with, the two tracks have a very special, unique sound – charming, interesting, melodic, but still groovy and dancefloor-friendly. The release sets the bar high and is a bold statement from a new label with lots of exciting music to share over the coming months and years. The Soundgarden label promises to be a true home for exceptional talent, spearheaded by electronic pioneer Nick Warren, as he continues to push the envelope further.


(71) >(55) Dave Brennan feat Alice – Outback of Tranquil

Well Bombis finally get back into some sort of order after a hiatus. Feat the voice of Alice (not the who the…..) Dave brings out some of his best works with this flowing emotional piece. Remix duties comes from fellow head honcho Paul Donton who recently has been quiet to his normal shennanigans.


(72) (57) Nubian Mindz – Moment of Truth (Vitalik Recordings)

Which ever sonic stylings are at hand, hi-tech machine soul is always de riguer. On this, their debut release on Vitalik Recordings, they pay tribute to the classical house sounds of New York and Chicago. Moment of Truth is spacious and atmospheric. Dissonant, descending pads wash over a heavy kick. The bright electric keys stand in stark contrast to the drunken decent of it’s warbling sound-bed, the result is pleasingly incongruous, head music for house heads. Clive Henry and Alex Arnout make a formidable remix duo on this e.p. Their remix is an airtight groove aimed squarely at the floor. A simple, infectious bass loop filters in and out below the washes of the top line, building the suspense but never peaking, just maintaining that solid heads down dance-floor groove. Path add that U.K. flavour. Big swung beats and an almost exhibitionist feat of audio acrobatics. Samples are twisted and reversed in rhythmic swing. There’s a very special moment midway through that will see this track being dropped at that key moment of the night when the mood shifts gear. Back 2 House is a frenetic MPC workout, acid house on steroids for want of a better description. Furious machine drum crescendos are broken with an incomprehensible but stupidly catchy vocal…. something about house I think. What’s certain is this is a peak time banger, a weapon of mass disco ruction. Center of Excellence eases out the ep with another hypnotic and atmospheric number. Reminiscent of early Gemini material on Peacefrog, jazzy freeform keys meander to and fro, letting the mind wander like a daydream in delta wave.


(73) 56) Approved Electronic Device ft Boaze – Living Nite EP (bodytalk)

bodytalk’s 7th release features Approved Electronic Device with a 4 track EP. AED provided a remix for bodytalk in summer 2015 that caught a lot of DJs’s attention with it’s big, deep driving sound. You can expect the same with AED’s Living Nite EP.


(74) (58) Nubian Mindz – Moment of Truth (Vitalik Recordings)

Which ever sonic stylings are at hand, hi-tech machine soul is always de riguer. On this, their debut release on Vitalik Recordings, they pay tribute to the classical house sounds of New York and Chicago. Moment of Truth is spacious and atmospheric. Dissonant, descending pads wash over a heavy kick. The bright electric keys stand in stark contrast to the drunken decent of it’s warbling sound-bed, the result is pleasingly incongruous, head music for house heads. Clive Henry and Alex Arnout make a formidable remix duo on this e.p. Their remix is an airtight groove aimed squarely at the floor. A simple, infectious bass loop filters in and out below the washes of the top line, building the suspense but never peaking, just maintaining that solid heads down dance-floor groove. Path add that U.K. flavour. Big swung beats and an almost exhibitionist feat of audio acrobatics. Samples are twisted and reversed in rhythmic swing. There’s a very special moment midway through that will see this track being dropped at that key moment of the night when the mood shifts gear. Back 2 House is a frenetic MPC workout, acid house on steroids for want of a better description. Furious machine drum crescendos are broken with an incomprehensible but stupidly catchy vocal…. something about house I think. What’s certain is this is a peak time banger, a weapon of mass disco ruction. Center of Excellence eases out the ep with another hypnotic and atmospheric number. Reminiscent of early Gemini material on Peacefrog, jazzy freeform keys meander to and fro, letting the mind wander like a daydream in delta wave.


(75) (61) PBR Streetgang – 12.32 (Futureboogie)

Bonar Bradberry and Tom Thorpe, AKA PBR Streetgang, return to the Futureboogie fold with a gutsy and energetic big room floor filler in “12.32”. The duo ramp up their production aesthetic with swirling acid licks, gnarly bassline waves, pumping drums and searing strings. Clocking in at over the 12-minute mark, PBR are given the space to really work the elements, which result in a magnificent production that will really work some dancefloors this summer. On the remix, London born producer, Fort Romeau, works his magic, keeping the pace and mood pumping, and remodeling the melody riff, Fort Romeau takes us on a deeper, more cosmically energised trip, soaking the synths in reverb and cranking up a touch of distortion to keep things raw and vital.


(76) (60) Luke Solomon – This.Beats.Work EP (Incl. Byron The Aqaurius & Filsonik Remixes) (Cuttin’ Headz)

Here we see the label reach out to one of underground house music’s most revered producers, namely Luke Solomon, alongside Derrick Carter and a name synonymous with raw, authentic and soulful electronic music. The Vocal Mix of ‘Script kicks things off and sees Solomon deliver a typically unique take on modern house music via crunchy rhythms, deftly flowing bass sequences and an ever-evolving dynamic while Nick Maurer’s murky vocal stylings are intricately processed to further fuel the tripped-out hypnotic feel of the record. ‘Beats Work’ follows and lays the focus on bumpy percussion, a heady 303 lead, sporadic synth fills and a hooky vocal lick to create an understated dance floor workout. Atlanta’s Byron The Aquarius turns in a dreamy interpretation of ‘Script’ to follow, employing mesmeric bell chimes and soft atmospherics to swell around the foundation of the original composition before New York’s Filsonik strips things back to the core his rough and ready 808 led rework. The package is then closed with a ‘Long Time Dub’ from Luke focusing solely on the driving energy of the record.


(77) (59) The Beats Of Science Vol.7 – Boogie Vice (Outcross Records)

Continuing on from the success of his ‘Bel Air’ EP, rising French House producer Boogie Vice releases his dance floor ready 3-track EP, ‘The Beats Of Science Vol.7’ on renowned DJ & producer Miguel Campbell’s imprint, Outcross Records. ‘The Beats Of Science Vol.7’ EP kicks off with ‘Groove On’ (Original Mix). The track is filled with catchy hi-hats, male vocals and a grooving bassline, setting the tone for the EP. ‘La French’ explores Boogie Vice’s love for synths, which takes centre stage in the track, dancing over warped vocals and club beats. Rounding off the EP is ‘Groove On’ (Smooth Mix). Following on from the Original Mix, Boogie Vice takes a mellow approach to this rework. Armed with complex synth melodies and a hazy bassline, the Smooth Mix exhibits Boogie Vice’s immaculate talent.


(78) (62) De Sluwe Vos – Insert Track Title (Unknown to the Unknown)
2 banging hard houz trax 4 club use only! Backed with a Person Of Interest remix.


(79) (00) Da Chick – Chick To Chick Remixes (Discotexas)

These are the remixes EP for Da Chick’s “Chick To Chick”. It features remixing skills by the veterans Pete Herbert and Mason and by the new comer True Blood. Pete Herbert deliver two bombs – a remix and a piano dub. Perfect summer vibes. You can really spot the mood of his sunset DJ residencies in Bali. In fact, these tunes are perfect to listen to while enjoying the sun fading into the ocean.


(80) >(62) Easy To Remember – Pescaiola LP (Unclear Records)

Here we see Italian brother duo Elia and Niro Perrone, founders of the label and also notably known for their events at Klang Club in Italy, release their debut long player in the shape of ‘Pescaiola’ the name of the suburbs the pair grew up and paying homage to their musical roots growing up together. Across the duration of the ‘Pescaiola’ LP Easy To Remember serve up a amalgamation of raw and intriguing electronic, house and techno cuts. Opener ‘Hanckora’ lays down a lo-fi infused Hip Hop style to kick things off, while ‘Checkma Dem’ lies in similar territory with the addition of some vocal stylings as well. For the most part though Easy To Remember lay the focus on emotive house music, title track ‘Pescaiola’ plays on multi-layered melodies and retro synths, ‘Hijack Persuasion’ focuses on gritty rhythm and soft atmospherics and ‘Try To Escape’ brings to light ethereal synth leads and snaking bass grooves. The duo instil some funk influence into the LP as well via ‘Feelings’ and some experimental touches as well with their Giulio Etiope collaboration ‘Degolas’ amongst others. All in all Easy To Remember deliver a refreshing take on modern electronica across the project and further prove Unclear is a force to be reckoned with in the underground.


(81) (64) OJPB – E-Lane 2 Troy (True Romance)

E-Lane 2 Troy is an uplifting cosmic mind bender. With its brilliant disco loops and infectious trance inducing melody, this is one that will fill and fire up dancefloors all over. The flipside, Fountains, is a mesmeric funky number which plunges the listener in a pitched down rhythm maze with pitched up vocals and haunting pianos. The story begins at the Heideglühen club in Berlin where the True Romance crew saw OJPB play. In the midst of his set he dropped a mysterious track that completely lit the crowd up, it was E-Lane 2 Troy. In this offering, True Romance introduces Montreal based OJPB. Through this alias, French-born Olivier Borzeix delivers raw and adventurous rhythms sourcing his inspirations in rare funk disco nuggets and the golden age of house music, blending it into what he likes to call: Hypnotic Soul.


(82) (66) Cute Heels – Third Skin (Dark Entries)

“Third Skin” is a 4-track EP that connects the dots between Detroit techno, early Chicago house and Belgium electronic body music. Inspired by equal parts Liaisons Dangereuses, Drexciya and Black Devil Disco Club. On the A-side are two fresh compositions recorded in 2015. “Third Skin” kicks things in a metallic EBM funk with a pounding bottom end. “Lipstick Information” takes the listener on a dark, psychedelic and twisted journey through thrillingly intense arpeggiations. On the flip we present two remixes. The first is from Steffi, House and Techno DJ and producer born in The Netherlands and residing in Berlin. She picks up the pace for an uplifting, percussion-driven, DAF-eque dystopian stomper. The second remix comes from Michel Amato aka The Hacker, French born DJ and producer and frequent collaborator with Miss Kittin. His early musical influences of bands such as Cabaret Voltaire, Throbbing Gristle and Front 242 shine through on this pumping and sophisticated remix ready for any dance floor.


(83) (65) Various Artists – Stay True Selections Vol.1 (Stay True Sounds)

Various Artists – Stay True Selections Vol.1 (Stay True Sounds)
The Stay True camp is always on the hunt for exclusive, deep, quality house music. So starts the series ‘Stay True Selections’. Jullian Gomes & Kid Fonque dig deep and find 4 exclusive house tunes from across South Africa.


(84) (67) Monday Club – Splinter / Let It Reign (Of Unsound Mind)

Forthcoming Monday Club on Skream’s Of Unsound Mind imprint.


(85) (70) Shaun J. Wright & Alinka – Greed EP (Incl. jozif + Waifs & Strays Remixes) (Lovecrimes)

American producers and DJ’s Shaun J. Wright & Alinka have been steadily on the rise over the past few years with material on their Twirl imprint, here though we see the duo introduced to a new imprint in the shape of Lovecrimes with new material following an EP from Crosstown Rebels and The Classic Music Company. Up first is the original mix of title track ‘Greed’ and in typical fashion from the pair we’re treated to a heady house groove fuelled by spiralling hat rolls, bumpy bass hits, soft stab sequences and Wright’s infectious vocal stylings throughout. ‘Feel You Up’ follows and lays down a more upfront rhythmic approach with bouncing tom toms, choppy percussion and an underlying acid tinged feel via fuzzy bass tones and hypnotic bell chimes while Shaun offers up a seductive vocal contribution to complete the record. On the flip is two remixes, the first of which comes courtesy of London’s jozif who reworks Greed with a low-slung feel via snaking sub bass lines and intricate processing of the original parts before Waifs & Strays closes on his take of ‘Feel You Up’, offering a more stripped back dance floor focused interpretation with sparse percussion and 80’s tinged stab hooks in the latter half of the record.


(86) (68) Cera Alba – ’89 (Incl. Montel Remix) (Madtech)

Kick starting the release is title cut ‘89’ which lays down a dark and brooding groove via weight percussion and bubbling dub stabs before gradually unfolding into a crescendo of bright piano chords and soul infused vocal lines. ‘Solitary Nights’ follows and retains the eerie aesthetic of the preceding record, laying the focus on menacing bass drones, tension building atmospherics and rumbling subs, while subtly evolving percussion and sporadic vocal licks ebb and flow throughout. Montel steps in to remix ‘’89’ next, bringing shuffled rhythms, chugging bass swells and swirling delayed snippets from the original vocal and piano into the limelight to create a unique twist on the original number. A ‘Dub’ of ‘’89’ from Alba then shapes up the package.


(87) (73) Infinity Ink – Full Capacity (Different Recordings)

Hey there! Got a BIG contender for the summer of 16 right here, a wonky house bomb …big, bold and just the right amount of weird. Infinity Ink are back in 2016 on [PIAS] electronic label Different Recordings, with an album slated for later this year.


(88) (69) Various Artists – 10 Years Of Digital Traffik – Vol.2 (Digital Traffik)

Here’s the second volume of “10 Years of Digital Traffik”, four multi-purpose and innovative tracks from the Traffik family. Supernova takes the pace right on ‘Light Up’ : tweaked pads and a tripping bass with an irresistible, effortless pause and re-start. ‘Tingog’ by Basti Grub shuffling a tribal vibe enhanced with fine atmospherics and piano melodies. Bimas presents ‘Breakstone’, an high quality deep-tech track influenced by ambient-house with ambiguous rhythmical and sweet voices. ‘Flair’ by Malatoid offers listeners an hypnotic trip between an actual tech-house and ’90s house sonorities.


(89) (71) & Scibi feat. Fourfeet – More Than Enough (inc. Pretty Pink, Deeplomatik, Lou Van and Max Lyzagin & Hugobeat Remixes) (Déepalma Records)

Polish duo Loui & Scibi join up with vocalist Fourfeet for a sultry single featuring remixes from Pretty Pink, Lou Van, Deeplomatik and Max Lyazgin & Hugobeat. The duo’s original mix begins with tranquil notes and echoing moans before an infectious hook joins energetic arpeggios and Fourfeet’s recognizable vocals. Lou Van’s remix exhibits a slightly softer production style whilst heady bells operate throughout, whereas Deeplomatik’s version is more tough and robust in comparison. Finally, crunchy rimshots and gentle guitar licks make up Pretty Pink’s rendition until Max Lyazgin & Hugobeat conclude the package with an upbeat and bubbly reimagining.

Loui & Scibi feat. Fourfeet - More Than Enough (Official Video) [Déepalma Records]


(90) (72) Marlow – In The Backroom (LP) (Sonar Kollektiv)

Hot on the heels of the musically moving Mius album, the carefully nurtured Sonar Kollektiv label is back with another masterful album of borderless house, hip hop and soul. It comes from long time operator Marlow and features 17 tracks that are deeply absorbing and adventurous. What’s more, plenty of top guests like Pete Josef, Ursula Rucker, Flowin Immo and others all lend their own vocal and instrumental textures to an album that is full of real musicianship and genuine depth. Starting with some weird and wonderful, scattered jazz sounds and great spoken word samples, the album progresses through swaggering bass with creepy oboes, low and slow deep house with vocal star Stee Downes and skewed tech that is full of off time sine waves and jangling synths. ‘Can’t Stop’ is super sweet neo-soul with broken beats and swooning keys, ‘Watch Your Step’ features gentle grooves and thought provoking rap vocals from Capitol A whilst ‘And His Mind Blown’ is a lurching sample heavy soundscape that has hip hop at its heart. The second half of the album lays down summery grooves and colourful melodies, darker trip hop cuts and spacious, eerie downbeat passages as well as cool electro funk and 80s sintered jams that are as emotive as they are interesting. This is a far roaming, compelling piece of work that marries great instrumentation and proper arrangements with subtle grooves. The result is a perfect album that gets way beyond the dance floor.

Marlow - Backroom feat. Pete Josef (12inch Extended Disco Version)


(91) (74) Wareika – Bolero EP (Vlad Caia, Egal 3, Boronas & Nihko Remixes) (Visionquest)

Wareika’s original opens up the EP with its impressive arrangement of crisp drums and hypnotic sweeps before Vlad Caia offers up the first remix, stripping back the original and layering driving kicks, lo-fi glitches and subtle nuances over the originals vibrant pads. Next up, Egal 3 brings forth a weighty, dubbed out groove, whilst filtered hats and evolving tones work their way around the tracks heady rhythm. Boronas’ alternative signals the first of two digital only remixes, entering with a blooming composition packed full of winding arpeggios, bumping bass tones and groove fuelled synth lines. Lastly, Nihko’s stripped back take on things centres itself within the percussive elements of the original, reworking intricate drum patterns and off-kilter synth shots to round out the EP.


(92) (75) Golden Bug – Accroche a Moi (La Belle)

‘Accroché à moi,’ is four minutes of sexual deep disco with menacing bass and libidinous French vocals. Tinkling percussive sounds and whirring machines add detail to the groove and are sure to help send dancefloors wild, especially after the airy breakdown and trippy guitar licks at the mid point.
Then comes the equally exquisite ‘Un paradis artificiel,’ which is twice as long and half as slow. It is a languorous, curious number with odd sci-fi sounds, long legged drums and dubbed out vibes that get peppered with spoken French mutterings, acid twitches and oodles of echo and reverb. Dirty and dark, sleazy and subversive, it is a truly unique offering that is full of character.


(93) (78) Xaõ Seffcheque – KESS002 (Kess Kill)

Born 1956 in Graz, Austria, and residing in Germany since 1977, Xaõ Seffcheque is one of the most compelling and unusual artists to emerge from the Neue Deutsche Welle/post-punk movement of late ’70s – Germany. Compared with his extraordinary contemporaries Liaisons Dangereuses, D.A.F, or, Geile Tiere, Xaõ was considered a curiosity, someone who couldn’t be pinned down. The press labelled him “satirical avant-garde” — limiting his reach to only the most die-hard initiates, and consequentially, transforming his music into an untapped treasure for future generations to discover. Fast forward to 2016, and Kess Kill has signed Xaõ with the intent to present his remarkable, singular music to a world that had thirty years to mature.


(94) (76) Das Komplex – All For Love (STEP Recordings)

Hailing from Koszalin in Poland, Das Komplex is undoubtedly an artist of many talents, his return marks the first foray into long-play format for STEP and allows Das Komplex to stretch his legs across 8 masterful Disco grooves. Dżem kicks things off to a sunny start with sizzling guitar licks and softly pattering bongos before the slick Italo-tinged ‘Obelisk’ and the richly atmospheric ‘Redukcja Dysonansu Poznawczego’ follow up. The project spreads out towards the jubilant and dreamy ‘All For Love’ which leads into ‘Brukiew’ – an introverted but ultimately feel-good conclusion that wraps up a beautifully balmy collection and another coup for STEP.


(95) >(77) Affani – Fusion (Socoloco Music)

Socoloco Music hits release number six in style with a new EP brimming with brilliant beats. Ibiza in My Mind is a slow burning, sun scored groove that is fully horizontal and sets the scene nicely for what is to come. Then comes Larrick Ebanks guesting on No Body’s Watching, a deep and warm house tune with dreamy vocals really adding some heartfelt soul to proceedings. Miss You is a real house roller that goes deep, has magical melodies running up its spine and will really make for some fun times in the sun. Radio features Abigail Bailey and is super sweet pop-house gem with catchy lyrics and lush chords all making you wave your hands and forget your worries, then Sunday is more of a club cut with great strings and feel good vocals from Ella that cannot fail to get you up dancing. Lastly, Pressure is the most dark and direct of the lot, with rubbery kicks and fat synths all conjuring up an intense mood and equally killer groove.


(96) (79) Guts – Eternal (Heavenly Sweetness)

How did Guts, a go-it-alone producer who had only rarely called on other musicians for help since his time with Alliance Ethnik, become the frontman of a live band as he started work on his new album? Well, as his tour ate up the miles around France and Europe, spending many hours on stage, in vans, on planes and backstage, Guts came up with the idea of channelling the energy and unity forged by the tour into a recording, an album that would pool the creative talents of the different musicians, an album with a single voice – the band’s. The foundations were some fairly simple outlines that were then refined during intense studio sessions – refined, honed and pushed into territory they never imagined they would explore. The only rule was that there were no limits for anyone, starting with Guts himself, who decided to reverse the proportions of 20% live and 80% samples and machines that had defined his musical path up to that point. Funk, soul, rap, Cuban, African and Russian sounds – styles that had previously mixed only as five-second samples, infiltrated into the beats and rhythms, were now stirred and shaken by a band playing real instruments. Keyboards were allowed to wander from their acoustic comfort zone and become charged with electricity, and guitars produced precise, incisive rhythms. Everyone pulls in the same direction to create an album where musical styles form criss-crossing hybrid blends or else strike sumptuous poses in their original guise. Wild jazz appears side by side with Japanese-sounding strings, spacy rock gazes down from the stratosphere at pure premium hip hop and its dominant beats, electro funk slugs it out with afro on the dancefloor, while urban Western brass throws down the gauntlet to post-apocalyptic synthesizers that would set John Carpenter’s moustache aquiver. Dense, rich and eclectic, ETERNAL is above all an ambitious record, an album with no restrictions on form or length, every track a door into a different universe from the one before.


(97) (80) Miajica – Der Schlosser EP (LGDZ)

Miajica aka Mario Robles is a very busy man these days, he is part of the group Alma Negra, whose Tabanka EP on Sofrito is one of the hottest releases these days. On this record he is entering Kraut-Techno-Territories. A 23 minute long trippy excursion into sound and groove. Borrowed Identity made a hypnotic Remix for the very very late hours of a party. MUSK did what they are always doing. Blending genres and creating their own little universe between 70s Disco 80s Acid and 90s House. Engyn’s remix focuses on a dubby afterhour vibe and enhances the trippyness with a randomized bassline and chords.


(98) (81) Club Hexagon Vol.1 – Varoius ([re]sources)

Parisian imprint [re]sources is back with CLUB HEXAGON, a new compilation that features exclusive « club grime » tracks from new French talents. The 8 tracks explore the different sides of what club music sounds in 2016 in the ears of French producers who are inspired by Techno, Grime and more experimental music. Hexagon shaped France inspires the name and the concept of this compilation which gathers artists from Paris, Lyon, Strasbourg and Bordeaux. Liminal Sound affiliated She’s Drunk, Resources’ boss Tommy Kid and newcomers Nunu and Lil Crack deliver a solid combination of heavy kicks and intense sound effects. Chaams, Moke and Dehousy add a tropical twist on their percussive tracks while John Vitesse associates with rising French R&B artist Oklou to end the compilation with an half experimental half future beats track.


(99) (82) Ten Fé – Make Me Better (UNKLE Reconstruction) (Bad Life)

Bit of a lights-on, set-closer for you here as one of the indie contingent on our label gets the UNKLE treatment! UNKLE aka James Lavelle’s remix of Ten Fé’s debut single Make Me Better is a “glorious, simmering” chugger. More suited for your train journeys perhaps than your techno sets but we’re so in love with its euphoric bones, we couldn’t help but share!


(100) (83) Recloose – Honey Rocks (Aus Music)

Honey Rocks’ brings together three deftly structured dancefloor tracks. All as jubilant and groovy as each other as Soul, Funk, Disco and classic House sounds are melded with ineffable flair and skill in a record that reaffirms Aus Music’s status as a label capable of not only maintaining consistency but also keeping listeners guessing.