Back To Mine with Arturo Sanchez

Arturo Sanchez doubles as a producer and DJ as well as a doctor, who has been catering to both his fans and patients alike since 2017 when he decided to explore his more creative side by working both careers alongside each other, allowing him to not only help and care for people physically but also emotionally with his music.  Sharing a mutual passion for house music with his legendary brother Roger Sanchez, the creative production flair runs through the family with Arturo Sanchez earning growing backing from the likes of Alan Nieves, Bontan, Kryder, Ferrick Dawn, Eli Brown and more whilst landing releases on Stealth and Nervous Records. We grab a wonderful Back To Mine selection from the main man as he releases his new Lockdown Shuffle EP via Undr The Radr

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Carlos Manaça – Feel The Drums
This was one of the first tracks that I heard on the dance floor that really captivated me. The drum pattern is hypnotic. This track is simple yet very powerful. It strings together motif’s of the 90s NYC Tribal House underground sound with modern production. Had this come out in the “Limelight” and “Twilo” era of NYC, I’m certain it would have been a staple.

Feel the Drums (Carlos Manaça Remix)

Amine Edge & DANCE – Halfway Crooks
Back in 2014, I asked Roger Sanchez for a few up and coming acts to check out. This french duo was one at the top of his list. This track was my first introduction to G-house and is a deep grooving track I still drop in my sets. The sample was used as it should for the time and the genre. The boys have only evolved in the right way.

Amine Edge & DANCE - Halfway Crooks (Original Mix) [CUFF] Official

Opeth – Windowpane
Opeth is by far the most influential band I’ve been a fan of to date. This group has taken many different forms, fronted by Mikael Akerfeldt from Sweden. What I’ve learned the most from this band is you can always reinvent yourself. “Windopane” has become somewhat of a “totem” for me. It’s a very sultry track that eases the mind and also helps center my thoughts. I’ll often play this track before starting a long drive or when I just want my mind to wander.

Opeth - Windowpane (Audio)

Omega El Fuerte- Si Te Vas/Que Tengo Que Hacer
Between 2007-2013 I was a medical student living in the Dominican Republic. It was the first time I had been able to fully embrace a side of my culture that had been of limited exposure growing up in the Southern USA. This song does remind me a lot of the island and the wonderful experiences I had there. As you can hear, the style is based in a mambo, with a 4/4 beat that translates so well to the dance floor. Even though we dance nice in the caribbean, we still keep that kick and bass HEAVY.

OMEGA El Fuerte - Si Te Vas / Que Tengo Que Hacer (Official Video HD) Omega El Fuerte

The Wiseguys- Cowboy 78 (Roger Sanchez Remix)
As my brother Roger began his ascent into stardom in the mid to late 90’s, I was barely getting out of the awkward stage in grade school. This remix he did was one of the first I had ever heard from him. It immediately transports you to what I would have imagined the dance floors of Space Ibiza would have looked like in the 90’s. It clearly displays the variety of musical influences he grew up on in NYC and making it a Sanchez Summer Slammer.

The Wiseguys - Cowboy 78 (Roger Sanchez remix)

Pallbearer – Foreigner
This opus of a track was what catapulted Pallbearer into what they have become today; A genre defining quartet. This track is very emotional, taking the listener on a journey through your mind, transcending space and time. I love to listen to it on long runs and winding down after a long week. Aside from influencing me as a musician, I grew up with a couple of these guys, played in a band with Devin Holt (guitars) and became long time friends with all of them. Needles to say, it’s one of the best things that came out of growing up in Arkansas.

Pallbearer - Foreigner

Rufus Du Sol – Underwater
This track was first introduced to me at ADE 2019. I was lucky enough to catch them live with my close friend and fellow dj/producer, Tone Troy. After hearing it live for the first time, I have never listened to it the same way. It’s definitely become a staple in my playlists on trips, in time of reflection, and when I need a mood lifter.

RÜFÜS DU SOL ●● Underwater [Official Audio]

Stone Temple Pilots – Sex Type Thing
Whenever I just want to let go, this is one of the tracks I let come over me. It’s raw, unapologetic, and real. Highly recommend it with a glass of tequila in hand.

Sex Type Thing (2017 Remaster)

Hans Zimmer – Time
This score is very appropriately titled. A modern day ode to joy (or sorrow) I love where this takes me. When the hairs on your neck stand, you know that it’s a very special track. It’s also a track I like to use to prepare my ears when starting in the studio from time to time.

Hans Zimmer - Time (Inception)

Bad Bunny – Dakiti

Following its release, this track really got my attention to the point I did my own remix. It marks a major shift in the state of music not only in the mainstream, but how house music and dance music is starting to return to its roots in afro-latin based origins. This really gets me excited as it feels its coming full circle. 

Bad Bunny x Jhay Cortez - Dákiti (Video Oficial)

Arturo Sanchez Lockdown Shuffle is out now via Undr The Radr.

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