Pole – Silberfisch  

This was the first (electronic) album, where the ‘noise’ caught my attention. Noise is an equal partner to music, sometimes it is even more important, adds a very valuable meaning to it while keeping the musical experience.

Miles Davis – Pinocchio

Miles was an extraordinary man, he stirred things up both as a human being and also musically. He was a fantastic musician, an aesthete and a visionary, besides he was one of the best HR professionals: he always knew whom he has to play music with.  This is my favorite era from him: Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock, Ron Carter and Tony Williams at the drums, who always knew the main task of the drummer: light the fire ‘under’ the band. 

Miles Davis – Pinocchio

Svjatoslav Richter –  Chopin Nocturne E Minor, Op. 72, #1

I have always liked the sound of the piano since my childhood. I got to know Richter relatively late; I found one of his CDs at a record shop and I did not know that he had been proclaimed as the best pianist of the world (although I think there is no such); I listened to the CD and I was enchanted by his clear view on music and that there is tension in every sound; all notes have a meaning.

Sviatoslav Richter plays Chopin Nocturne E Minor, Op. 72, #1

Anouar Brahem

Brahem impersonates everything that I think about music and making music. What a big soul! Every sound is golden.

Anouar Brahem "Leila Au Pays Du Carrousel" – Live at Cully Jazz Festival – 2004

Jan Jelinek – Moiré – Piano & Organ 

The record came out 18 years ago, but for me, this texture and this dirty sound are still exciting.

Jan Jelinek – Moiré (Piano & Organ)

Abul Mogard – Half Light of Dawn

Who is Abul Mogard? An enigma. But it is still more enigmatic how he can make such a majestic music while remaining in the background. 

Abul Mogard – Half Light of Dawn

Murcof, Vanessa Wagner – Farewell, O World, O Earth

Anthem. The title has it all. It would stand out even without the piano part in it. Murcof has still not got the attention he deserves. I do not know, maybe he is too intellectual for some and too electronic for others. 

Valentin Silvestrov – Farewell, O World, O Earth

Rhythm & Sound w/ Cornell Campbell – King In My Empire

I could list any of their tracks here as they ‘suck me in’ in 2 seconds. R&S had the most important influence on my music: I love the pulsation, the sounds; this endless floating. 

rhythm & sound w/ cornell campbell – king in my empire

Tim Hecker – Live Room

I have felt him as a soulmate since the first instance. His music always surprises me, but in a way that I feel comfortable (like at home) while listening to it. In this track, the two most important elements for me are present: piano and noises.

TIM HECKER – Live Room

Arvo Part – Für Alina 

I could cite any of the compositions of the master, but let’s put the best-known here. God’s voice, (for me) the greatest composer living.

Arvo Pärt- Für Alina

Occam – Rusty Millwheel (inc. Man Power, CSK and Secret Factory remixes) (Secret Fusion)

The Secret Fusion label continues to define the dark disco scene with a new EP featuring an original from Occam plus remixes from Man Power, CSK and bosses Secret Factory. Occam has had music coursing through his veins all his life. He is a member of the Zagar band, lover of everything from Cuban music to jazz to hip hop and permeates his sound with Eastern European influences that make it all the more unique. His superb single here ‘Rusty Milwheel’ is a real adventure into cosmic synths and driving house drums. It rides a wave of rushing emotions and features an epic breakdown that builds the tension before you take off again. Man Power is the Me Me Me label boss with a fantastically broad sonic arsenal and credits on key labels like Correspondent, Skint and DFA. Here he is in slow and serious mode, with a heavyweight dub disco groove overlaid by darkened synths and a groaning bassline that really keeps you locked. CSK:beat label boss Franceso Mantovani is an Italian who has been doing this since the late eighties and here layers in plenty of bright Italo chords as well as stark percussive hits. It makes for a freewheeling cut with long legged drums that will work the club into a sweat. Last but not least, the label bosses, party promoters and studio magicians that are Secret Factory add their own remix to the package. It is the deepest and headiest of the lot, with eerie piano chords ringing out into the lonely sonic landscape and setting a haunting mood.

Occam – Rusty Millwheel (inc. Man Power, CSK and Secret Factory remixes) Label: Secret Fusion Release: 9th December 2019 Cat No: SFR006