Ashley Wallbridge

DMC World caught up with globe-trotting trance DJ and Producer Ashley Wallbridge to discuss family, time out, McClaren cars and an unlikely intimate show this weekend in the South West..

Hi Ashley, whereabouts are you this week, and what have you been up to?

Yo, in the UK this week, currently writing music to a new McLaren car reveal ;). I love my cars so doing music for a McLaren has been epic..

You have decided to take some time out this year from your usual Global movements, please tell us more?  

Yea for sure. After touring the world pretty heavy for the past 7 years (mostly 6 shows a month) I wanted to start a family and ground myself a little more. I have a baby girl now and don’t want to miss a single minute of her growing up so now I only do shows close to home or short stints..

Having had releases on Garuda and collabed with that lovely bloke Gareth Emery, anything else on the horizon within that camp?

Gaz has been a massive play in my career. Personal and in business.. we have a few things on the horizon but you will see what they are soon!

Favourite places to play?

Ministry of sound (London) Guaba Beach Ba, Limassol.

This weekend you are heading to play one of your only dates of 2024 at Bomba in Exeter, what made you decide to play at this intimate event for just 250 people, over countless event offers from larger events?

UK shows are always good. They know their music and are always up for a good time.. no matter how big or small the venue is I always enjoy UK shows!

Name 3 trance classics that you will be burning to your stick this weekend?

Coming on strong (Ashley Wallbridge’s remix)
Tiesto / traffic (Ashley Wallbridge’s remix)
Barthezz on the move (ashley wallbridge remix)

Have you ever played in the South West before? Looking forward to it?

Never!!! Buzzing my tits off.

Any exciting plans  in the pipeline?

I have two new music projects launching pretty soon which will help DJs earn more revenue and also help upcoming DJs to breakthrough more. Also a new album.


As this is an interview for DMC World, any experiences/ memories of the DMC World championships?

The only championship I’ve been involved with is the Radio 1 DJ of the year competition I entered with fake ID when I was 16. I won but they found out I was under age and revoked my title but that gave me the big break.

Finally, as a frequent globetrotter, what is the most rock n roll scenario you have ever found yourself in on your travels as a DJ?  

I had Delhi-Beli mid set in India. I had to find the longest track I had in my playlist and have a date with the toilet for 8 whole minutes, only to realise they had no toilet paper so I had to use my boxers.. not really that rock and roll but funny as fuck haha..