Golan Zocher

Born in Colombia and now residing in Israel, Golan Zocher is the founder of the renowned Bloom Records label and is constantly focused on creating the finest electronic music for a multitude of other outlets, recently appearing on the likes of Proton, Magnitude, Mango Alley, Beatfreak, Movement, MNL and more. DMC caught up with the renowned progressive maestro to chat all things music and find out more about his recent onedotsixtwo full label debut ‘Wonder Way’, which follows his excellent remix contribution for their excellent Analog Jungs (ODST0025) package earlier this year. Read on to find out more…

Golan, a big welcome to DMCWORLD and congratulations on the release of  ‘Wonder Way’ on Tripswitch’s excellent onedotsixwo label. For anyone not familiar with your music, how would you describe your individual style? Can you put your finger on the elements of your music that make it so distinctive?

Hi and thanks for having me abroad! :)) Well, I would say that my style is evolving and not permanent… One day I can sit and produce Progressive House such as ‘Wonder Way’ and another day I could be doing oriental or chill out. So, I would say it’s always changing and not even myself knows what to expect!

Talk us through the making of ‘Wonder Way’? How does the creative process work when you’re making music?

In the case of ‘Wonder Way’, I started with the melodies and the sound of the synths in the track, which led me to blend in some pure progressive vibes. Sometimes the creative process starts with the groove, but in this case, it was the other way round, where you explore some sounds and let yourself flow with them.

‘Wonder Way’ also features a superb remix courtesy of fellow Columbian DJ/Producer Kamilo Sanclemente. What do you think of his interpretation of your work?

Kamilo has what’s called a “golden touch” and wherever he puts his hands he turns it into gold… He knows the stage and he’s probably one of the busiest DJs putting great music out into the market… I admire him and also he’s a great friend who I deeply miss with my move from living from Colombia to being based in Israel.

Tell us something about the psychological effects of music that totally blows your mind?

Well, I think that the spiritual experience of listening to music and connecting with any person of any age, genre, or culture – even if you are 100% different from that same person – that vibrates with you with a certain track, music genre or party, says how powerful sound is and is healing as well… It’s definitely a tool that humanity could use for much greater benefits than only recreation purposes!

Let’s rewind for a moment, what are your earliest musical memories?

I was living in Colombia, I was 15 years old and my sister (who lived in Israel) sent me ‘Magik III’ by Tiesto and then I heard the track ‘Layla’ by Taucher… After a few months she sent me Tiesto ‘In Search Of Sunrise’ and these two together marked my entry into the electronic music… That connection with the whole! :)))

How did your musical tastes develop?

It was with Tiesto’s influence in 1998 that I fully came into this world, exploring his CDs along with Ferry Corsten, then Armin Van Buren and the list just starts to grow and grow here, with all the amazing artists that were blooming in the late 90’s

At what point did you get into producing and DJing? Who/what have been big influences in your music career so far?

I fully got into sound engineering at the age of 20, but after I got diagnosed with severe Tinnitus I did a U-turn and left music behind until the age of 30… Yeah it’s crazy! So, I actually got back into producing only about 5 years ago, you know, getting to know Ableton Live and exploring music production.

As for influences, my earliest ones and the ones that are still current today are…

John Digweed, Nick Warren, Hernan Cattaneo and the whole Global Underground saga, just all of it!

In what ways do you think your particular journey through life has influenced the electronic music you make now?

I think the fact that I left for so many years has made me open to explore any kind of genre and style, since music comes before genre or a particular style. So, when I am sitting down to produce, I don’t know what will be the outcome or the direction of the track!

What piece of studio equipment couldn’t you live without?

I still have not found it!!!!!!!

How’s the music scene holding up in your adopted home of Israel? Is the scene going to change positively to recover and develop in new ways?

Israel is crazy in terms of its electronic music scene. People here are so energetic and everyone is involved with electronic music in one way or another – if it’s with Trance that still holds up here at open parties, or Techno that has conquered the clubs. I hope the scene will recover in a positive way, but we will have to wait for that for some time now I think?

Who in your home city deserves a shout out for keeping the positivity flowing during this pandemic scenario?

I think all the young people, artists, musicians and performers who are making all these crazy live streams and keeping the “thing” going! :)))

And, what new places are you looking forward to experiencing when the world opens up again?

Definitely, Europe will be the first stop for some gigs.

If you could play for a whole night with any DJ (ever), who would be at the top of your wish list?

I cannot think, but of these following names: John Digweed, Nick Warren, Hernan Cattaneo.

If you could remix any track by any artist (ever) what would be at the top of your wish list?

Pffff tough question… I would take a big risk here and choose ‘One’ by Metallica… I wonder how that would turn out? Hehehehhee…

After this superb release for onedotsixtwo, what new projects should we watch out for from you in the coming months?

There are definitely some interesting projects coming up in different styles and I am really looking forward to see them out. You could expect some different styles with some vocals in there… that really excites me!

And finally, what’s the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

If you still don’t know how to swim, it’s not late!

Thanks for your time – much appreciated!

Out Now:

Golan Zocher – Wonder Way (onedotsixtwo) ODST0035

1. Wonder Way (Original Mix)

2. Wonder Way (Kamilo Sanclemente Remix)

Bandcamp Buy: https://onedotsixtwo.bandcamp.com/album/wonder-way

Beatport Buy: https://www.beatport.com/release/wonder-way/3148131