Back To Mine with Duke Boara

23-year-old multi-instrumentalist and world music proponent Duke Boara finally drops his 26 trackdouble LP project ‘11AM/11PM Tapes’ in full on LG105. The LP (inc. 14 album exclusives + Boara’s landmark cuts ‘Wairau Bay’, ‘Rain’, ‘Bring the Gold’) is split between Night and Day listening. Expect a genre-busting melange of lo-fi, breakbeat, melodic, lively summer-infused house, percussion, and Boara’s assured performance on piano, guitar and drums throughout. Elegiac yet uplifting focus track ‘Evergreen’ tends more to the ambient end of the spectrum, but still packs a danceable punch. To celebrate the album release we got Duke in the hot seat for a Back To Mine…

Youandewan – Insel 2000

I’ve loved this track for years now. Youandewan is one of my favourite producers and he really captures something in this track. Such an original sound and definitely one that has influenced me a lot in my own work.

Youandewan - Insel 2000

Makossa & Megablast – Like A Rocket

My good friend Tom recently showed me this track and it really hits. It’s quite spooky sounding which I love and absolutely perfect for an afters.

Makossa & Megablast - Like A Rocket feat. Capitol A

Glenn Astro – Penduloop

I can’t get over how cool this track is. I remember when I first heard it, it really stood out. It’s not like anything I’ve ever heard before and also from one of my favourite producers, Glenn Astro.

Thievery Corporation – Facing East

I saw Thievery Corporation live this summer and it was one of the best things I’ve seen live. They played this track and it sounded even better live than on the record. The Corp are downtempo legends and this is my favourite track of theirs.

Thievery Corporation - Facing East

Keith Tucker – My Mental State

Another creepy one from a wicked producer, Keith Tucker. Perfect for an afters.

Keith Tucker - My Mental State

Octave One – Modernism

This is a track I’ve been playing for a couple of years now. Love it. The drums are super nice in this.

Octave One - Modernism

D. Tiffany – Get Back To You Soon

One of my favourites from this list. D. Tiffany is one of my favourite producers and this song just ticks every box for me.

D. Tiffany - Get Back To You Soon - Blue Dream EP - [PR001] - 2017

Rolando Simmons – Free Analogue

This is such a cool track. Spacey synths for the first two minutes really set a mood before the drums come in.

Rolando Simmons - Free Analogue

Duke Boara ‘11AM/11PM Tapes’ is out now on LG105. Get ’11AM’ here, and ’11PM’ here.