Jon Rundell

The wait is over…Pure Intec returns with Rundell and Cox in the driving seat

Welcome to DMCWORLD Jon. A massive year ahead for you, the big news of course is that Intec Digital are re-launching the ‘Pure Intec’ series on April 8th with Pure Intec Two. So why now? Why the 9 year gap since ‘Pure Intec’?

“Hi Dan. Well when Pure Intec was originally conceived it had been almost 5 years of releasing music on the label so there was a lot to showcase, this time around its been 3 years and we felt it was just time. Part of the reason was also because we took 3 years off from releasing any music, it was a tough time back then with vinyl sales decreasing and the downloads still being relatively new. It was a tough decision to also have to make but I think the fact we did take the time out helped us experience more things on the road that inspired us to start again.”

Carl Cox is responsible for Part 1 with a host of unheard remixes, you take care of Part 2. What can you tell us about the content from your mix…

“With this being my first ever comp, it was important to show people how I’m part of representing the label also, and how I’m playing the records in the clubs that we sign. I represent the label and the artists, and the label represents me. What you get on this mix is what you will get by coming to hear me play. It covers tech house and variations of techno within it, and some nice groove…”

The release is using the ground breaking USB technology, why did you go down this route?

“We released Carl’s ‘All Roads Lead To The Dancefloor’ artist album on it first, and due to the reaction decided it was something new and interesting to keep exploring. Essentially we can load more content onto the USB on top of the content already on there when you receive it, whenever we wish, whether that be audio, video, images, feeds and the like. We are all about pushing things forward, innovating and challenging what’s already out there, this was a part of that ethos.”

April also sees the launch of a brand new series of Intec nights across London and Europe. Who is on board artist wise and where will you be hitting this year?

“We begin in London in April as part of launching the comp again, and then the ongoing series. For London we are aiming to represent as many of the artists as we can where viably possible. We are also looking for this to be totally organic and for people to really feel part of something when they come and experience it. A home from home for like minded people. It made sense to also represent the series in the European based clubs that have supported us over the last few years and each time the artist’s chosen will also reflect that support.” 

You definitely played the long patient waiting game as a DJ, for a long time doing warm up. How difficult was that for you back then knowing 99% of the time (Coxy excluded!!) you could do a better job?

“Haha! Well that’s kind of you to say so. For me, I’m a music lover through and through so the warm up years I loved because I played all kinds of music, mainly house and techno of course, but across its whole range. It also really taught me the art of patience, and building things up to peaks and taking things down again, as well as learning about how to really use any mixer put in front of me, or any monitors that are there. Naturally at times I would of loved to play a bit later and now I do there is a style and sound I represent the most, which is a good groove and energy, but I still happily play across a range within it. I guess there was a reason for Carl to ask me to close his own party at Space last year, and I’d like to think it was because of the selfless way I’d approached those warm up sets for those years and him knowing I had more to give. Which was a real nice gesture from him and one I’ll never forget.”

What are the biggest things Carl Cox has taught you as a producer and DJ?

“As a producer it’s about exploration, about crafting your own sound and identity, not just doing what happens to popular at the time. As a DJ, I could go on for days, but I’d say mostly about the sound systems and how to get the best out of them as well as not being afraid to play that record that no one else would think can work at the moment, and making it work. Most of all for both though it would have to be that for you have to give it your all and enjoy the moments that happen.” 

Love this snippet of information I discovered about you. Your favorite dance track ever is ‘Pennies From Heaven’ – Inner City. A massive piano intro brings in the sweet voice of Paris Grey. So why that little 1991 belter?

“It’s all about those lush chords underneath the piano really, they were kind of relaxed rave I guess, or at least that’s what I felt. It’s just a real nice track, with good memories from when I discovered it, other than that I just cant put my finger on it really. There are loads of others too that Id say are equal to it, but those chords, I don’t know, it just takes you to a place when you close your eyes that not many records can.” 

Whilst we’re talking old skool, I love the reason why you wanted to become a DJ…a certain hip hop legend on TV…

“Haha ! Yeah, it’s all Terminator X’s fault. I was already into music in a big way with my Dad being a bit of a mod and playing his records at home, and then this came on the TV one day and I was like, what’s he doing with the records, I was totally intrigued by it. So intrigued I took my Dad’s favourite Rolling Stones LP and scratched it to pieces about 20 mins later. His reaction when he went to next play it was my first lesson in learning to not run before you could walk!”

What is the current top 10 you are spinning?

Marcel Dettmann – Ellipse

Paul Mac – Resident Problem

Loco Dice – Detox

Aeroplane – I Don’t Feel (Deetron Instrumental)

Wax – 50005 B

Truncate – Modify

Ben Sims – Something

Victor Calderone – Into The Void

Jon Rundell – Hammer

DVS1 – Breakaway

2011 saw Carl asked you to close his own Space night in Ibiza – the first time he has ever asked any DJ to do so. What are your thoughts on Ibiza right now as five star hotels, major roads are opened, new nationalities go to the island for the first time – has the island stick got that magic?

“It has for sure changed a lot in the last few years, I guess it just offers more choices now for people than before. The roads had to be improved for peoples safety more than anything and I’m all for more people discovering the island, and it still has the magic for the people that go there for those reasons, me being one of those people. With the more modern hotels coming I think in the end that was always going to happen eventually and so far overall I don’t feel its changed the vibe.”

Who are the producers from around the world you are giving high fives to at the moment?

“Carlo Lio is a huge talent, Ben Sims has also been really consistent, as has Tomy DeClerque, and I’ve really been digging Marcel Dettmann of late too.”

You have DJ’d all over the world and at every major festival or salt worth spinning at. Where are the clubs and large scale events that have stood out over the years?

“The first time I ever played in Melbourne was for Future Music Festival, and I got put on the main stage in front of 30K people, so wont forget that one in a hurry. The main one for me though was one year when I’d warmed up at Global Gathering and ended up playing later on too as another DJ’s flight was cancelled, I dropped techno after techno track for an hour and every record people reacted to, that felt good to go and do that and see people enjoy it in such a way. Club wise there were the days at The End in London, always a great experience, as well as at Space on that insane sound system, and at City Hall in Barcelona last year, everything that night just clicked for some reason…”

Not many people know this but Jon Rundell is really good at…

“Knitting. Just kidding. I play football still when the knees and ankles allow me and have been known to play guitar reasonably ok. I’d say my biggest skill though is being able to name a track in most genres of music in less than 5 seconds of the beginning of them.”

I know you love your football due to your Facebook page I’m taking a guess you support Tottenham as there is a photo of you at White Hart Lane. So what is the verdict of your manager Andre Villas-Boas two seasons in? Is he living up to the hype – who does he need to sign in the summer to break into that top 3?

“Well that was from a day out there recently, I’m actually a very passionate Brighton fan and with our new ground it’s transformed the community and has put us back on the map. Villa Boas is doing well enough at Spurs, going straight into Chelsea like that was always going to be tough, I think technically he is good, and just needs more time to grow into the overall manager role. As to who they would need to sign, maybe a few of Brighton’s reserves at on over inflated price?!”

And finally, has Carl Cox ever let you take any of his beloved motorbikes out for a spin in Australia?

“I can’t ride anything other than a scooter (it’s the mod roots), so I haven’t driven one myself but I’ve been on the back a few times and I totally get it. Maybe one day, although we did have a small setback one year where a gear was dropped and we might of being going over the speed limit at the time…”

Jon Rundell ‘Hammer’ is out now on Etch

‘Pure Intec Two’ is out April 8 featuring tracks and remixes by Jim Rivers, Ben Sims, Yousef, Foamo, Tomy Declerque, Reso, Nicole Moudaber, Sharam, Jon Rundell, Layo & Bushwacka! Loco Dice, The Junkies, Victor Vera, Marco Bailey and Carlo Lio  and many more…

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