Norman Doray

Exclusive interview with the new French superstar as he teams up with the Nervo girls

Welcome back to DMCWORLD young man. A massive tune yet again doing dancefloor damage with your big room bandit ‘Something To Believe In’ created with NERVO and Cookie out on Spinnin’. How did this collaboration happen and talk us through the sounds of what people are calling THE track of the Autumn. We are loving the vintage synth lines…

“Thanks very much. Happy you like guys. I’ve met Nervo like ywo years ago and I knew what they were doing, writing lyrics for big artists such as David Guetta, Kylie Minogue and more. We talked together and they told me that they love my work as well, so why not do a collab? Then everything when really quickly and we went into the studio in London and we made “Something To Believe In’. We wanted to make something special, not really like a lot of other tracks out at the moment, so we decided to mix old vibes with the sound of today…And we were lucky to have Cookie on board who is a real diva!”

The video looked fun to make, just throw a big party in New York, head down to Pacha and bring a camera along…

“Yeah and this how it happened. We decided to have two gigs all together on a Saturday, one in the Hamptons and the other one at Pacha in NYC – and to have a lot of fun. The video shows that well I guess…what a good time we had.”

NERVO had a brilliant summer, many people said they were the stars of Ibiza. Incredible producers right?

“They are on fire at the moment and they deserve it. Really happy for them and happy to have the chance to work with them.”

You mixed it up on the white isle this year. Four clubs at three different venues. Talk us the through the different nights, Subliminal at Pacha, Ibiza Calling at Space and Avicii & Friends at Ushuaia…

“I’m really lucky, ‘cos I’m one of these DJs who can play for different parties all around Ibiza…I love being part of different vibes. Playing with Erick Morillo for instance is amazing, you can play more deep, groovy and have a crazy night. Then playing with Avicii at Ushuaia was so good too, this place is definitely the best on the island right now. Concerning Space, it was the first time for me, I have always played Pacha and Ushuaia before, so it was completely new for me. Thanks to Roger Sanchez for having me, I had a blast.”

Did you have a chance to check out any other clubs whilst on the island?

“I don’t have really much time off during the summer, it’s pretty epic. But I went to see my friends Sebastian Ingrosso at Amnesia and David Guetta at Ushuaia, both were amazing. Loved the energy.”

Ibiza is now split straight down the middle with serious DJs spinning quality house and techno on one side, and DJs playing the big room bangers on the other. Discuss…

“Nothing to discuss about it, you are right…but I still think you can manage to be in the middle and still play quality music in your sets. Just because it’s commercial doesn’t mean that it’s not quality…and the same for the underground…just because it’s underground doesn’t mean it’s that good/”

Is Ibiza still the greatest destination for partying aound the world?

“It is…Las Vegas is coming closer though…and it’s all the year round.”

What has been your anthem of the summer?

“Difficult choice but ‘Bong’ from Denis Koyu which worked well for me, and my track ‘Celsius’ released on Size Records too.”

What is your favourite festival story from 2012…

“Always the same every year…going to play Creamfields in the UK with white shoes…THIS NOT A THING TO DO lol.”

What is the worst thing you have ever seen on the internet?

“Just seen this today, a girl who uploaded a video on youtube, explaining that she was alone in her life, no friends and completely lost…and she has committed suicide straight after…really shocking…sometimes things are going too far on Internet.”

What are the big tunes you are playing at the moment…

Plastic Funk & Tujamo – Who
Norman Doray & Nervo – Something To Believe In (Carl Louis & Martin Danielle Remix)
Sebastian Ingrosso & Tommy Trash – Reload

What is coming out next from the Doray studio…

“Big room musiccccccc, hope you will hear it soon/”

What has been your worst ever fashion nightmare you’ve worn?

“I did a photo shoot when I was starting my career and there was a stylist guy to help me with clothes…he insisted and asked me to wear a really tiny top, with a key around the neck…I wasn’t sure at all but he was supposed to know his job…it was the worse thing I have worn…everyone hated it lol.”

You have just touched down for your huge Something To Believe In US Tour, Boston Wednesday, Seattle last night. Where are you really looking forward to hitting this time on tour over there…

“I’m basically up for all the cities in USA…it’s crazy everywhere, sounds a bit cliche but it’s true…I’m doing new cities though, like Atlantic City, Atlanta and it’s always exciting to discover these new places and crowds.”

The EDM scene in the States is getting a lot of flack from some of the ‘serious music’ spinners this side of the pond. A lot of them claim that the American crowd are turning DJs into jukeboxes over there as all they want is hit after hit. Thoughts on that?

“I guess this is not only America, this is like this nearly everywhere now. Go to Europe in the summer and listen to the music in the clubs…there is no difference. I still think that you can avoid this, and play some quality music too…It’s just harder, but exciting.”

Some are also saying that EDM is going to be like Disco was in the 70s, when the American youth have had enough they will simply chuck it in the trash can and move onto the next sound. Discuss…

“You have good questions Dan! I have been talking about that issue for some months already with some DJs friends. This can happen for sure, but the difference is that electronic music was there 10 years ago already with the French touch etc…and now it’s rocking with a different style – and the style is electronic music…Disco was only big for a matter of years.”

What new producers / DJs have you checked this summer who its gonna be huge in 2013…

“My French fellows Sebastien Drums and Rob Adans are around the corner, they have nice music coming out, These Norvegian guys Carl Louis and Martin Danielle – Tujamo is doing good too.”

And finally, what is the best night out you have had this year…

“Probably this Governors Island show last August in NYC…It was unreal…Summertime, sold out, people were on fire…all the ingredients for a massive night.”

Norman Doray & NERVO ft. Cookie
“Something To Believe In”

Out now: Beatport
Spinnin’ Records

Official Video: