Polar Youth is the newest and most exciting producer talent from Belgium, her track ‘All Night’ is a perfect slice of Electronic Dance and Hip Hop inspired Pop. Building in influences from the contemporary sounds of multiple genres from future bass, trap, pop and hip hop; making her the one to watch from the next generation of innovative pop producers. DMCWORLD gets the world exclusive…


You’re from Belgium, you’ve grown up there. How do you think this has influenced your sound?

Belgium is a small country and has therefore always been very open to international artists and music styles. From an early age on I listened to artists from all over the world. Belgium also has a very active music scene ( Stromae, Selah Sue, Deus, etc.) that, again because of the size of the country, is also very internationally oriented, so I grew up listening to great music from international artists and at the same time I learned that as a producer from a small country I could have a voice on the international stage.

Who were some of your main influences growing up? How have they contributed to the artist you are today?

At home the radio was always on, and my parents were very much into the music of their time. The soundtrack of my youth was played by Prince, Michael Jackson, Coldplay and many others. The Belgian artists I remember most of that time were Ozark Henry and Novastar. These exceptional artists taught me the deep emotional impact great music can have, and while searching for my own style and voice, I hope to make music that has the same effect on people.

Tell me about your new release ‘All Night’ feat Georgie Allen. How would you describe the style, where did you meet Georgie and what’s the song about?  

All Night is a song that I’d like to describe as an electronic summer pop song with energy and a melody that instantly makes you smile and dance.

When I played the song to DJ Fresh, I told him I was still looking for a singer that could convey that happy, warm summer night feeling, and that is when DJ Fresh told me about this great singer he knew, Georgie Allen. We invited her and from the first few bars she sang, I knew she had the perfect voice for this song. Mellow and strong at the same time, it was exactly what this song needed.

The song is about a girl that is happily dancing by herself during a warm summer night, but also notices the attention she gets. She is perfectly happy to continue to play this game of dancing and attraction the whole night long.

Can you tell us about the highs and lows of getting to where you are in career so far

I was very lucky to be picked up by several people early on in my career. It gave me the opportunity to work with great Belgian artists such as Coely, and with international stars like DJ Fresh. It was such a pleasure to learn from these great artists and I was so proud that they liked my music.

But making music is also a lot of hard work, and sometimes it can be frustrating if things do not work out immediately as intended. But it’s in my nature to never give up. Whenever something negative happens in my career, there is often something good coming out of it later. And if something happens that really puts me down, my fans and friends are always there for me so I can pick myself up and move on.

How did you overcome the challenges faced?

I just didn’t stop making music. And most importantly, my friends and my fans never stopped believing in me and that is really what kept me going, also during the more challenging episodes of my career.

What is it like releasing on Positiva – such a respected dance label especially as it is celebrating 25 years this year ?

It is an awesome feeling and I’m so grateful for this. They are such a professional team and I’m so happy they believe in the music I make. They are very respectful of the artist and their support and promotion of the music is incomparable. Having seen firsthand how they operate, I can understand why they have become so successful over the last 25 years.

What does your studio look like? Where are you making music?

It’s nothing overly fancy, at the moment it’s just a desk with two huge monitors and my laptop. And my piano in the corner. But the most comfortable place I like to make music is on my couch with headphones on and my two cats lying at my feet.

Have you any DJ gigs coming up and what in the pipeline for you with regards releases?

At the moment I’m very focused on finishing tracks. I have just released a remix of the single ‘Get To You’ by the Australian singer-songwriter Sarai, and I am working on another remix for Eskimo Recordings that will come out very soon. Apart from that, I will spend the better part of the summer in the studio, but that’s all I can say for now…