The Forgotten

Almost a year after its initial release, “Dreams” makes an unexpected return on the label with a unique remix compilation. The new offering features reworks from enigmatic Billboard chart-topping producer Tokyo Rose who transforms the track into a trance-infused, edgy piece rife with palpably raw tension, in addition to Chile-based musician ERM who reinterprets the tune into a newfound, hard-hitting piece. Burgeoning artist Ash Milez instills glitchy soundscapes and atmospheric production elements into his reinterpretation, and London-based talent MYKOOL turns ‘Dreams’ into a certified drum and bass rinser. Lastly, 24-year old Japanese creative force BUNNY provides a high-octane pop-punk rock vibe to the source material. DMCWORLD dives in with The Forgotten…


How does it feel to see your hit track ‘Dreams’ impressively garner over 49k total streams across platforms since its release at the tail end of last October?

It feels surreal, reaching that amount of people is always great, we’re super excited about spreading our music, and getting this type of reception is just unbelievable.

What’s the single most rewarding aspect of being able to create music as The Forgotten so far?

Our music has had its purpose since the creation of this project, which is to express our inner feelings and make people feel represented by the lyrics, melodies and of course our symbol.

What made you decide on the name The Forgotten, & can you explain the meaning behind the symbolism of the crossed out equal sign, ‘≠’, and its significance?

We actually came with the name after seeing what was happening in the world before the pandemic, and we’re talking about, the social revolution in Chile, the Black Lives Matter movement in the U.S., The Hong Kong revolutionary movement, the LGBTQ+ movement world wide, and many other social protests.

We feel that people are getting tired of being forgotten, tired of being left behind… that’s why we chose that name, and our symbol is just the graphic representation of the ones that want the world to change, we’re different but at the same time we deserve equal respect.

You’ve done some really awesome collaborations with Tokyo Rose, Lazerpunk, F.O.O.L, and more over time — do you have any plans for future collaborations?

We’re currently working on a few collaborations with some amazing artists from around the globe, argentinian producers, american artists, russian singers, and more. The future looks bright.

Your recent single ‘Akira’ is a clear reference to the 1988 film — how does anime inspire your creativity and work as a whole?

Anime is a huge inspiration for us, the stories and animations on the Anime worlds are just sublime. We watch a lot of anime series, but Akira caught our attention because of the main character Kaneda, who is just a rebel kid fighting against society, trying to save his friend Tetsuo.

What has your experience been like working with Tasty Network?

Working with Tasty has always been a pleasure, everything flows super fast and we get to express our ideas without any limits.

How do you see your unique signature sound progressing over the course of the next 5 years?

We hope our fans can recognize our songs just by hearing the melodies and bass synths that we create, for us, it is important to make the difference, and we really want people to understand that they are part of The Forgotten, in fact, they’re the most important part.

If you could perform anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

We would love to perform in Japan, we imagine a small stage in the middle of a crowded Japanese city, neon lights, cellphones, technology and smiles surrounding us while playing our original songs.

What’s your favorite piece of cyberpunk media?

Guess we could call the NFTs our favorite cyberpunk media pieces, we just love the fact that these digital pieces of art are changing the lives of thousands of artists. We think this is a real cyberpunk artistic evolution, maybe in the future the only type art that exists will be NFTs.

Is there any upcoming music in the works you’d like to mention?

We are currently working on our first conceptual EP, which should be released at the end of this year.


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